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  1. Please post pics and price
  2. Looking for a VS200 in good condition. Prefer gold but open to silver too.
  3. you need to read the rules of this forum pal. you get in line with respect to offers.
  4. How does that make sense? I offered you $250 then you agreed and I PM’d u. He jumped in between us. You need to give me a chance to respond.
  5. I'm generally in my office till at least 10pm nightly so that's fine. I'll PM you.
  6. Hi if you can meet me closer to midtown even in the evening that would work as I can take it home in an uber. PM me let me know how north you can go.
  7. I'd like to offer $250 paypal with meetup in Midtown near Rock Center. Assuming there is nothing wrong with the rod.
  8. Any issues with it? If not I’d respectfully offer $350 shipped to NYC.
  9. Curious why you wanted to sell it? I used mine this weekend and found that no matter how much I stretched it it still coiled and has terrible memory... just a heads up you may want to return it to the store.
  10. coldwater line please. for use in the surf.
  11. Last bump...
  12. pre snowstorm bump - no interest?
  13. I've got an Orvis Mirage V (9-11 wt) brand new in box - $300 shipped. I have a gold one and a black nickel one if you're interested.
  14. Brand new in box Orvis Mirage V (gold or black nickel - i have 2 I want to sell) (9-11 wt) - $300 shipped.