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  1. I am looking for recommendations for hotels in Washington DC. Staying for 2 nights and would like to visit some of the sites, Capital Building, White House, Vietnam Memorial etc. Any suggestions on hotels in safe neighborhood where we can walk to some or all of the attractions. Thank you
  2. I’m looking for some advice from anyone who has a tv with Roku. Are you happy with it. Can you recommend a model?
  3. Al Biernats in Dallas. It’s excellent Bring your wallet
  4. You don’t......
  5. Getting better
  6. Congratulations. First funny joke out of you
  7. OK. What’s a spork?
  8. Awful. Just awful
  9. Congratulations. This one was actually funny
  10. What happened to her?
  11. Me too
  12. Correction, Storm won the Grand National Grouse Championship in Michigan the same year. My bad.
  13. My dog's father's name was Grouse Ridge Storm. Dave Hughes handled him. Perhaps I am confusing the trials. Had many offers to buy or handle his son, my dog. Always answered with the same response, "he is my buddy before he will ever be my gun dog" Made Master hunter at 12 months. Still miss him. Can't get another setter after him
  14. I have never hit or pushed a woman. That being said, if you get out of your car, you take your chances
  15. My last setter's daddy won this in 2010