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  1. Got out there about 6am today. Not one fisherman in sight. Conditions were good overall. A little cool. I blind casted my deadly dick with a bucktail for 4 hours non-stop. No sign of a funny fish ANYWHERE. I got 2 or 3 schoolies which is better than nothing but I am getting tired of them. Beautiful morning though! ZERO bait either. Z-E-R-O!!! Mung all over the beach. If anyone can give me a heads up as to where the bait is and or funny fish reports are coming out of, I might just have to get in the jeep and cruise. I been busting my ass out here! I really didnt want to have to travel at all this week or put the keys in the ignition at all for that matter but... I would kill for a bonito. A PM would be great! Its cool that there are some bass around and all, but I came here for the tuna. No blues around either by the way.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by UPSmanMatt Can it really get any worse? What do you get when you add zero plus zero? What exactly are you talking about? Kind of random...
  3. I put in a few hours tonight. With the tide almost all the way up I think some of the mung got swept down the beach. I really wasnt working too hard, it was windy and cool... I got two larger schoolies just after the sun set on my deadly dick and a few other smashes on it. Small bass. After it got to dark to see my lure I tossed out half a squid on my striper hook and waited for a while. Nothing. It started to drizzle a little and I said screw it and came back to the cottage to throw a few back instead of getting caught in a down poor with no action at all on the bait. I still have the rest of the week to get another big one. Hey guys, what can I expect as the result of this stormfront? Super choppy out there today and the waves are back. I have seen very little bait here and no boils or birds working... Whats this storm gonna do? Im going to try to get out there tomorrow at sunrise and fish through the morning for one of those funny fish!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by blackdogfish Nice to hear about your adventures there DW. In my time around there I never saw dense crowds- surf guys spread out- not like the stories of NJ. Except for a certain breachway. Enjoy your time; I'm envious sitting at my desk...Glad you got a nice one. Breathe in that salt air...and whether it's glassy or non-fishy, know that it's way better than a week of work for most of us. Tight lines. Thanks. its 4pm and the tide is on its way back up. Unfortunately, the waves are brown with that red crap all the way down the beach. I wont be able to surf fish tonight due to the mung. Im so bummed out.
  5. I was slacking this morning. I ended up getting out there to the water around 8:30. I have always found the albies around here to start getting active between 8 and 10am so I was really in no rush this morning. Got out there and it was much more choppy than it has been in a while. More waves and chop in general which I find to be good for the albies and blues. Stirs everything up... Anyways, not a sign of anything. I was out for about 2 hours and really not feeling it this morning. I am going to throw a big chunk of squid off the beach again and sit around this afternoon. The place was dead by the way in terms of other fisherman. I did not see one all morning, but then again, I didnt see any fish either... I will keep plugging away and let you guys know how the afternoon pans out. I want to get another big striper off the beach this afternoon when I can actually see my rod this time. We'll See!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by frezzy Congrats bud! Glad you got one... Thanks man. My luck, I will get totally skunked for the rest of the week...
  7. Just got my keeper striper!!! 33" off the beach right around 7:15. Im not too big on night fishing but I know the bigger bass come through the surf at after dark. I fished all morning, in total got like 3 or 4 schoolies throughout the morning and afternoon on my deadly dick with a bucktail. I hit the beach again at around 5:30ish maybe 6. My fiance's father was down in the morning and picked up some squid. We had a lot left over so I chucked it in the freezer thinking I could use it for some afternoon fishing for fluke or big scup... I took one large squid to the beach with me, a rod with a striper hook and pyramid sinker and my rod with the deadly dick. As the sun set I got a few bites on the lure and picked up one really small schoolie (the usual). It got dark and I cut the squid in half and chucked a hunk out there on the striper hook. Normally I dont use squid for bass. I prefer fresh sea clams but only found one today so, I took the squid... I got a few ticks on the rod tip as it began to get really dark, pulled in a little sand shark which took the first half of my bait. I chucked out the second half and got the same little ticks and bobs on the rod (Crabs, scup little sharks probably).... Now its pitch dark out and I can barely see the rod. 10 more minutes and I was heading in....................................... BAM the rod bent in half like it got snagged on a speeding freight train and I grabbed it and pulled that pig in. Nice fish. Best all year for me so far. I was out of bait at this point so I dragged it back to the beach house and jammed it in the fridge! Tomorrow I am going for albies in the morning. Wish me luck!