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  1. In looking at the stocking map, it shows Lake Rico in Taunton. Can anyone here confirm this? This is a warm water fishery, with no real deep water. Any thoughts?
  2. Another option I use for keeping critters away is to use foil pie plates tied to a post. Between the wind and flash it keeps most critters away. May drive your neighbors crazy with noise they make though.
  3. Excellent Thread. My biggest are: 3 @ 7 lbs. open water (S.E. Mass ponds) all on large Texas rigged worms. 1 @ 7 lbs 6 oz through the ice (SE Mass) - Countless between 6-7 lbs. 98% through the ice from 2 different ponds. (SE Mass)
  4. 44" 34lbs. May 2017
  5. I have 2 4500 models and use them for plugging and jogging. They are about 4-5 years old and have served me very well. I have no problem jigging 4 oz. buck tails.
  6. Only fished the Andro closer to Gilead and Newry. Good populations of trout up that way. Where Wild River dumps into the Andro. is a very "fishy" area.. Check regs. lot of FFO in that area.. As far as Bass, Webb Lake is decent. More of a drive but top notch smallie fishing is Umbagog Lake. Large lake but loaded with smallies.
  7. Another from this morning.
  8. There are a couple spots on Cliff pond that you can catch trout even this time of year!! On one shoreline you can hit 20-30 FOW!! I caught three nice rainbows last week middle of a 85 deg. day!
  9. Great!!
  10. Ice Fishing Gold right there!!
  11. Not local, but nice brookie from Northern NH two weekends ago!
  12. Trout were rising all over the place at Ashumet last Wednesday. Had a few followers so I know they were trout!
  13. I also have a pair of TFO 10'6" 2-8 oz. and agree 100 % with what was mentioned above!! I have had them 4 years now and started with the old style Emblem Pro, but switched quickly to Daiwa Saltists both 4500. I use 40 lb. braid and also have no trouble reaching breaking fish near the middle of the canal!
  14. 44" and fat, no idea how much she weighed!
  15. Try Wild River where it enters the Andro.. Great area to hook into a trout.. This is in Gilead.. Check regs. might by FFO..