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  1. Just wanted to mention I that I have the older emcast , 11’3-8 and have paired it with a 706z reel and have used it to cast metal like kastmaster xl and Hopkins fairly far. The ferrule on my particular rod gets loose but that could be my lack of experience. I also have a mojo 11’ 3-8 which will launch a deadly dick pretty far. I would think a 9’ would be just as good though and same for 10, 10’6 if you are casting all day. My 10’ Cabela’s salmon steelhead tourney trail rated 1/2-2 will launch 1.5 oz kastmasters a good distance and feels like a feather. 2 oz pay loads don’t seem to go as far, but I could be wrong. The tourney trail is now the Cabela’s fish eagle salmon rod. It’s newest version.
  2. I think it will be posted in the box from what I recall from reading a previous post. ( if you’re referring to the bearing in the line roller).
  3. man who introduced me to another level of fishing set me up with a shimano and a Lamiglas combo. Fun stuff. I think the reel was rated form2-6 lb test. Trout rod but took it to the keys and jetty fished as a teen. They were some times where that reel screamed. Tarpon, snook, bonefish, and striped bass come to mind SHIMANO Magnumlite Plus GT-X 2300 Spinning Fishing Reel Quikfire II Speedmaster was the closest thing I could google as to the reel I used back then. (1990) or so. Used to toss micro Roberts rangers at great point on the two trips I spent there. Fun fun fun. Blues!!!
  4. Yeah I recall using a shimano as a teen. It must have been like a 1000 size. True ultralite fishing. I think back then it prob cost 30-100.00 bones. Early 1990’s. Seems like the latest and greatest reels have a price tag of 100.00-200.00.
  5. ballistic 2500 xh. the one with faster inch per turn. would by my pick. but, its over 200 bones. so I would recommend buying a nasci. ive heard good things.
  6. the guy is dead.
  7. just purchased a sw 5000 spheros for about 159.00 after shipping. Hoping for the best. Not sure what rod to use with the reel yet. Im thinking it may be an excellent jetty duty reel. Until I bust it.
  8. edit. made a comment about an article I read stating that cormorants were not destructive. but I don't want to defend this article. you can delete this post.
  9. Chitala, I have sent my quantum Cabo for service on two occasions. I went to zebco website and went to contact us and used email to explain the issue with my reel. They They responded and sent me a replacement reel. Edit- I went through warranty service and they told me to send to their Tulsa address. 1 year warranty. I bought a Cabo 40 and it didn’t fee right , so I sent in. They sent me the updated reel. Then about a year later the ar went and I contacted them via email. They asked me to send in. I may have still been within first year or close. I shipped to them and they sent back within a few weeks.
  10. Edited.
  11. I jumped on a cabelas tourney trail salmon/steelhead rod last season and have caught snapper blues, 20 inch bass in calm flat waters and even cow nose ray and brown shark this summer. It is rated 1/2-2 oz and I really enjoy throwing small metal 1/2-2 with it. Can even throw a super strike little neck. Had a fish wack it but couldn't hook up. Cabelas no longer sells a tourney trail, but they have a rod called the fish eagle that is similar from what I can see. only negative I have is that the handle was a little smaller than what I would like.
  12. Just wondering was it chrome/blue plug?
  13. Cool person took two photos while I was fishing one day at the beach. Have to show them off.
  14. Where if ished further north in Monmouth county this morning the tide was practically up to the boardwalk. Think the storm and incoming might have dragged it high up . Then sun dried the wet sand. Just an assumption and observation from today. Cool story!
  15. Yeah I often opt for single hooks when there’s an option.