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  1. Similar story north of cape Ann. Guys on boats driving around and shrugging shoulders. I managed a connect with a fish big enough to break my fly off as I attempted to set the hook. Just the most delicate sip take, felt like snagging seaweed quickly followed by a huge head shake. Had a nice long morning to think about that. Otherwise just a few small boils and a hilarious number of boats materializing around them without a single fish being pulled out. It seems like there’s lots of bait around but it’s not the right kind to get things going. Like fish are content hanging on the bottom sucking down free meals with no incentive to chase up top, and my program this time of year is chasing surface action. Otherwise a really nice morning!
  2. Responded. Thanks.
  3. I know this is an old thread but I wanted to add my experience. I bought a Tsunami boat rod this summer and over the weekend I was trolling with it when I noticed 3 out of the top 4 guide inserts were gone. I'd fished it a handful of times and caught just one on it. This is the response I got. I don't know what happened, but I'm really not sure how they could, as they didn't ask for pictures, let alone to have the rod shipped back to them. Not sure what to do next, but based on this I certainly won't be buying any more Tsunami products. Hi Joey, It sounds like someone knocked your rod over and the inserts shattered. That is not covered by the warranty. The guide inserts didn’t just fall out in the night. Cindy njcustomerservice@folsomcorp.com
  4. Tough scene out there this weekend north of cape ann (but not quite as far north as the big river). Lots of sand eels, but tough to see much else... Disappointing as this weekend last year I found slot bass feeding on a school of peanuts and happily eating flies, but chasing your own reports that are a year old is always a gamble lol. Hope things turn up soon.
  5. Update: filets are brineing, scales and all. Took BobG’s old advice in an old thread about not too much salt. I cook a lot and fish a lot, so I kinda expect to be good at cleaning fish, but I mostly don’t keep them and I it’s always a bit jarring to me how bad I am at filleting. I guess I’ll just have to practice more!
  6. I will thanks again
  7. Oh! Okay, even better, thanks again. I guess I don’t really know, but I was thinking they might flake off post-smoking and ruin things. I’m happy to take your word for it that there’s no need though.
  8. Thanks Bob! Gonna go buy a scaler at the hardware store
  9. To clarify, this is urgent(ish) bc I caught them yesterday and I figure the fish are only getting worse in fridge while I try to figure this out
  10. I caught a couple of 30+” blues over the weekend and I’ve never cleaned and smoked blues this large. In the past it’s been cocktail blues. I just attempted scaling one of the big ones with the back of a filet knife like it was a cocktail blue and damn that sucked and did not work well and took me like an hour. Question is do I need to scale so I can smoke with the skin on? Can I smoke with scales or should I cut the skin off and skip the scaling? I guess I could also go buy a scaler. Thanks all!
  11. Thanks, great feedback! but dang, the trophy is sold out w everywhere!
  12. I need a rod that can handle larger plugs like docs, maybe the occasional mac daddy (5.500z). Tsunami SABSXT 661MH Sapphire XT Boat Spinning Rod seems perfect, and for under $50: I have another Tsunami and really like it. As I usually fly fish in back bays, but occasionally head out front and need a way to draw fish up when they are on the bottom, this will be an occasional use rod so trying to keep it under $100. Anyone have any experience with the Sapphire XT or have other suggestions? I'm not buying a Loomis, or spending Loomis/Black Hole money as I just won't be using it enough.
  13. I wish I could prove you wrong but I can’t. Friends I spoke w got skunked sat and Sunday am (I couldn’t get out). But the guy on Surfland’s page is out here proving you wrong lol. He claims the fish he caught was an easy 50 He was probably in the right place at the right time to intercept a big fish moving thru but who knows. Water is still pretty warm, right?
  14. Lots of birds in Ipswich area last two days In the am but tough fishing, with no fish under the birds. Yesterday morning we found a few tightly schooled up after some prospecting with the jumping minnow, and even found a decent slot fish but today no signs of life except for a few shorts and the birds. Not even sturgeon around. I swear, even a hint of N in the wind direction shuts the area down. I was optimistic there was some time left with the water still around 60 on Saturday, but with a week of 10+ N winds in the forecast I’m afraid it’s suddenly feeling late, at least in this area. I may need to make a trip down to the south north shore, seems like the N wind has less of an effect and it’s been hotter generally.