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    Will travel For fish ( normally Atlantic and Cape May counties) but interested in PA freshwater (home waters). Would like to meet fishing partners
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    all kinds of fishing.
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    Admin aide for the State of PA

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  1. Their pr person must be very well paid. Very good at making their business seem sustainable, but it’s not. The ocean used to hold fish. No longer. Stay out of New Jersey Omega.
  2. I can report that I had more fish today than Any other this season. Throwback fluke and snapper blues. Nothing over 16.5”.
  3. I didn’t strike out yet! Lol
  4. Touché. Just quoting actor Jim Carey in Dumb and Dumber when this really attractive actress tells him that if he was the last man on earth she wouldn’t get with him and all this other stuff. Then he goes on to say, so you’re saying there a chance”. Hilarious movie. Good report. Sucks I just drove 55 miles despite you’re warning that fishing is slow today. Be well.
  5. So you’re saying there’s a chance!
  6. So is it legal for them to be in New Jersey netting menhaden? Seems like it is according to the article.
  7. No one knows the back. Much easier to hear the waves crashing.
  8. Well I received confirmation that reel was resolved l, but it’s a confusing email and I’m not sure if they replaced the spool under warranty. If they did would that resolve slippage?
  9. Handi, i went to the website , but don’t know which part to replace for my quantum cabo 40 ptse. I assumed ar slippage since the reel handle would spin opposite direction. Would you be able to tell which parts to check for malfunction? I messed up and sent the reel to quantum and it looks like they are telling me to go to the website you recommended.
  10. Wouldn’t have known.
  11. I was thinking that sand fleas would be perfect and attainable from nearly all beaches. Until you mean to look for them of course.
  12. Stuff happens. I’ve heard weakfish are good eating fish. That must have been a nice meal! Yeah I think I’m more of a catch and release guy myself as I hear more about the plight of all these fish I enjoy catching.
  13. Dude huge weakfish. Nice. I was just quoting another member here from earlier this months reports. I thought my comment that humboldt squid and white perch were around would get a chuckle. But nope. Haha. Cool unicorn catch. The weakfish sort of looks like a predator with hands took a shot at it. Wtf
  14. Had a zombie bass with a big chunk taking out of it. ^lol^