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  1. Try Inkscape - freeware that will let you do that
  2. Tower
  3. You can't study the war in Europe and not come away with a great admiration for Eisenhower. He had to deal with political and military strategies and policy while dealing with personalities such as Patton, Montgomery, de Gaulle, Churchill and Roosevelt.
  4. Sagnomore Hills
  5. turf
  6. This is the absolute truth - it's not a local or national event any more, but part of Cold War II
  7. congress
  8. I believe the bomber crews had the the highest casualty rate of the war - even worse than the submarine service. It was especially bad before the Mustangs showed up for long range escort
  9. wren
  10. bourbon
  11. track
  12. Market
  13. army
  14. test tube