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    Caught my first striper in 1940. On staff at SALT WATER SPORTSMAN magazine 1956 - 1973. Also wrote for SALT WATER FLY FISHING and MARTHA'S VINEYARD MAGAZINE. Author of BRIGHT WATER, SHINING TIDES, - Reflections on a Lifetime of Fishing. Formerly held IGFA World Record for striped bass on 12# tippet, 42 lbs, 14 oz.
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    salt water sport fishing, XC skiing
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    artist and author. Mostly retired.

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  1. 12" tagged from the Hudson is very enlightening. I didn't realize Hudson River bass traveled so far at such a young age. I imagine the 5 incher was spawned in Maine...
  2. I caught a 9" bass (on a fly) last night. Where did a fish this small come from?
  3. I use BG 3000s on 7 and 8 ft rods. Capacity is 190 yards of 30# braid, and that's plenty for me. Have caught stripers to 43" and mid-size albies.The 3000 is my go-to reel for inshore.
  4. I painted this in 1979 when stripers were starting to be in trouble. The painting highlights the stomach full of roe - the future of the species. So apropos of today's situation. Again. Oil on canvas, 9x15 in.
  5. www.mvmagazine.com/.../notes-tackle-room-charlie-cinto-and-goo-goo-eyes
  6. Legendary striper angler Charlie Cinto passed away yesterday. Among his many accomplishments was boating the 73 pound Massachusetts state record striped bass at Cuttyhunk on June 16, 1967.
  7. I simply prefer a large arbor reel because of the faster retrieve and the fact that it lessens a fly line's propensity to kink. I don't know what the capacity of the Finatic large arbor is. I generally use 20# Micron backing and have never had it fail.
  8. I use a 7+ mid arbor with Airflow clear blue striper 10 wt intermediate line and 200 yards of 30# gel spun backing on a 10 wt Helios. Nice set-up. The 7+ drag is excellent. Only complaint is that the handle sticks and needs too much TLC. Next time I would go the large arbor.
  9. I figure this was an Atom prototype that Bob Pond lost on a trip to the Vineyard way back when.
  10. A recent storm unearthed this plug at Squibnocket. Looks like a Striper Swiper with a bulbous head ... Can anyone indentify it?
  11. The Alou Eel should be acknowledged as ushering in the soft plastic era in striper fishing.
  12. Eleuthera bonefishing seriously degraded by too many DIY anglers. Flats are small and way over-pressured.
  13. There was only 1 shore fly rod striper weighed into the Derby. It was caught the 3rd day of the contest, Abe Pieciak's 16 pounder.
  14. Vineyard Gazette says angler withdrew the fish.