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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by Albieaddict Albies in RI today - both AM and PM. Don't waste your time fishing spots without bait. Bay anchovies stacked by the thousands in a few select spots. Albies were within a tail stroke of shore but never got close enough. Water quality is ****. That's the biggest obstacle right now. Tomorrow is another day. Hit it! Thats nice to hear but they most certainly were not at the WW today.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by Ericfromwarren I hate when someone shows up with a group of 3 or 4 people and 12 rodss. makes me want to get the snips out. If you cant catch with one rod the other 6 thrown in the same spot probably arent gonna have better luck. Its more funny to me than anything else. These dudes show up with rigs that look like they are going out for Mako Sharks! They roll out onto the jetty with bundles of these huge rods and reels but they are pulling out 7 inch fish all day! Cracks me up. I will take a keeper bass or flounder if I am fishing bait and have the means to keep it fresh, but all those little scup seem like they would be more work than its worth. It kind of sucked this morning though. They were all out at the end of the wall overcrowding it. Sometimes I like to try the very tip between the channel. A lot of fish seem to move through there. These guys could have been catching the scup right where you get on the jetty just as easily. It was so crowded at the end that I couldnt even go there. I dont get why they feel the need to walk all the way out there. To each his own though!
  3. We probably bumped into each other! I talked to just about everybody I passed who wasn't carrying a 5 gallon bucket and 9 rods.
  4. Nothing today. Woke up at 5:30, got onto the wall at about 7ish. Fished for about an hour or two but the tide was all the way down... Hung out at the peer for a little bit to take a break, went back out in the afternoon as the tide was about half way back up thinking it might possibly bring in some fish... NOTHING. I was blind casting a deadly dick the whole time up and down the wall along the 3rd stretch. I think the scup must have eaten all the albies or something cause the place was loaded with them. No blues or bass at all either. I didnt see ANY bait in the water. I talked to a bunch of dudes with fly gear and they all said there has been no sign of the albies or bonito yet this season. I think we need a good storm to churn everything up. I know the albies especially like it when the water is choppy. It was pretty flat today. I have been hearing a lot of reports about them being all around BI but I aint going out there. I might head back down next weekend...
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by UPSmanMatt Awww, come on man! I think I am from the same city and might actually be heading out tomorrow... Dont get all creepy, lol!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by WorcBoy awesome.....might leave the house midnight, hit the last few hrs of hi plugging the beach and then hit the wall.... not sure about parking... Hey WorcBoy, this is going to sound a little shady, but where are you from?
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by albacized The moon tides push help push more water in and out of estuaries (and with that, a greater amount of bait)....supposedly this helps, but not always. Of course it also creates higher and lower tides along beaches (and everywhere else) but I believe it's the first point that makes the biggest difference Thanks for the reply... You know what though? I have found one thing over the years that holds true more than any other factor........................ "If the fish are there, they are there" Low tide, high tide, slack tide, full moon, no moon, tuesday, friday, rain, shine.... When they are there, they are there. Thanks again though for the reply! Im heading down this weekend and hoping "they are there!"
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by boneman Sharpen your hooks, the full moon is next week. This is probably going to sound like a stupid question, but I cant be the only one in the dark on it... What does the moon have to do with fish activity? I know that it effects tide height and probably some bait fish patterns, but honestly, I am kind of ignorant on the subject and would really like to know the relevance. Thanks in advance! I am probably heading down to the WW this Saturday hoping for "the arrival"! I will report back if I come across any of those funny little beasts...
  9. Yeah man. I was down there last year when they showed up. I was down jude for the week on an off season vacation in sept. It was the first week of Sept. I spent the first half of the week out there on the rocks with ZERO indication of any funny fish. I talked to all the hard core albie guys that I see down there scouting every year and they all said that there was nothing around yet. I think it was a Wednesday then.... BOOM!!! they were all up and down the rocks for the rest of the week. I was told that I was the first guy to hook up that year so it was pretty awesome, then it was action for the rest of the week. I think Im gonna get down there this weekend. Got a good feeling about it. Its definitely a few week later than the arrival from last year but its only a matter of time. I gotta get back down there. Got a week long vaca down there first week of October this year. Fingers crossed for that week too.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by wellstep Was out on Friday and was able to pick up a Bonito off of another breach way a little more to the West. There were some breaks that were definitely not blues. But no birds over them and I am talking like 10 seconds on the surface the Bonito was picked up in an area of the breaks but well after on a blind case with Deadly Dick. Also the other thing that surprised me is the Bonito actually puked up some whole squid about 2-3 long. The interesting thing I saw was Saturday, headed down towards Narragansett Town Beach area and 2 miles off scarborough ran into a pod of dolphins probably about 50 that was the first time I had seen them that close in and looked like they were feeding on something at one point. Thats awesome. I have actually never caught a bonito. I vacation in Jerusalem every year (Sometimes twice a year) and always get a lot of albies in the fall. Its such a blast! I must put in 50 hours worth of fishing when im down there for a week. I love it. Anyways, were you out on a boat when you caught your tuna and saw the dolphins or on shore? Either way, its good to hear that there is fish in the ocean!!! Cant wait till they roll into casting range from the rocks! I have a week booked down there for the first full week in October this year. I cant wait. Im hoping for a lot of albie action this year and it would be nice to pull out a few keeper stripers too for the grill.
  11. Ive been putting off heading down to jude until there is some word that they are running through the area. I cant wait to get down there and hook up though. I was on vacation down there last Sept in a location with a good view of block island. I go down there several times a year. Anyways, last year, first week of sept, sun, mon, tues... No sign of the funny fish and everyone I ran into had not seen them at all yet (This was last fall). Wednesday hits and I was the first one with a fish on. They were blitzing all up and down the WW for the rest of the week and I hooked up with a lot of them last year during that week. I have not been down since August (this year) and am still waiting for the word that they have arrived. Tons of schoolies in the surf this summer on that beach though... I must have caught about 130 through out the summer. There were nights I got well over 40 bass out of the surf on a deadly dick with a bucktail... Cant wait for the albies to arrive though. Might go down and camp in the jeep next weekend.... Any time now!