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  1. That is slinky.
  2. Great info there. Not just for plugs, but wood in general.
  3. Yeah, I don't like the look of glitter on the eyes, so I usually coat the eyes with clear epoxy before mixing in any glitter I might be using, then follow up with the glittery stuff around the eyes and everywhere else.
  4. Nice looking Pikie!
  5. I epoxy them in a fly tying vise and move them onto the spinner. I've had enough practice now that I don't have.to stop the spinner to get them on there.
  6. Hooks generally hang from a swivel, or a split ring, hooks are cut, opened and then closed again onto the swivel, or the split ring is attached to the hook, and then attached to the hook hanger on the plug, The only time you should have to rewire is if the swivel or the wire breaks.
  7. Hacksaw blade, just the blade, you're looking to cut thru the aluminum as deep as you can go without cutting the shaft, Once you have a slice cut into it, use a small chisel in the slice and whack it. If you have to cut thru try not to damage the shaft more than necessary. I'm assuming, like the sheave at the top, that there is a set screw in there somewhere, cutting all the way thru the broken piece would relieve that tension, if you can get in there. Cutting thru both sides would leave you with 2 pieces, should come out then. Worst case, the shaft has to come out. Red line shows where I would cut.
  8. Your tech-a-neek is looking pretty good, they all look consistent, is that a twisted wire hook hanger epoxied in, or a wireform?? Looks good. What's on the inside?
  9. Yeah, very clean looking.
  10. That is a nice pile of baits.
  11. I do the same kind of thing, I use a fly tying vise to grab the tailloop and epoxy in the vise, then move them to the spinner.
  12. Yeah, good looking 'nuts, I liked that paint scheme too. I shot some bronze down the top of mine. Waiting on hooks to finish the bottom one.
  13. Damn that JimK has fast fingers.
  14. Spring Fling Zone. Shark river to Manasquan River.
  15. Nice gliders guys, they are fun to fish. Wire, I'd suggest wiring one up completely with hooks and test one more time, costs a piece of wire, but small things matter. I just lightened mine up a titch, less sink but I took the time to make sure they all sank slowly, slightly tail down, that seems to give the best swim. Current you're fishing matters too. Can't say it enough, Thanks Jigman.