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  1. Thanks for everything guys. I guess it is what it is. Couldn't find the serial number at all. Will be loading it backwards from now on, seems to work well. Suping it up with fish finder, working out all the kinks. Mirage drive idle wire freyed so I replaced that.... might need new rudder wires, quite a project but it will be mint when I'm done!
  2. That would be ideal for sure, but I don't even know what version kayak I have
  3. Hank Parker fisherman edition. That's all I really know about this thing
  4. Sorry, I can't seem to figure out how to load the pics...
  5. Early September? I dunno. The later in the season the fatter they will be from eating all summer... if they're there, they're there.
  6. This is a fishing forum. Move this over to coyotes.com.
  7. Got this beast in the surf around 10:30 this morning.
  8. Got 9 albies today from shore. My personal best.
  9. Had one on my yak for the first time this evening. Fought for about 3 min, spit the hook right at the boat ☹️
  10. That's why they call them funny fish I guess. I got two of them between 630 and 730 and then they didn't want to do nothing but tease everyone out there. Masses boiling, not taking lures or flies after around 8:30ish. I'm down here in SoCo for the rest of the week. I can't wait till tomorrow when there's less boat traffic and less cock blockers out there. Why is it that when I set up on a good spot and get fish in front of me everyone thinks it's a great idea to come sit on my lap. No etiquette. Casting over me, under... Asked one guy if he would like to get on my shoulders. At least the flyfisherman are respectful for the most part. They just look goofy. Why do they all look like a ninja tennis players?
  11. Great report.
  12. Considering that in most cases a big fish will have the whole lure in its mouth, The torque concept kind of goes right out the window.
  13. Right in the middle of low and high seems to bring them out of the woodwork.
  14. Awesome!
  15. Yeah, it wasn't like there was an overabundance out there today or anything. Rare and Random blowups... They were moving superfast. Blink and you missed it. I don't even think anyone else around hooked up. Fly guys getting pissed!
  16. Fun in soco today! Landed 2 and one chewed through the mono and broke off up close. Early this year!
  17. Might want to think about launching off the state peir right past jims Dock restraunt.... Depending on where you are looking to fish. Easy access to the west wall from there though.
  18. Dood
  19. Hey guys. Im a long time SoCo RI surf fisherman. My september vacation fell through for down there and I ended up hear in eastham for the week. I havent been here at the cape since I was like 6 years old so it should go without saying that I know absolutely nothing about fishing these waters. I have fished the past few days pretty hard. Got out to nausett light beach, coastguard, Nausett and a few other beaches on the bayside. Zero indication of any fish or signs of life what so ever besides seals all up and down the ocean side.... I never come to the cape at all but was planning to be fishing hard all week here. So far, just scouting and casting. I have a nice kayak with a fishfinder all rigged up but after seeing the White shark airborn yesterday off Nausett light beach, I am definitely not going ocean-side with that beast doing his rounds... Anyways, I know the deal on here with spot burning so I am not really trying to get anyone all flustered but feel free to give any kind of advice on how I can get into some bass or funny fish this week. PM me if need be. Need to hook up!!! Thanks in advance guys!
  20. Deadly dick with a bucktail. Cant go wrong. I have never been down there this early but spend a lot of time down there casting from the beach in the summer and fall.
  21. Quote: Originally Posted by HugeDinghy I was obviously joking. Don't ever take anything I say here seriously. Well, other than that. Sorry, I though you were just being an *******... My bad.
  22. Not sure if this guy is from RI or not, but its definitely a mullet.