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  1. Respectfully offer 650 shipped PP
  2. Hey, sorry some things came up so I'm going to have to withdrawal my offer.
  3. Okay, sounds good.
  4. Located in NC
  5. Willing to shipped?
  6. Payment sent! Thanks SOL
  7. I'll take this shipped pp!
  8. I'll take it! PM me your PayPal info. Thanks!
  9. Can you posted up some pictures and I'm located in nc.
  10. Yes, 883 is the one I'm looking for but just give me a price with shipping. Thanks!
  11. I see, well if you change your mind let me know. Good luck with the swap!
  12. Will you consider selling it?
  13. Do you have any pics? Tried looking online but couldn't find any.
  14. Like title say, looking for a mint condition nrx inshore. Will have to be shipped. Thanks!