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by basenjib123 Don't go by the reports that you see on this board...just saying. Thanks for the advice!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by JohnRambo Good luck this week, but if you make it sound too good ill have to come and fish right next to you so shh Its a free country. Plus there are very few people out here fishing anyways. Its dead all around and very quiet... I hear misquamicut is loaded with people today though if your looking to get your line tangled. I also hear that there are Bonito "up in the bay" but I am going to wait and see if they show up here or not... I caught a schoolie and got a few more bites at first light then it all simmered down. I did see three BIG splashes about 300 yards out over the span of about 5 minutes at around 8:30. I would bet money that they were albies. All the bass were in very close and I could just tell by the splashes they were albies... Definitely not any reason to head out fishing though. Three simple splashes too far out... It was nice to see though considering that what I am down here targeting and I have all week to keep trying to hook up. Saw a little bait skipping up as the schoolies bolted underneath them. Looked like small bunker. The place is far from loaded with them. I ended up getting a larger schoolie in the surf off the beach at around 10am (If you can even call it surf, NO WAVES!). I then chucked a big piece of squid on a large striper hook and put that in the surf from around 11:30 - 1pm... Nothing. I really want a BIG bass this week too... In response to Ohkeepaa: Where the hell is Chuckwagon Central? Im pretty sure that I am not there.
  10. The penn battle reels are great! I have the 7000 and 8000 models and love them. I bought each of them as combos with the penn rods, threw some 20# power pro braid on them and can huck a deadly dick half a mile! what more do you need? I love the battles...
  11. Thanks for the heads up USA. Message me as to where you were hooking up with the albies!!!! Im heading down to soco RI for the week on vacation! Cant wait to get down there!!!!!!! Message me! Perfect timing!
  12. Where are we at? Those little freaks come into casting range yet or what?
  13. Im not impressed.
  14. This is a stupid thread.
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by bdowning Well I admire your persistence but be advised that this is the only school of albies I've spotted from shore this year anywhere on either the Cape or RI. Ghostfish would be a good word for them. -bd Could be just a dud year. Who knows, but I am praying that October turns out to be a different story. I have not done a ton of fishing down there in Oct. Anyone know what its like down there (fish wise) during that month? I usually spend a lot of time down there june - sept...
  16. Quote: Originally Posted by bdowning FWIW, I saw a pod of albies come up this am for about 15 seconds and go right back down again "somewhere" between C-town and Pt. Judith . A little out of shore casting range, but not by much. -bd Thanks for the heads up man. Im heading down that way again next weekend and spending the week so its good to hear that there is atleast SOMETHING going on in the area. I will blind cast for days if thats what it takes. Just need to hook up!
  17. Quote: Originally Posted by bassballer It's picking up. How do you figure?
  18. It most certainly wasnt bad last september...
  19. Skunked again today, WW. No sign of any life besides a flounder and a few little scup. Its BAD!
  20. Nothing today WW. 9/21 No sign of them.
  21. Lets get back on track here.... Whats the word? I hear the bait is starting to ball up out there and plan to head out tomorrow morning to check it out... Anybody doing anything from shore this past few days?
  22. Quote: Originally Posted by WorcBoy West side huh? I'm a Burncoat Street kid. Yeah, there are really only two nice sections in worc. Burncoat and the tatnuck area. Im in the latter... Im plan to head down to the WW this saturday BTW. Not sure yet though. Gas is a pain in the balls from here... Cost me almost $40 to get back and fourth last weekend and I got skunked.
  23. I live on the west side which is actually pretty nice and I have access to the second largest city in new england within 5 minutes... So it works out pretty good. Beats living out in the sticks in no mans land imo.
  24. Quote: Originally Posted by WorcBoy Worcester MA...why I figured... Im from wormtown too... Just found it interesting that you fish the same spot that I do from all the way up here. Not to many people know about East Matunuck round these parts. It the only spot I ever go to though. Good luck this season!
  25. I just got a penn battle 7000 and 8000 this year. They are really great and solid reels for a good price. I picked up the 8000 as a combo from dicks with a 10' penn rod for $150. Imo, it was an awesome deal. I put 20# powerpro braid on both of them and can huck deadly dick lures half a mile!