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  1. I've seen valve stems get torn from people tripping on hoses while airing up. And just a few weeks ago, my niece cut hers when she parked too close to the curb and it spun her hubcap around. Not really likely to have one fail while on the beach, but you never know
  2. Nice find!! Class 3 So far I've gotten her up to 33mph on a flat pedalling in top gear with good tail wind
  3. Some 360* footage from Sunday (watch in YouTube App in 5K for 360* VR viewing) Part 1 Part 2
  4. I love tailgaters
  5. Not gunna lie, I've had some satisfying moments dealing with them
  6. I have it laminted and tucked in a clear folder along with my beach permit (and every other permit for the past decade) I also have a file in the camera roll of my phone with a scan of every permit, license, registration and insurance card for all vehicles just in case
  7. As much as I feel like doing this myself at times, its better not to and just let them go. Apart from the road rage aspect of things, it's not your job to keep others from speeding or driving wrecklessly (leave that to the police) Thing is, those who weave through traffic wouldn't have to if the left lane was simply left open as it should be. Paragraph 5 and 6 of the link I provided Realize that it is not your job to keep people from speeding.
  8. I make this trip quite a bit myself.... In most states, if I went the speed limit in the slow lane, I'd probably get honked at for going too slow lol
  9. This Joisey cop gets it lol
  10. Left lane should be for PASSING ONLY Doesn't matter if youre doing a 100, if someone behind you wants to do 101, you move over and let him by Everyone with a license needs to visit this page: http://slowertraffickeepright.com/ This simple animation shows how much better traffic will flow if people would just use the left lane for passing
  11. There are idiots everywhere Here are just a few clips the crazy stuff I see on my daily commute
  12. I absolutely love mine Go riding every morning and despite what people think, I get an even better workout as I do with a regular bike Thing is, instead of just going 4 or 5 miles a day, Im doing 30+ and exploring way more places than I ever would on a normal bike I agree there are some speed demons out there that have no business being on the bike paths Just last week I saw a group of older guys riding through the FI communities way too fast and one of them pinned the throttle right off the raised boardwalk Got a bit scraped up, but luckily he was wearing a helmet
  13. The Animal (I had all 3) That and my G-Scale layout (which is still an ongoing money pit)
  14. Yes, original factory lockers. The ones that actually fail are the ones that never get used, which is why I cycle mine every chance I get.