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  1. I gave them up last weekend, and that water was cold, but 5 minutes later I was fine.
  2. Bootfoot all the way, I like the LL Beans breathables. Like all waders they cost too much and don't last long enough, low buck neoprenes will last for years, but are uncomfortable in the warm weather. So I pay the money and try to make them last.
  3. A little tip for the Forstner bits, slow down. I used to think everything with wood meant a million rpm for clean cuts, but Forstners cut just fine at lower rpm, with much less (edge killing) heat buildup.
  4. Gave a couple of plugs to a buddy of mine, this is what he did with one of them Sadly, life has been getting in the way and I don't have any bass yet, a few blues, but after tonight the nonsense stops and I can get back to fishing.
  5. That glider down the end.....you lose a bet?
  6. Felt good to bend the rod, even if it was the wrong species. Probably be 300 guys there tomorrow.
  7. Seek counseling immediately!, That, or a good divorce lawyer....
  8. So I finally got tired of the taste of sawdust, and cleaning up sawdust, and constantly cleaning sawdust from the filter on my shopvac. So during the winter I set out to add a half fast dust collection system. My shop space is roughly 14 x 22, and filled with crap, and it didn't take long to make a dusty mess with some of the tools. I used the direct exhaust to atmosphere method when I could, just aiming the jointer and planer out the garage door, but that method sucks when you've waited an hour for.the garage to warm up, and you blow all the heat out the door. So I added a smallish 1 Hp blower into a 1 micron filter bag, and ran hose and pipe to drops for the bandsaw, table saw, and miter saw, with one more drop to a long 4" hose for when I use the lathe, jointer, and planer. Made a hand vacuum to connect to that hose too in case of big piles. Here's some pics Drop to the mitersaw, with a blast gate.Blower and bag, and the 4" hose stowed. Long 4" hose to reach all over. And a drop to the bandsaw. 4" STR drain pipe running from the fan, across the top of the garage. And on the other end a drop to the table saw,with a blast gate, and extra 2-1/2" hose so I can roll the bench around. Last piece is a $10 outlet with a remote to turn the blower on from anywhere in the garage. I need to come up with an airbrush hood with some filters so I can hookup to the dust collector, but filter the paint out, to keep it out of the bag.
  9. Yikes! Keep the pics coming, building is beautiful.
  10. Looks very well insulated so far. As I look around my little 1 car garage, I'm just a little jealous. My heater sits on top of a 20 lb propane bottle.
  11. On the beach! I haven't even got a fish from the Bay yet, only been out once. Hope to fix that this weekend. Weather has been a bummer.
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