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  1. H-crate is nice. So is the V2 livewell. Don’t get the XL, it won’t fit. I don’t have a use for the bag that attaches to the back of the seat.
  2. That channel cracks me up.
  3. I think what I was trying to say came out wrong lol. I was a zombie this morning from going to sleep at 5am. What I was trying to say was, with Hobie having the lock down on the fins, minus the 2 that now use the original drive since the patent ran out, the other brands have no choice but to use a prop. The increased popularity to the prop drives is in part because there’s 5 companies making them now. Not saying it’s bad because hands free is the way to be for ones who fish. Means more time to fish. Honestly reverse in the salt is a novelty most of the time. Always thought it was better suited for freshwater hitting pads, trees, docks, etc. Everyone has their reasons for a particular kayak. It’s always what works best for you. Like your revo and PDL.
  4. It’s not so much increasing popularity of the props, it’s just the only other way have a pedal system.
  5. You are correct. Demos carry the full warranty. It’s starts on the date of consumer purchase. If the demo is of a team members boat that has accessories already installed like turbo fins, sailing rudder etc etc. pay the asking price because it’s rigged and still carries the full warranty.
  6. I thought it was sold to you. Was gonna take it for $50.
  7. Where are you located?
  8. 2017 Hobie Outback in Camo Used from March-November 2017 then 2 times in 2018 before I got my 2018 Outback. Still has 4 months remaining on its warranty. Comes with: MD180 drive with Turbo Fins Sailing rudder Rubber Pockets Rectangle hatch with the bucket and rubber pocket. Hobie Battery Holder mounted on the mast. 12v 8ah battery. Gear trac in the back Yakattack Visicarbon Pro Mighty Mount Raymarine Dragonfly Pro 4 $2300 All rigged and ready to go. Fall run is here. Get in on the action while you can.
  9. $325 as a meet in the middle? I’m in Point Pleasant, NJ.
  10. I have 2 floor tickets for the Foo Fighters at Madison Square Garden on 7/16/18. They were a Christmas gift to my girlfriend and we are unable to attend because of an impending surgery 3 days before the show. Asking $350 for the pair, they are hard tickets.
  11. $140 shipped?
  12. I'll do the asking price if it's still available.
  13. Where on Long Island are you. It's a long island.
  14. Ok I'll wait to see them.