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  1. I'm a gearhead at heart and love a good car show Been going to OBI for as long as I can remember, but the residents have a legitimate gripe Can you imagine having to wait an hour or more just to get to your house cause a bunch of fools in their fancy rides blocked access to your community? Here's what the line looks like from Ocean Parkway I know it's like a tradition, but the venue has seriously been outgrown
  2. Nice Thanks for the heads up
  3. Only to vehicles I ended up at Sore Thumb and it was packed. Saw quite a few people at the very tip of Demo, but no vehicles anywhere.
  4. Went to Demo last weekend and access was shut down due to "Endangered Species" (plovers?) Any idea if/when they'll open up again?
  5. Zymol Solaris Kinda spensive though
  6. Awesome!!
  7. I've always been a bit superstitious when it came to bad luck Never walk behind ladders, never step on a crack, don't break mirrors, etc., etc. A big one for me is Black Cats If a black cat crosses my path, I simply change my path I don't care if I'm on a busy street, I'll throw it into reverse and bust a J-turn cause I don't need no bad luck Case in point, years ago I was on my way back to my shop from downtown Orlando after a meet with my car club and a black cat ran across my path down the street For whatever reason, I didn't take action in that instance. Not 20 minutes later, two thugs tried to car jack me and ended up shooting up my Land Cruiser So yeah, ever since then, I take it a bit more seriously I actually have several dash cam videos of me stopping dead in the middle of a street and backing up due to some little black furball Anyhoo, last weekend I got thrown a curve ball after dropping someone off in Brooklyn Turned down a seedy lookin street on the way home and a little sweetheart black cat zipped across in front of me Stopped me dead in my tracks and since it was a one way street, I threw it in reverse and started backing up only to have another f'n black cat zip across behind me I was at a stalemate and didn't know wtf to do This was late night and I was just too tired to think, so I actually sat there for like 30 minutes debating in my head which cat was blacker than the other Luckily, there was no traffic at this time, but I eventually decided to back up as the cat behind me had white socks And of course I have video lol
  8. Went to the local deli on Saturday and there were a bunch of protesters holding up signs that said "Honk for Justice" I was more that happy to oblige.........with train horns
  9. Sometimes you don't even need to be driving for texting to cause you harm lol
  10. I've had quite a few over the years (along with two K5H's) That being said, the K3's alone are actually louder and more efficient. The 3A and 5 bells that are added to the K5LA are cancelling notes, which makes it more musical and less abrupt.
  11. Not on the Southern State, that would be illegal I have cameras setup in every car in our household. Even my golfcarts are setup with cams Given what I see on a daily basis, it's cheap insurance. Take this vid for instance I stopped to make sure everyone was ok and even got the number of the guy that got hit and forwarded him the video later that night. He was more than happy to see the footage and also had me speak to his insurance company. I have them on everything I drive (and I do mean everything lol)
  12. Why not? You'd be surprised of all the stuff I see out on the road on a daily basis