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  1. Targeting bones and albies in soco tomorrow. Bones have been consistent down there so far this year and albies have been reported within shore casting range.... any thoughts on how the hard tales will respond before the wind and surf picks up?
  2. I’m down in soco for the week and will be fishing hard every day, I’ve been hearing some reports of bones a bit further to the east than I care to drive... anyone catching these funny fish between gansett and Charlestown? I know big bass ain’t happening this year so bonito would be just as good if I could hook up!!!
  3. This doesn’t seem fishing related.
  4. I got 8 of them today. Finally!!!!!!
  5. Shut the forum down! Never speak of fish again!!!!
  6. Nice! I need to hook up!
  7. Neither wall is under construction what so ever. I was at both today.
  8. I was at the west wall last night. Nothing out of the ordinary at that point.
  9. I’ve been hearing various reports of bones being caught from shoreline east of point Judith. Even a few Spanish mackerel...
  10. It was a much different ball game for sure in soco at least 15 years ago. Man I miss those massive summertime blitzes rolling down the beach. The whole state is stagnant now.
  11. Go out on a Tuesday and stop crying
  12. It's been a few weeks since I been down soco. How's Albert been treating everyone? Planning a yak trip for Wednesday morning....
  13. Wakefield fishing section was wiped out the other day.
  14. What's the word with Albert? I'm down here for the week with my pal Jose and need to find these funny fish!!!
  15. Deep hole is a bad idea. Look at deep hole beach parking lot on google maps and then picture launching your yak there in hurricane swells. The waves are going to be giant out there right now. Jose is inbound and heading straight for ri.
  16. So the moral of the story is that false albacore are, pound for pound, 5X faster and 5X stronger than anything else you can catch from New England shorelines. Big bass are great, but a 42 inch albie would blow anything else up here out of the water if they got that big. Pure power and insane speed.
  17. I'm going down for the week and will be there starting Saturday morning if you want some extra eyes out there...
  18. Surf is waaaay too rough to launch from the beach right now. Keep going down succotash rd until you get to the pier (right past jims dock restaurant) parking shouldnt be bad especially before 9am. If the the tide is coming in when your going out, it can be really hard to get out but it's doable. Best going out at slack or outgoing if possible. Don't let the ferry getcha! See ya out there!
  19. And their 5X faster than any bass...
  20. I use a 7' penn battle combo (very stiff rod) and it's a blast with soft plastics. 20 lb braid... then I have my 9' st. Croix triumph with the gold spinfisher penn on it for tins and distance casting....
  21. 100% skunked today in point Jude area. Fished from first light until around 11ish. Really good conditions but not so much as a bump on anything I was throwing. Really really bad
  22. I was out all morning in the "point Jude" area and no sign of them. Small bass and small blues... I was getting into them pretty good last week of August last year and a year ago today was catching them consistently.
  23. Any time now... :l
  24. Good time to start talking/ reporting about these guys. I've always been under the impression that the green bonito typically start showing up right around mid august (give or take a week), followed by the albies which often set up shop around 2nd week of September... Would love to hear your experience/ predictions on when they will show up this year and how things will unfold given the conditions and typical patterns of these fish. Albies are a blast but I would kill to run into some green bonito this year. I've been missing them for the past few years now. Just got a brand new hobie outback, all rigged up and ready to get on these little rocket fish from the point Jude "area". Heard a report that green bonito have been caught offshore by yellowtail fisherman so it really could be any time now that they come in to range. Good luck too all and tight lines!!!
  25. Nada today. Fished the point Jude area this morning (9a - noon) nothing going on ☹️ albies were in pretty heavy by this time last year. Looks like a typical mid sept arrival at this rate.