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  1. No idea what I paid, I think they came from Airsick Stencils, they're thin plastic, it was a set of 3 different sized scales.
  2. Pretty flat and hard to reach the deeper water by wading, in my experience. But a decent cast will get you there.
  3. I like how you got them to all swim in a line. Seriously though, need my address? Good looking pluggage.
  4. Thanks Seed! I'm not tech savvy enough to work a cricut, I bought some fish scale templates from England. Thanks King, the opener is a nice little piece, I just need to epoxy mine and I'll press it into service, on something frosty.
  5. I haven't bought a freshwater license in a while, but that was part of the deal back then, too.
  6. Welcome to the madness! Easiest plug to try out might be a spook style plug, Wood buster did a step by step, here: Guys use all kinds of different techniques to get to the same end result, ie: He uses a drill press to drill thru the plug for the wire, many guys prefer to drill on the lathe, and every other step in the process probably has an alternate technique that would work just as well, but his process works plenty well enough to wind up with a plug that you can fish and catch with. There is also a place in NJ that sells supplies, but it seems there are unresolved issues there as well.
  7. Nice fish TK, we finally found a few out front this week too, a little south of you. Should be picking up some wood today to start making a few plugs. Weird year. All our fish so far were on jigs.
  8. Never met him either, but those Howdies are legendary.
  9. My wife just walked by and said "Ooooohh, they look nice."
  10. Nice....
  11. Surprise me, any wood is fine so long as it's a stable base for paint.
  12. Alright, I'm in, mind you, I'm not as good a painter as the guy up there ^^^^^^. But I'll get something fishy on there. Will PM the addy.
  13. Nice selection Mike, you've been busy!
  14. Nice looking plug, looks like an epoxy topcoat. Are you looking to paint the wood, or just clearcoat it?
  15. Let's talk about it. I could squirt some paint on it and epoxy it, but that would hide the wood, and part of what makes them look so nice is the wood. I can build and finish an OK plug to fish with, but lately I've started playing with things other than plugs, and they are all finished to see the wood. Lots of things that can be done to let the wood shine thru....shellac as a sanding sealer, some Danish Oil for some color and protection, and some clear polyurethane or, even easier, some spray lacquer from a can that you can get at Homies make for a pretty easy, pretty durable finish. Or, use an epoxy topcoat for even better durability, although I've never tried putting that into a dishwasher. Second thing is, if you use epoxy, there are 2 ways to let it cure, 1st is applying the epoxy then hanging it somewhere, which will cause some of the epoxy to run off, and ultimately leave a drip on the bottom when it cures. That can be sanded off. If you can figure a way to flip them every so often till they firm up, that works too. Second, which I prefer, is to use a spinner, so that the wet epoxy stays on the surface and after a long enough time, will firm up, harden, and cure, without dripping. If I was going to finish one of your openers, that is the method I would choose, but plugs are easy, they have a loop at each end which can be used to hold the plug onto the spinner. the openers have a loop at the opener end, so far so good, but no way to connect the other end. The hang method may be the better choice here. That said, i think you should try to finish them. Etex or, as it is properly called, Envirotex Lite, is available in small bottles online or at Hobby Lobby or Michaels. It is pretty user friendly, mix equal parts of A and B, stir it up, and brush it on, gives a nice thick, hard, durable finish. Homies also sells Park Super Glaze, same type of product, same procedure. Small bottles of etex are $16 on Amazon, incl. shipping Just an idea how good the wood looks under the epoxy, the first pic is a small cedar bowl that I was just fooling around with. 2 Coats of etex, because the first coat soaked in pretty well. I made a small arbor that could screw to the bottom of the bowl to get it on my spinner And a cherry bowl that only had sanding sealer applied, sanded, and then multiple coats of spray lacquer from a can. If you don't like the glossy look, shellac, oil and wax make for a more classic, semi-gloss look. And if you really don't want to finish them yourself, send me a couple and I'll do them. When you see how good they look and how easy it is, I think you'll want to try it.