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  1. He must be talking about a bonito. There really is absolutely no false albacore around yet.... I handful of bonito around though...
  2. Anyone wanna go out yaking with me in point Jude area tomorrow morning? Had two different buddies bail... conditions should be good!
  3. Earlier this month I heard of your reports of Albies down there but i'm betting they were false (pun intended) I believe they were mistaken for Bonito which have been trickling in. Not thick by any means from what I have seen so far either... no albies yet.
  4. Nice job man! Yeah, mine from last week spit up a few of those small squid too and a larger half digested fish. Looked like a herring about 7" or so long... good stuff!
  5. Don't remember this happening 7 - 10 years ago. Sucks.
  6. They are definitely not here in abundance but there are some around. I already caught a nice bone last week... which is really very early from my experience... just not tons of them yet.
  7. Skunked today. Around 7:30am to 2ish. Sea Robbins and absolutely no sign of the funny fish... out on the yak. Low to high tide... anyone doing anything the past few days? Reports?
  8. What kind of sharks are you looking for? I only ever seen dogfish/ sand sharks caught off ri beaches....
  9. Fished from about 7am until around 11am today out in the yak. Low to high. Saw some albies/ bones breach near me early and then no sign for the rest of the morning. Just a pod of like 4 or 5 is what it looked like. A huge mass of peanuts did come out of nowhere but nothing blowing up on them... try again Sunday if the whether permits.
  10. I heard that they slowed down a little over the past few days due to water temps cooling down a bit. Still taking the yak out tomorrow morning...
  11. Call out sick
  12. Looking at hitting my spot in soco again this Thursday morning in the yak. Conditions look good at this point. Hoping to launch by 7am if if any one wants to join, let me know.
  13. So report was albies in the morning but I didn't seen any in the afternoon when I got there. They are definitely around though which is awesome! Around 9am or so probably would have been killer I would assume. Wicked windy out there or I may have caught more. Was just blind casting a tin. A lot of blues all day consistently and this rocket fish picked it up and ripped drag pretty good! I mostly just sat around watching and trying to wait out the wind opposed to fishing hard. It was cool though! So pissed I don't have time to get back down until next weekend.
  14. Reports were pretty right on. Not a lot of action but this is in the middle of the afternoon. So yeah, there are officially early funny fish within casting distance. Pretty sweet! Tight lines guys. (SoCo)
  15. Reports of false albacore inshore. Heading down with the hobie to check it out this afternoon.
  16. Not my job. The proper authorities should be out daily handing out fines and the issue would very quickly disappear. My license fee is paying their mortgages. I don't go out fishing to get in other people's business and push Mexican families around like some sort of meathead. It sucks for sure, but not my job to play capt. justice and go jetty brawling with scup poachers. Dudes look so silly though with those big ass 10 foot rods yanking out 5 inch kivers all day! Cracks me up!
  17. Same! Live in ma, fish ri pretty strictly. Typically locations between gansett and breachway...
  18. No e-speaka englace
  19. I might scout Jude on the yak this weeken whether permitting. Will report back if I end up going...
  20. I fish for them with bass gear and I'm pretty strong.
  21. Love when the boats block out the shore guys. As if there isn't enough ocean for them... funny watching them flock though for sure. Those fish are soooo fast. They could pop up virtually anywhere at any time. Literally blink and there quarter mile away!
  22. Hey CJ. Albie fishing is a blast! A 7 foot rod on the stiff end will be fine but an eight or a 9 foot rod would be better. 20 pound braid with a 4 ft florocarbon leader. Size 1 deadly dick lures are good for getting distance to cover more area and hit fish further away but an albie snack or even a zoom fluke are typically the best lure to use. Reeling in as fast as possible. You just have to keep going out and looking for them anytime past mid August. Usually slows down late October. When they are there they are there and when they are not they are not. I've always found midmorning to be the most productive time though.
  23. I was in the upper Gansett bay for the past three evenings in a row. I was in a kayak and definitely was marking fish, some big fish, but didn't hook up. Combination of bad circumstances and loud explosions and lights all around the bay at peak time. there are some pogies around but they didn't stay in one spot for too long which made it tough. Snagged a few and live lined but didn't get any hits. Gave up by around 1030 each night.
  24. I just got an older model hobie outback hank Parker fisherman edition. Can't find any serial number under the backside of the hull. Dude who sold it to me said it was a 2011 model but I can't find anything online even remotely similar. This one has round hatch in front and back and big rectangle hatch in the middle.... My issue is the rudder. It goes up and down but in the up position just sticks straight off of the back of the yak making loading it on my roof a very scetchy process... doesn't flip up past a horizontal angle at all, it doesn't look like it was ever even designed to. I don't want to snap this rudder off on the cement while throwing the nose up on the back of my SUV. Any help or insight to this old rudder system greatly appreciated!
  25. What's going on in the upper bay lately? Thinking of taking my new hobie out there this weekend. Always find a lot of giant blues up there but would be nice to have something to throw on the grill! What is the good word?