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  1. Have been reading the striper websites and they are saying u need to use teasers with a Ava Or Deadly dick but do u use one with a sp minnow?
  2. was wondering what the favorite color of sp minows is for surf stripers
  3. Just got a "new" saragosa 4000f and the rod came the day before mojo 9 foot surf 10-20 lb,3/4 to 4 oz... Seems balanced but have my reservations. Any inputs would be appreciated or any history or love affairs
  4. Just got some "new" saragosa's 8000f and 4000f. Both spools are grooved and I heard a lot about putting tape around the spools to allow for slipping of the braid.Both reels are new to me but I am old to the new ways. I am willing to tape the finger to cast and wind the braid tight... for what reason I do not know,I always used mono and now braid.Had penn ss for years... And I guess that says it all. I guess I have to step up. Love nj surf fishing around brick beach Especially in the late fall. am confused about the wind and wind knots
  5. Just getting into striper fishing and was wondering what was the favorite soft bait for surf fishing for stripers and the length and colors
  6. What are the best fishing hooks and what size when fishing bunker chunks from the surf for stripers
  7. Any one have a favorite braided Line they use for surf striper fishing and what strength? One will go one a saragosa 8000 and the other a Penn 5500.
  8. I already have a St Croix 10 foot Premier Surf spinning rod and was thinking of pairing it with a shimano saragosa 8000f reel and would mono or braided be best.any help would be appreciated.
  9. Just bought a shimano saragosa srg8000f and plan to use it on a st croix 9 foot mojo surf spinning rod. It will be used for striper surf fishing and I don't know if mono or braided is better. I have heard good and bad about both and what size braided should I use.
  10. Just purchased a st croix surf spinning rod mojo 9 1/2feet. Was wondering if a shimano saragosa 8000 would work well with it?