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  1. That’s overkill. What’s next. Trebles on a plug?
  2. Yes it is. It wouldn’t let me edit the original post. the shield 3000, slow pitch jigging rod and the slimwave are left. The Lexa is pending pickup tomorrow.
  3. Ok sounds good. I’ll shoot you a PM.
  4. Still interested? It is still available.
  5. Price drop on the Tsunami slow pitch jogging rod (baitcast) $65 and Tsunami slimwave $75
  6. No scratches. IMG_6823.MOV
  7. St. Croix mojo bass rod was sold to JayF
  8. Thanks for the offer. The only rod or reel I’m looking for at the moment is a shimano trevela 6’6” spinning rod 30-65# or a tsunami shield 5000 that I would trade for.
  9. Sorry no. I sold 2 other Lexa 100’s for $65 this past week to friends.
  10. Best I’ll do is $75
  11. Looking to sell but what do you have in mind to trade?
  12. Meet half way at $80?
  13. Would you sell the battery separately, and if so what price?