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  1. I'm watching this one closely, love seeing what ideas people come up with. Jigman, love the plug and like being able to see where you put the lead.
  2. A couple of times I stopped by to see the **** show, but wouldn't consider fishing there, you could tell from the angry loud voices that some of the crowd felt they owned that piece of water....this was before the 4th. I was a half mile east in the dark of morning and could hear "You m'effer get the eff away from me you stupid m'effer" clear as a bell, I was happily fishing and catching fewer and smaller fish, but if you have to put up with that crap to catch fish, screw that. I'll go find my own little patch. That said, can't wait to get back up to the ditch, most of the folks fishing there love their fishing without being douchey about it.
  3. If I throw that bunker chunk just a little too hard, will it spray bunker entrails all over my neck, just like the real thing? Plug looks great.
  4. I had a fairly full 2 cup Pyrex cup break just as I went to set it on the bench, made a big mess but no real harm done, but it could have been much worse. Some guys use silicone cups, which won't break, but are very flexible, so care is needed there as well, but the guys who use them seem to like them
  5. Out front has been a desert for me other than the occasional bluefish and a handful of short fluke, only 2 short bass to date.
  6. You might consider not throwing soft plastics at the big mouthful of teeth......wood metal and hard plastic will all catch bluefish too. That said, I have made molds to do very similar things to what you're asking, It can be fun....and very time consuming.....but it's good therapy for those months when you can't fish.
  7. I really, truly, feel your pain, wish you could've gotten your setup back.The reason I kinda know what you felt like at the point that you realized that the rod was gone, is this: I was fishing an inlet with a buddy Thursday evening, chasing blues, and when the thunder and lightning popped up, it was time to clear out, which we did. Next day, I get to the inlet and I can't find my plug bag in the car. I looked, and re-checked, and the damn thing just wasn't in the car, I finally said screw it, it's gone, and grabbed a few stray things out of the back and went to fish. I didn't know it, but the bag sat on a bench there all night in the rain, and in the morning a young kid found it, and started asking around, and eventually it changed hands several times till one guy took it, who planned to fish there later in the day. About 15 minutes after I realized the bag was gone, one of the regulars asks "Hey, did anyone leave a surf bag here last night"? In another minute I had the # for the guy who had the bag, and he made the trip to get it back to me. When I got it back it looked just like the last time I saw it. Fishermen, and especially the Over the Rail Gang, Rock. And just to keep this legal, I finally connected with a decent bluefish that bent the rod and took some drag tonight.
  8. Phil, that first needle is old school, with the cotter pin thru the back. It's all good, so long as you're having fun with it.
  9. Pike-Zilla!
  10. Welcome to the Madness Phil. The plugs look good, and rattle cans are hard. I think that egg might need another coat.
  11. OK, Phil is holding out so I'll put up some plugs. My building season was thrown a major curveball when my wife broke her ankle during the winter. Work was busy like normal, and I've only recently had time to finish up some stuff I was working on. Here's a few: Some Jersey style swimmers, ~4-1/2", 1.8 oz., Lefty1 mid lip, fully sealed, 2/0 VMC's and triple split rings. Pretty swimmy, and they cast OK, but not a big water plug. Some larger pencils that are destined for the canal this summer, 8-1/2", 4.2 oz., cut 4/0 VMC's, and a couple of 6" spook/howdy type things, 2.8 oz. and the same 4/0 hooks. It used to be that all my best fish here in NJ came on pencils, but the fishing has changed, not so many large fish off the beaches anymore, these smaller walk the dog style plugs work well and cast a mile, which matters when you need to reach the bait schools off a flat sandy beach. Been working on some jigs too, I'll post up some pics when they're ready
  12. Quit teasing us Phil! Show us some plugs!
  13. Didn't know how good we had it during the crazy bunker days, maybe 2003 till Sandy hit, though the years leading up to Sandy saw a bit of a decline. Get out of work, find the bunker and climb out on some rocks, catch until dark, and repeat the whole mess the next day, amidst all that you could still catch decent fish by just picking a beach and blind casting, nowadays if you are not casting at fish that are on the feed, it's almost a waste of time.This applies to Mon Co beaches, I haven't figured out the Raritan bay Springtime yet.
  14. Nice looking batch of plugs you got there Lonellr, and it was a pleasure to meet you and Nick the other day and talk plugs, it was much better than the fishing