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  1. Weight plates standard hole

    Picture of some of them.
  2. Four 50 pound plates for sale - excellent condition, no rust 0.95 a pound. Also four 20 pound plates for sale. Also in excellent condition. Same price. In the process of taking inventory, may offer plates of lower weight. Painted flat black. Bur and Weider if I remember correctly. Pickup in Cedar Grove NJ or willing to meet haltway. Picture to follow. Thanks.
  3. Can't make down - can you mail them ?
  4. Where in central NJ ? Maybe I can drive down to you from Cedar Grove
  5. Offer 46 PP for the eelskins, respectfully.
  6. For the record - I did NOT post it anywhere else.
  7. Too many TVs in house. Pickup only in Cedar Grove. Free. TV is maybe 5 years old but works fine.
  8. Sorry that I screwed up - my neighbor said that he would take it so I gave it to him.
  9. Gone.
  10. Two pairs of unopened Levi's Jean Dark Blue Size 38 (Waist) 32 (Length). Selling them because I lost weight. 30 bucks each. 55 for both. Pickup preferred. But I will meet you if reasonable distance. I live in Cedar Grove, NJ. Pictures to follow.
  11. I have three of these decanters. They were bought in 1979 and I have not broken the seal on the decanter so the whiskey is still in there. Ebay selling them used for 100 bucks plus 44 shipping. Price is 70 picked up from Cedar Grove NJ.
  12. Tried the search funtion and I could not find anything about the pluses/cons of types of waders. I have heard that if you fish mostly sandy beaches, then do not get stocking feet waders because sand will get into your shoes. My waders from Cabelas are fine but they weight a ton. Any amount of walking and you feel like taking a rest. Fished with a knowledgeable guy yesterday, (no fish - lot of fun), and his were as light as a feather. Any recommendations would be welcome. Some of the companies have no quibble warranties so if you have a problem you can return them and either they fix them or give you a new pair. Thanks guys.
  13. What are the weights of the plugs ?
  14. Respectfully offer 42. Thank you.
  15. Send me your info and I will send you the 30
  16. PP 30 for the two. any choice of colors ? if not, I will take what you have.
  17. I hope to take a few days off and visit the Canal for the first time. Are there any recommendations for a reasonable place to stay for a couple of nights ? Thank you.
  18. Probably will not sleep in the car - thanks.
  19. Thanks guys - I know I would get help here.
  20. Thanks Gents.
  21. 20 for the rod leash ?
  22. There was a little Moron and a big Moron on a mountain. The big Moron fell off but the little Moron did not. Why ? Because he was a little Moron the mountain.
  23. I will take the 'black' one.
  24. did not see the sold sign