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    Enjoy fishing which requires casting amd always looking to catch a world record striped bass and learn proper techniques and scouting for them
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    Surf fishing, bay fishing, jetty(intermediate)
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  1. I line idea of stripping g the rod and placing lighter guides in it and maybe new grip .
  2. Edited.
  3. Your rod won’t come busted 99% sure of that.
  4. My bad 8$. I agree.
  5. They ship in tube I think you pay for 5$ .
  6. The good part about penns is you can service yourself. Degrease amd warm water. Regrease and oil bearings. There’s tutorials on the web. Would be two day turn around not up to a month. Busy season.
  7. I learned the Spheros 5000 paired with a 9’6 tiralejo is good for beach fluking. Basically using the Lowe webs of the range 3/4-3 oz rod range. Nice slow retrieve on the Spheros will keep the lure in fluke range and good torque and drag on the reel. Also, fully sealed reel that can handle some salt and water. After two seasons the reel is starting to get a little worn in but all is okay. Comes with a large handle for the reel. Good for beach I think. If you hook into something large the drag will allow you to be confident in your landing the fish. It’s more pricey but a solid reel . Manual bail so be forewarned the bail won’t trip automatically.
  8. Doesn’t surprise me. The way people break the law .
  9. And that spoil is seated properly.
  10. I just purchased a Stradic 1000 a s has 7 LB drag. I also purchased a vanford 4000. .I would say just get a 3-4K shimano and call it a day or if you want a Daiwa get one of them.
  11. I was fishing fluke one time amd guy shows up casting light lures with a pen 704 . Worst noise ever when there are no waves to cover up the noise. I have also been guilty of fishing a 706 on the tip of a jetty when others were around fishing. One guy said sounds like there’s some sand in your line roller.
  12. Go to your local tackle shop a d give em a shot.
  13. Sorry for my reply. I suck at these online boards. Hope you have a great season. I drive. A six banger Lexus that’s sucks expensive gas.