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    Caught my first striper in 1940. On staff at SALT WATER SPORTSMAN magazine 1956 - 1973. Also wrote for SALT WATER FLY FISHING and MARTHA'S VINEYARD MAGAZINE. Author of BRIGHT WATER, SHINING TIDES, - Reflections on a Lifetime of Fishing. Formerly held IGFA World Record for striped bass on 12# tippet, 42 lbs, 14 oz.
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    salt water sport fishing, XC skiing
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    artist and author. Mostly retired.

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  1. I use my 578 on a TH rod, and the heavy weight is unnoticeable. Excellent reel.
  2. Very cool!
  3. Read the book and learned a lot. Going to look for 62 degree pond water tomorrow although local guru says hatch happened last week and is finished for the year.
  4. Definitely.
  5. Sign up Cooper Gilkes (Coop’s Bait & Tackle) for a shore guided trip. (508-627-3909.) He is a legend and deservedly so.
  6. Ordered the book. Eagerly awaiting worm hatch if they haven't all frozen to death.
  7. I can find good reasons to own every SH rod weight from 5 to 10, and have been filling out my arsenal for more than 40 years. I started with an 8 and still consider it the best all-purpose rod. My go-to favorite is a 7. The others all have specific purposes and situations where they excel, including TH for heavy lifting and/or sore shoulders.
  8. It was before the breeding stock crash. and there were FAR fewer small bass to contend with.
  9. It is not always a good idea to use huge flies that eliminate hooking small bass. Back in the 1980's I caught a couple of 40 pound stripers from the beach on 4" 1/0 deceivers. Yes, it was often necessary to wade through schoolies, but there are worse ways to spend time than that. When the bait is, say, sand eels or silversides, bass of all sizes will key on it, and matching the hatch can pay off big time. Even when the predominant bait is large, a small fly can pay off handsomely as it did for this site's hipkvw when he caught a 50+inch striper on a 2/0 Clouser a few days ago.
  10. You have set the bar high for angling skill and conservation ethic. Hall of fame stuff for sure! Deep respect.
  11. Do you have any tangling trouble with the Cabelas S4 running line? Do you know how many grains (or grams) it is rated for? Thank you.
  12. Loop to loop using double surgeons.
  13. Was the leader frayed at all? I haven't switched to fluoro, but I understand it is more abrasion resistant than mono.
  14. Great fish! Great story! Great release!