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  1. Sorry to derail the thread just a bit, but I was up at the Cape Cod Canal a few weeks ago and saw a seal come thru there, and close up, those frigging things are huge, no way would I invade it's space, if he was fishing a spot, I'd go elsewhere. In a place like the Cape, they might make fishing some places near impossible.
  2. I thought I heard of a guy who is prone to fishing half oz bucktails and 6" curly tails, but I thought that was just some urban legend, wasn't sure that would ever work, sounded like crazy talk to me. Got my 2 mini bass this am on a 3/4 oz lead head with a paddle tail, no love for the teaser. 6" curly tails, really.
  3. Fish on Wood Is always Good!
  4. Well, after my first trip in Aug I was batting .250, 1 fish in 4 days, but it was slow for my group overall, and even though I only got 1 fish it was my best food this season so that was good. Couldn't wait to get back, but I just had a 4 day skunking, with the only likely shot at fish the first half hour of fishing, after that it went eerily quiet and windy. Hope it changes up for you guys
  5. Those korker boots are nice, but a little pricey, especially since I already have korker's to go over my boots.
  6. Thanks Matt, a couple of folks I asked when I was up there last said 60', I did a bit of reading about how they built the canal, it confirms your numbers. Nice pic TB, that's kind of what I pictured in my little pea brain. I was just curious because of how far I saw guys wading out, I don't want to take that last step into 30' of moving water. Ill stay up on my nice rock, I think. Sadly, we have an area down my way that is posted to use caution, because we have lost a few guys who took that last step into a ripping river channel. Don't want to be that guy.
  7. Hi guys, My name is Ed White and I am a Ditch Troll. Or, a Troll in training, really, just one trip/one fish so far but I'll be back the weekend after Labor Day. I've been reading around about the canal and have seen folks mention "the ledge", was wondering what the hell they are talking about. Along the same lines, anyone have any idea how the canal is shaped? I can see the fairly steep banks down to the rocks, where the weeds grow (what do you call that crap anyway?) it seems to flatten out for a while in places, and stay steep down into the water in other places, and I've heard it's around 60' deep out in the middle. I used to fish around a lot of rockpiles and jetties when we still had them, now it's mostly sandy beaches down here in Jerzee, but I still have my korkers, point is, knowing where the rocks are makes retrieving your stuff a lot easier. And less costly. Not that I expect too never hang stuff up, it just happens, but keeping it to a minimum helps.
  8. Seen a lot of banded rudderfish caught lately in SomoCo, there's some pics in the report thread
  9. Deal! But it won't happen till winter/spring, with any luck I'll be fishing till then.
  10. Great looking finish, is that carbon cloth with epoxy over the top?
  11. Good Man SC
  12. Great looking handcarves, I like mine fully sealed like that as well. Your lip, or did you buy that somewhere? Nice fins, too.
  13. The man's a machine!
  14. "Best" is tough to answer, because of all the variables. Alaskan Yellow Cedar might be best because it turns so nice, and won't rot. Pine might be best, because it's cheap and easy to find. What's best for you depends on what you need. Pencils are relatively easy plugs to build, they should be long and thin (like a pencil, Duh), with sufficient weight in them to fly pretty far and keep the ass planted so the front can splash around .First plugs I made when I first started building, cause we were enjoying stupid topwater fishing back then.
  15. I was a few minutes late to see the sun rise over the water this am., but the sunrise was glorious as I sped across 138 heading east. Got to the spot I wanted and found I had been beaten there by a veeeerrry pregnant woman, her photographer, and her assistant, and they had the rockpile pretty well tied up for a half hour or so, till the big round one got soaked while her back was to the water, and they left. I gotta get up a little earlier. Finally, too much grass in the water, tried the bugs but the grass built up very quickly on the line, couldn't feel a damn thing. Switched to a bucktail with a paddle tail, hooked up just long enough to know there was something very heavy on the line, watched the line zip thru about 30' of water before it came unbuttoned, got very pissed for a second till I realized it was probably a ray, and then I was thankful for the quick release, got my bucktail and line back.