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    Caught my first striper in 1940. On staff at SALT WATER SPORTSMAN magazine 1956 - 1973. Also wrote for SALT WATER FLY FISHING and MARTHA'S VINEYARD MAGAZINE. Author of BRIGHT WATER, SHINING TIDES, - Reflections on a Lifetime of Fishing. Formerly held IGFA World Record for striped bass on 12# tippet, 42 lbs, 14 oz.
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    salt water sport fishing, XC skiing
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    artist and author. Mostly retired.

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  1. I found an old Penn 4500SS in my garage. Seems to work ok. It is worth loading with new braid?
  2. The Echo ION XL 6 wt has become my go-to rod, overloaded with an 8 wt line.
  3. Years ago the handle fell off my Marryat at the end of the Menemsha jetty on an outgoing tide with an albie and a hundred yards of line off the reel. I got lucky and landed the fish and still use the reel (with a new handle).
  4. Do you know a fix for a Marryat drag that rarely but sometimes slips?
  5. I got my first 40 in a tin boat at P’town fishing with Frank Woolner and the Worcester gang. Brought the concept to the Vineyard and had many years and adventures until I aged out of tin and went to an 18’ CC. The tin boat years were the best by far!
  6. IGFA record for 8 lb tippet, 10 lbs 9 0z. Note old MR-9 Marryatt reel. Weighs only 5 1/4 oz and holds 300 yards (!) of backing with an 8 wt line. Drag ok, and good for palming.
  7. Best fishing boat I ever owned. I am envious that you are still using yours.
  8. I agree most of the time …
  9. yes, until they self-destruct from corrosion and pounding.
  10. Mine was an A&P. Cronigs worked fine also. They were green.
  11. That's an A&P shopping basket rigged with vertical pieces of heavy mono glued to the bottom to make the fly line behave. It was an early stripping basket that attached to the waist with a bungee cord. Still have it, still works.
  12. 14' and awesome.
  13. Caught a couple of fly rod record bonito from this tin boat in the ’80’s
  14. I have been known to use hookless flies for school bass just for the adrenalin rush of the hit. Release time is pretty short and I don't need to land another cookie cutter. The tug is the drug. Think about it.
  15. This all started because my grandson's twenty-something girlfriend caught and released a nighttime keeper striper on her 5 wt from the banks of the Charles River in Boston and has pictures to prove it. I have nicknamed her "Five Weight", which doesn't necessarily go over very well. You never know where the next challenge is coming from.