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  1. 16 hours ago, mikez2 said:

    My experience suggests when we get this pattern of offshore storms week after week, it sucks for the shore guys.


    We planned our annual fall camping trip for next weekend. Already another hurricane is setting up to possibly turn our way. Not what I want to see.


    At this point I'm revising my hopes for a push of decent bass that weekend. 

    Welp, it’s September man. These storms have been rolling though this time of year for as long as I can remember. Albies have been pretty slow the past few years. Can’t imagine there is much of a correlation. Time will tail!Can’t imagine there is much of a correlation. Time will tell! 

  2. I know a handful showed up in late August which is way earlier than usual. Storms blew them out. Here we are at the point where the big push typically happens. What’s the word? Coming down for a full week to SoCo this sat. Got a few decent reports from people currently down there but wouldn’t mind a few more! Love those stupid footballs! 

  3. 2 mins ago, ne_dan said:

    Hopefully you know how to swim.

    A lot of talk. You go to a grocery store, find one pineapple left and see me pick it up, do you expect me to split it in half for you too? Get your own space. So tired of ANYONE trying to squeezing me out sitting on my lap. Find your own space. Too many people caught my line yesterday. I cut them off... 

  4. 55 mins ago, rbart said:

    The locals are telling you what has been done for decades. Maybe try listening and learning about NE surfcasting traditions instead of bashing people up here and going about things the way YOU want to. 

    Show some respect for a fishery and a culture  that you clearly have no understanding of. 

    Here’s tradition... if I get there first, your out of luck. Spot claimed. Go find your own space. I didn’t show up to take turns. However, you are there before me, I either move on or watch. I ain’t squeezing in, F’ing hate that. 

  5. 14 hours ago, ne_dan said:

    How many fish cops do you think there are for the whole state?  Now staff it 24 hours, cover the whole state, all state waters and block island. 

    Idk? Maybe 50? But they are never on the west wall or the avenues doing their job. I don’t care if there’s only 12 in the whole state, they should get out of their trucks, check fish and licenses and hand out some gosh darn fines. Regardless of the number of them, they are worthless. Give me 3 that do their job... 

  6. Load of BS that they are short staffed. They are around just as much as any other year. They just don’t do their job. They need to go out on the west wall and other popular locations and simply check fish and licenses. They don’t do it. They are lazy.

  7. 21 hours ago, fishweewee said:

    It's delicious - if you like to eat sushi.


    Bleed and gut and get on ice ASAP.


    Slice thin (cut out dark meat)


    Arrange slices on plate - sprinkle with fresh lemon and limes.


    Put in freezer for ten minutes.


    Enjoy with soy sauce and wasabi.


    I've also made spicy tuna rolls with it - just use your favorite mayo and cock sauce (sriracha red pepper sauce).

    I just squirt cock sauce all over it and put it in my mouth. And yes, must be raw. 

  8. 1 hour ago, osprey47 said:

    it would have to be multiple languages, while I agree Spanish are the biggest offenders we can't single out one and make it seem like a racist agenda 


    btw that wasn't a seal if its where I'm thinking your talking about,  it was a sea turtle that washed up last fall that is still decomposing, I did call DEM and mystic about it but clearly that was left

    You can do whatever you want to do! I am absolutely not racist by the way but you cant pretend it’s not a specific demographic causing the issue. Trust me. I wish, whole heartedly that the DEM would get out there and check all of us daily. 

  9. How about this. Hypothetically if someone were to post picket signs all over these areas, in SPANISH stating the following:


    ”The DEM is currently monitoring this area from a distance with binoculars. You WILL be fined $XXX for failure to produce fishing licenses, keeping undersized fish and or littering upon exiting this area”


    Got a feeling this would be more impactful than a voicemail to the DEM. 


    Nasty dead seal out there on the west wall a few weeks back by the way. Smelled worse than a Mexican babies shitfilled diaper! 

  10. 1 hour ago, thermoklein said:

    I intended to launch the 'yak at PJ before first light this morning but the soupy fog was prohibitive. Plan B was to work my way westward and hit a beach or outflow or two. First beach I came to had some tiny bait right in the wash that was being pushed by something that was not showing/breaking. This can sometimes be bones, but it can also be sand dabs, effete cocktail blues or small schoolies that just don't want to put in the effort. Finally got a strike on a small Hopkins that turned out to be a 2 lb. blue. So I had that answer. But just about then something else started popping in an odd compact splash about 100 yards out. Here. Then waaay over there. Two minutes later back here. Maybe 15 minutes of this, but just ONE splash every minute or so, and no real momentum. A few terns cast an eye but never wheeled in for a feed. And then suddenly it was over.


    Bones? Albert? Chub mackerel? Something else? Dunno. It seemed funny-ish but not in a familiar way.


  11. 1 hour ago, Robbiethao10 said:

    Is that supposed to impress me? Everyone acts like it’s hard to catch striped bass or fish in general. Let’s be real. It is very very easy to catch striped bass. 

    It wasn’t easy yesterday in soco! It sucked. By the way, stay the hell away from me out there. Get too close and the  scissors come out! Snip snip! 

  12. Albies are 5X more powerful and faster than bass Period 


    pound for pound, they blow any other fish around here away. There is no debate when discussing sport fishing. 


    Regarding eating.... I’d take 5 scup over a keeper stripe. Black Sea bass and fluke even better than that. 


    I dont mind catching a nice bass, don’t get me wrong, but in terms of fight, the albie destroys and bass. 


    Im sure someone around here will have a witty contrarian remark though!