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  1. I always bring a snagging hooks for the macks...usually use a freshwater rod. Switch em over to the big rod and free spool them out...worked great last year.
  2. Any shirts left?
  3. That's just wrong ..glad they got caught
  4. This fish was from the same day...ate a tinker Mack and took me for a nice run.I have been doing pretty well so far..missed the topwater action..random fish at all different times of the day.
  5. This is my biggest Fish this year...44 inches..24 girth...caught her on a Mack jig at about 7pm ...I caught a 38 inch fish about a hour earlier on a live Mack I managed to snag.I released the fish after a photo...great day...especially because my wife let me blow off our home improvement day and run down to the Canal with my buddies...she's a keeper!
  6. The kid outfished me 10 Bass for her...5 for me ...all chunks...a few pickerel in between...great day before the cold front comes in!
  7. From the album Saturday Freshwater -

  8. From the album Saturday Freshwater -

  9. True! Happy to be catching! Butter makes everything taste better too!
  10. I'm happy with any fish boat or from shore! They all taste the same on the grill!
  11. From the album duxbury snapper blues

  12. We caught a bunch on Friday.. .. Not really snappers! Big schools of Blues off the power plant in Plymouth... Smaller ones over in Duxbury by the Harbor...caught these trolling Storm swim shads ...grilled them up for the kids...heading out again this week.
  13. From the album duxbury snapper blues

  14. From the album duxbury snapper blues