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  1. Payment received and it’s in the mail on the way to you. Thank you very much
  2. W2F4 reel is yours if you want it. Just let me know and I’ll send you PayPal info thanks
  3. Thanks a lot, I’ll pass on everything. Was thinking you had a vice that may have been similar value.
  4. Thank you.
  5. Northfork withdrew his offer so you were next in line to make an offer. I’m interested to know what you have for vise?
  6. IBSP2Northfork you still interested? I want to give you the chance otherwise I’m gonna move on. Thanks
  7. What do you have for a Vise you mentioned?
  8. If your offer still stands I’ll take the 140$ shipped. If not. I problem, just let me know. Thanks
  9. Make me an offer, reel deserves to be used!
  10. Right now I’m trying to get rid of some things, so probably should stay away from any trades. I appreciate the offer.
  11. Thanks for the offer, I am no longer near salt water so I’m going to go through my plugs (to many of them) and keep a few but get rid of most of them.
  12. What you got? I have a bunch of salt water stuff I’m trying to get rid of over the next couple weeks. So would much prefer the money. Appreciate the offer
  13. Ok I am a bit confused.... You were interested in buying my reel and then realized that you have one BNIB and your looking to sell? Why not keep it if you took the time to express interest in mine? Good luck
  14. While it was In the box the handle was loose so it folds down a bit. Not sure if that makes sense. The handle doesn’t hit the rotor when tighten up. The reel is brand new and functions perfectly
  15. The only chip I saw was the one I posted in the photo where the handle makes contact with the rotor. The other is a very hard to see blemish in the finish from the factory paint. I’m not sure where you see one on the handle, I looked it over pretty good. I can look over again but the reel has never left the box other than to take it out and look at it or take photos. The photos below are the only blemishes/chip on the reel. Let me know what your talking about on the handle. Oh oh and are you Interested?