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  1. ^^^ awesome thx bud
  2. Yessir. How u been Phil? Nice to see u still around
  3. Thanks so much for the replies, looking forward to fishing out there soon.
  4. Suffix 832 blows away the others for plugging. Literally have not had a wind knot since switching. Even my 11 year old son who is just beginning to learn plugging can cast all day with no wind knots. Frees up Dad for more time spent actually fishing.
  5. Just wondering if we still have access to the jetty? I used to fish this area a whole bunch about 10-15 years ago. Pulled into the lot last weekend and saw trail access to beach was roped off. Did they make another way in perhaps or did we get screwed?
  6. Mine tightens by turning clockwise hope that helps
  7. All good stuff. Wanted to add... don’t overlook flats (2’-5’ of water at high tide)... especially ones with structure like stumps, pads, big limbs etc You’d be surprised what’s patrolling those. Throw a big noisy popper, spook or Redfin and hang on! good luck
  8. Sold pm coming
  9. 1.3 oz.
  10. Couple sweet PA Surfer peanut bunker swimmers. Never seen water. 60 shipped priority mail.
  11. Price drop $90 shipped priority mail
  12. No thank you
  13. Not looking to split ATM. Thanks