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  1. McMaster Carr is crazy fast when you use their "Lightning" delivery, I don't know what it costs, but it's like they put down the phone, grab the piece off the shelf, walk out to the car and drive it directly to us. Very Handy when you need it an hour ago
  2. Nice shape.
  3. Full disclosure time, the plugs I posted are not casting machines, they are fairly light with the weight towards the front, but for the conditions that I fish, jetties and open beaches where (hopefully) fish are in the first trough, they do fine. Not quite potato chips, but leaning in that direction compared to a popper or darter. If I wanted to reach over the outer bar, I would have to walk out there.....
  4. Travers Tool has enough drill bits to make you dizzy. I've been using a 1/8" aircraft (long) bit from Homie's for years, cut down to about 7" long, sharpened it once or twice.
  5. Any idea what they were made out of? Durhams rock putty maybe? I've always wondered if that stuff would work for lead.
  6. I make a similar style plug that was originally based on a magnum Bomber, I use a Colorado blade for a lip, and there's a single ball of 00 buck shot between the belly hook and the lip......they're pretty swimmy.
  7. That's a lot of pikies, must take all day to do all the red dots over the weight holes. I can tell you from personal experience that Mike's plugs will hang good fish.
  8. They'll catch. I was doing the heat them up and dip them in the bottle of powder thing for a few years finally decided to try something different.I don't think the fish will care either way.
  9. Yes. Just made mine on Sunday for about $35, and it was only that much because I didn't take any time to shop around or "accumulate" parts beforehand. Aquarium pump with dual outlets, a double valve and some tubing all from Wally world, and some pvc bits from the plumbing racks at Home Depot. There are plenty of videos on YouTube explaining how folks have made theirs, you're basically just blowing air from the pump into a pipe, which has a "cup" made from another piece of pipe, with a filter between them. I used basic printer paper for a filter, works fine. The airflow blows thru the filter and makes the powder paint grow and swirl around inside the cup, dip a hot jig in and blam it's got a nice even coating on it, ready for baking. Easier than dipping into the bottle of powder Here's a pic of mine: It's an easy build, on the board, starting from the left is a 2" black cap, above it is a 2-1/2" long piece of 2" pvc pipe, then a 2" coupling on top. A Tee fitting is drilled and epoxied into the piece of pipe, and 2 tubes run back to 2 valves, and 2 more tubes run back to the air pump. The air pump runs as soon as it's plugged in, it's important to make sure that the valves are closed before plugging it in. I might put an inline switch on the wire, I may get to that around 2025 or so The cup for the powder is a 2-1/2" piece of 2" pvc with a 2" test cap on top for a lid and a piece of printer paper taped to the bottom for a filter. Stick it into the coupling and remove the lid, start the pump and adjust the airflow till the powder rises and grows and swirls around a bit. I have 4 cups set up for the 4 colors I use most. A few blind jigs hanging, waiting for eyes.
  10. That's good news Butch, see ya then.
  11. Ksong, I'd like to take a look at the Cape Cod Special Surf ll 10' Heavy, do you plan to have any of those with you at Surf Day on Saturday?
  12. Ho'in' is turning into a lost art, hardly hear of anyone trying to weasel a plug out of someone anymore.
  13. Seeing that never gets old does it? I clicked on it expecting to see a farting troll......
  14. Ho.