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  1. BLO

    I use BLO all the time, I also add 5% (by volume) penetrol , definitely metal can with water for best safety, do not ball them up if you are going to dry them, spread them open till dry.
  2. Fantastic, that is what it's all about!
  3. I found the key is you really need to clear the chips often from the drill bit, they can jam the bit and push it off to the side if you don't. The longer the bit (more flexible) the more you need to clear the chips.
  4. WFF thanks for the closeup and info. Yeah the fine stuff is what destroys your lungs no matter what type of wood you turn, sand, saw, etc. I've got all that stuff, Thanks
  5. I like the Ghetto dust collector, is that an Arizona Ice Tea jug? I haven't turned any cedar yet but I just bought a bunch of Alaskan Yellow, I'll pickup a respirator next, lungs are already old.
  6. Decals, I can make 30 signatures per page in seconds from the computer, but I'm a computer geek.
  7. I had the same thought awhile ago, lots of fumes with that stuff, need plenty of ventilation and a respirator mask with organic cartridges. I'd try some thing water based/low fumes.
  8. Was just wondering ...why 4 mil and not 3 or 2 mil?
  9. EVERYTHING is better with bacon! LOL
  10. I always put the drill bit in the head stock and then use the tail stock center to keep everything lined up on thru hole drilling, start with a short drill bit first (less likely to walk on you) then switch to the longer bit to complete the thru whole.
  11. This is really cool, been thinking about getting into the jig/power coat thing myself, THANKS for posting your awesome idea!
  12. I would think the gel cap should start to melt after getting wet, may take a few casts though.
  13. Love the photo!!
  14. I used to work as a printer and tried to use the lead from the Line-o-Type machines, I had the same problem as they added stuff to the lead to make it harder ( I think arsenic was one of the additives, may be causing the yellow color) any way had to get rid of the stuff and get lead from tire weights, old pipes and I had a friend that used to get pure lead for water main tapping, etc.
  15. Agree with Jig Man and Wood Butcher, in my younger days made a mold from plaster and did a pour 2 days later.... was lucky I didn't get burned when it blew up, cracked the mold too. Bondo is not that expensive.