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  1. I've been considering the same thing, I have natural gas to the house, I'd like to have a small ceiling mounted heater plumbed to the gas so I can quit wasting time and lugging propane tanks every week, just to enjoy a little shop time. I have a 40,000 btu space heater that gets the garage warm enough in about 45 mins but it's noisy, stinks of propane, and after it's warm I still need a smaller tank mounted heater running to maintain the temp I'd really prefer to open the garage door, set the thermostat and go back inside, run the heat for 45 mins, and then have the heat cycle till I turn it off. No exhaust smell, no trips to get more propane .And it's gotta be healthier than breathing that crap every weekend all winter long.
  2. There are some table saw tools out there that work pretty well for keeping your fingers further away from the whirling blades of death, the GRRipper is one. Soft grippy pads hold the piece, and your hand is a couple of inches further away from being hamburger. I thought it was a little goofy when I saw it, but I bought one when I got my table saw.
  3. Just my opinion, but testing has led me to believe it's true at least most of the time, the lip acts like a lever, the water pushes on the lever, and the plug rolls while also swimming. More lever, more roll, so the more lip is sticking off the body,, the more roll I see. Try moving the lip slot slightly up from center, see if this helps, it has for me..It bugs me when I see the plug roll 180 degrees, showing me one eye and then the other.
  4. Real nice. Mahogany?
  5. And wired, and shot full of epoxy. And some ceegars.
  6. Bodies are sealed, weights are in, and filled, almost time to paint, and my 10 year old compressor died. Parts inbound.
  7. They all look great, but 2nd from right on the bottom is especially purty.
  8. What blemishes?
  9. So, every new kind of lure has a learning curve, this was the beginning of mine. A member here, Rui, was posting pictures of the gliders he was making, and I thought they looked pretty good, so I tried a couple, loosely based off his pics. Of course, I had no idea how he was weighting them, still don't. but these worked OK, 3 weights, front center and rear, and they were fine on open beach, but in any kind of current they laid on their side and swam in sideways. And since I brought up Rui, I have a very sad glider story. A couple of years ago, Rui was at the Brookdale show, and I bought a 7" glider in Jersey Killer colors, to fish at the Cape Cod Canal. First time I fished it, I hooked up to a nice 20 lb fish, and landed it, and had to wait a bit while the guy next to me attempted to control his fish. He lost, so I bent down, grabbed my leader and gave it a tug, and came away with just leader. The fish flopped once, back in the water, and swam away with my glider firmly affixed to his face. All I could do was stare. So if Rui sees this, I need another large glider. Hope I see you at Brookdale this year. And if you want to buy a very nice plug, look up RG Lures. </end shameless plug> Sharp eyed readers will notice that the scales are backwards on the top plug.
  10. I'm using some white cedar, very light stuff lighter than red I believe, I can't take red cedar dust anymore. And enough lead to sink a ship.
  11. I'm using some white cedar, very light stuff lighter than red I believe, I can't take red cedar dust anymore. And enough lead to sink a ship.
  12. Here's a few pics So the little white guy is an ugly tester that worked especially around the peanuts this Fall. Heavy enough to cast great, and it would weave its way back to me on a steady retrieve. 2 more copies of that one, and a bigger tester, 3/4' thick, 7ish inches long, 3-1/4 Oz as it sits there. Pure guesswork so far, need to wire it up and throw it in some water. I'll get more pics up as we go
  13. Yeah, this is what we needed. I have a few in progress, some small that I'm pretty sure will work, at least the test version did, and a larger one just starting the process. Pics to follow. Thanks Jigman!
  14. Yeah, working off of square ends is not optimal for some things, other times it's fine. Making sure that you have square ends is a good thing to check too. Once they are square, finding and marking center shouldn't be too bad.
  15. I think gliders are popular enough now that they may require their own discussion thread. I'm still in the trial and error phase with mine, and some are good, some are just sticks. But I have caught on mine, just need to figure out different sizes, etc. And I never even thought to turn mine round before cutting them into the flat shape, I was cutting mine out of flat stock and rounding them over on my router table, then drilling all the holes. I like that shape.