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  1. Sony Guts
  2. No, it also comes with a cigarette adapter, however, if you use it that way, you won't have an active parking mode. By hardwiring it to your fuse panel using both hot and ignition trigger (it comes with a box full of different fuse taps), you can hide all of the wiring in the headliner and when you turn off your ignition, it goes into parking mode, which gives you a choice of recording only when motion is detected in the cameras' view or a 2fps time lapse (as shown in the first video above) Since I live in NY where everything moves, the motion detection feature is rather useless cause it will always be recording. The timelapse feature is more useful as it's easier to sort through the fast paced footage. On the other hand, when I'm at my house in Florida, I set it to motion detect and it captures animals like a motion activated game trail camera. Best of all, the parking guard hardwire kit has a built in low voltage cutoff, so once it reaches a preset voltage, the system turns off automatically to prevent battery drain. That being said, I have 5 cameras running 24/7 and have yet to drop below my 12.1v setting, even after a week of recording while parked.
  3. For under $100, Mini 0906 is hard to beat It's a dual camera system, small in size, but still has an LCD, event remote, 1080p, etc., etc. Some of my own videos using this cam:
  4. I got a smokin deal for her from my contact at CarMax back in 2007 (my shop inspects and repairs their vehicles before they put them on their lot) He knew I was looking for a TLC or LX450 with factory 3-way lockers and as soon as I saw her, I told him I was taking her home. It was being sent to my shop for new paint anyways, so that night I took her on a 200 mile test drive. After fresh paint and detail, she went back to CarMax for their routine PM work. Unfortunately, I had to wait a whole month for my contact there to get it all done under the table, but it was $7500 out the door with over $5000 of worth of new parts and a 30 day warranty to boot And I never let her go (nor will I ever) She's still running strong and drives like new to this very day
  5. People underestimate how amazing these little rigs are offroad They're just like a side by side ATV, but with the comfort of being enclosed I've taken my Mitsubishi Minicab places where I wouldn't dare take my Land Cruiser With real 4WD and a low range T-Case, it's pretty much unstoppable anywhere you go It's been to Daytona and New Smyrna countless times and even used it to recover full sized SUV's that were stuck in the sand. I had picked up a handful of these things over the years and this one was only $501 at a local auction That being said, although it makes a perfect fishing vehicle, it's actually overkill for simple beach cruising IMHO I prefer loading up my golf cart with friends and beer instead
  6. A while back, I saw a pop up for a dual trumpet air horn with solenoid from Wally World online for only $12 bucks shipped I figured the solenoid alone was worth $20, so I said what the hell and ordered one. Finally got around to making a test video earlier today They're most definitely LOUD!! Not Train Horn loud, but for $12 bucks, they're definitely the best bang for the buck I've ever seen (or heard) Only issue is that the solenoid didn't like my OBA's 200psi and wouldn't function until I aired down to around ~150psi Still, if you're looking for a cheap upgrade, these things are SICK for the money!!
  7. A while back, I was sittin in the parking lot waiting for my shift to start when I got a call from a company selling extended warranties (total scam) They got the wrong person (I have no idea who William Johnson is), but I went along with the call just for fun Now almost 2 years later, I get another call from the same scammers
  8. Yep Can't kill a Land Cruiser My 97 TLC is still going strong with over half a million miles on her
  9. Out of those two choices, the Sequoia no doubt However, for your budget, I'd prefer a GX470 It's a far superior vehicle in every aspect except for size (although, it still seats 7) It's powered by the same 2UZ-FE 4.7L engine found in the Sequoia, Tundra, Land Cruiser, etc., but in a smaller, lighter package. Best of all, the majority sold were used by soccer moms and typically saw mall duty, so finding a clean one for a decent price isn't very hard. Prices ranging from $6-8k on Craigslist for earlier years are the norm I wouldn't worry about mileage on these things as long as it has been maintained. Keep in mind, the 2UZ is world class and is one of the few production engines to be FAA approved
  10. Doesn't always work out that way lol
  11. Tercel 4WD Solid little buggers
  12. Apart from a motion sensing multicamera surviellance system that runs 24/7, I also have the world's loudest alarm on my Land Cruiser
  13. How bout a Previa AllTrac? Smaller than a big van, but more useable interior space than the average minivan, rock solid reliabity, 2TZ-FZE supercharged engine is the best 4cyl Toyota has ever produced, quite capable for what it is. Only problem I've found is that people who own them tend to hold onto them FOREVER, so finding one that's clean enough to be worthwhile isn't easy. I loved my 95 S/C right up until it was totalled by some arsehole cab driver that ran a red light (that night, it had just turned 275,000 miles and was about to make another 1200 mile trip to Florida the next day)
  14. Just how "mini" are we talkin here?
  15. I totally forgot to renew my registry early this year and was planning on hitting the office today to pick up my permit. Just renewed my registry online and of course it will take a couple of weeks to arrive. Will the office accept a printed receipt for the registry? (appears to have all necessary info)