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  1. 9 times out of 10 seems like this is kayak found floating and empty that later turns out to have been washed off the beach by a high tide.
  2. Very much this. I wish it were a sustainable fishery but it isn’t.
  3. I just bought my second WF9F Rio Striper. I really like it. I bought the first one several years back only bc it was cheap on stp. I liked it enough that I paid full price for the second. Casts easily, no issues with tangles, floats well, catches fish. Also I really like how the head is blue and the running line is yellow.
  4. I was able to have my insurance broker send their runner to register a new trailer.
  5. Based on reviews, I bought an aventik WF10F for my 9wt TFO BVK. I got it last year, but didn’t get it on my reel until last week. I’ve already ordered a new Rio line. I really wanted to like it, but it cast like a wet noodle. It is very soft and doesn’t have the stiffness the Rio has, so I was getting tons of tailing loops and also was having issues with it bunching. I haven’t taken that many shots to the back of the head in years. I’ll probably try the intermediate at some point just because of price, but I won’t buy the floating line again for striper fishing. For my 3wt trout rod, on the other hand, the WF3F line seems to work just fine, but i don’t really cast that line, let alone attempt to shoot it.
  6. Thanks to everyone that suggested having a runner through my insurance agency do it. The agency sent a runner for me even though I don’t have auto through them as a courtesy. Got the plates last night. Now that I’m street/water legal, on to dealing with mechanical issues.
  7. I bought a boat in the fall that came with Lowrance mark 5x pro which seems to be well regarded, if a bit older, as well as a similar Lowrance GPS chart plotter. I also have a Garmin Chirp 44cv integrated gps/ff new in a box which has a smaller but color screen, and is obviously much newer. I’m trying to decide whether or not to bother installing the Garmin, and if I do, what I remove. I don’t anticipate using gps all that much, so I’d like to use both fishfinders, but understand sonar interference can be a problem. On the other hand not even sure the Lowrance is worth keeping. Anyone have any thoughts? boat is 17’ sea hunt.
  8. Thanks Jay, my umbrella covers over whoever as long as I have the minimum underlying limits. I sent an email to that agent (cross) so I guess I’ll see. I also called the geico agent in Saugus and they definitely do not have runners.
  9. Interesting. I get auto though geico (directly) but have home and umbrella through cross. Think either would be able to help?
  10. Hit a spot that is often my first place to catch fish on the NS last night. Tide was right, time of day was good, but no signs of life. Incoming tide felt very cold through waders. Sure did feel good to be out on such a beautiful spring evening though. Next weekend seems about right.
  11. The boat part will be easy, and after having done it by mail and in person, unless you need it same day by mail is absolutely the way to go. Just triple check your paper work and call ahead to make sure you are sending what they need or you will be getting it back. I really wish we could do the same for our trailers.
  12. I’m confused about all this talk of Maine, do you not need to have an address there to register?
  13. The boat can be done via mail with the environmental police under normal circumstances, but definitely no trailer registration right now as you can see from the RMV website. If you register the boat by mail, don’t go through the Boston office Even if it’s the closest to you, it’s the slowest. Two week turnaround vs same day.
  14. they are only doing “essential” transactions and registration of a rec boat trailer is specifically non-essential. From the RMV website: Effective Friday, March 27th, the RMV will be enforcing a strict no walk-in policy at its Service Centers open to the general public. The only transactions that will be processed at service centers are those that the RMV considers ‘essential’. Examples of ‘essential’ transactionsinclude obtaining a commercial driver’s license or commercial learner’s permit to assist with the supply chain during the State of Emergency declaration, registering a newly purchased vehicle as your primary mode of transportation for employment or obtaining medication and other necessary treatments, or transferring your license or registration from another state for residency requirements. Examples of ‘non-essential’ transactions include registering a motorcycle as a secondary mode of transportation, obtaining a REAL ID unless part of a new Mass ID issuance or out of state transfer of a driver’s license/ID, or registering a boat or utility trailer or camper for recreation purposes.
  15. I bought a boat and trailer in the fall and never made it to the RMV. Looks like they aren’t registering trailers now. Even more annoying, my old trailer, which I need to sell (along with the old boat) is suddenly missing its plate. (More likely I lost the plate in the fall and didn’t notice until now). Not sure what the hell to do as rmv will only do online plate replacements for vehicles requiring two plates (not trailers). Anyone have any ideas?