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  1. Respectfully offer 42. Thank you.
  2. Send me your info and I will send you the 30
  3. PP 30 for the two. any choice of colors ? if not, I will take what you have.
  4. Probably will not sleep in the car - thanks.
  5. Thanks guys - I know I would get help here.
  6. Thanks Gents.
  7. I hope to take a few days off and visit the Canal for the first time. Are there any recommendations for a reasonable place to stay for a couple of nights ? Thank you.
  8. 20 for the rod leash ?
  9. There was a little Moron and a big Moron on a mountain. The big Moron fell off but the little Moron did not. Why ? Because he was a little Moron the mountain.
  10. I will take the 'black' one.
  11. did not see the sold sign
  12. Saw your post - completely understand your situation. I had a buddy who would take some guys out fishing with him and then at the end of the trip figure out how much gas he used and everyone would chip in so that he got a 'free' trip and did not have to pay for gas. Keep me in mind if you need people, willing to pay more than my share of the gas. Thanks- Mike Jamiolkowski
  13. what is the weight and length ?
  14. Mine
  15. Okay