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  1. It’s awful. So sorry
  2. Me too. There was a stripper in there who went by the name Peaches She taught me a lot. She was 40ish and I was around 20.
  3. What make and model do you have?
  4. I agree. Good for them. Anyone who doesn’t get what’s wrong with this scenario, in regards to “males who are really females” competing against girls/women isn’t worth debating. They are to f’nking stupid to ever “get it”
  5. At a convenience store a couple of years ago, I watched a pos woman give her 3 to 4 year old a serious beating. I broke it up and the woman came at me, screaming and cursing She was restrained by other customers but every time they let her go, she came after me. I told her male companion that I don’t get violently physical with women. I told him to get her under control or I was going to knock him out. He didn’t, so I did. This all took place inside of 10 minutes. I still remember the look on his face as he was going down. I think about the little kid and what his life must be like more often then I want too. No regrets
  6. I am looking for recommendations for hotels in Washington DC. Staying for 2 nights and would like to visit some of the sites, Capital Building, White House, Vietnam Memorial etc. Any suggestions on hotels in safe neighborhood where we can walk to some or all of the attractions. Thank you
  7. I’m looking for some advice from anyone who has a tv with Roku. Are you happy with it. Can you recommend a model?
  8. Al Biernats in Dallas. It’s excellent Bring your wallet
  9. You don’t......
  10. Getting better
  11. Congratulations. First funny joke out of you
  12. OK. What’s a spork?
  13. Awful. Just awful
  14. Congratulations. This one was actually funny
  15. What happened to her?