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    Will travel For fish ( normally Atlantic and Cape May counties) but interested in PA freshwater (home waters). Would like to meet fishing partners
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    all kinds of fishing.
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    Admin aide for the State of PA

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  1. How did you like the Cabo 40?
  2. I have a quantum Cabo 40 that was replaced. I’ll sell for 100$ plus shipping and comes with a spare spool. Brand new and 20 pp v2 island blue (used line) put on at tackle shop. Spare spool still in box. Will mail immediately. Newest ptse model.
  3. No fly on kingfish hooks then?
  4. First year targeting kingfish. I’ve been going at low tide though. Have caught two. One on cut bait, one on bloodworm. Two separate trips. Like I said first year going for them. Cape May county.
  5. Ive recently been throwing s bit of bait and find myself catching fish I typically don’t catch. This week d I got a sea robin, a dogfish a few little baby sea bass, and a ray.
  6. Hooked up good
  7. Caught a baby flounder in s. Jersey. Check it out! Thought of this thread. Sundial maybe ? Not sure.
  8. There’s a penn prevail 9 ML and has a 1/2 oz rating on the low end. Might be worth a feel.
  9. Yes the bluefish has also become a main stay on the restaurant menu as of late. Or maybe it always has been. Big article a while back about bluefish being served in New York City restaurants. Here in philly I’ve seen on menus also.
  10. Lost a nice basss Last night. Had to try and lift the fish up about 4 ft or more. No leader just braid. Think some slack got in the line . Was using a single hook jig head. 20 LB j braid on a 7’ uglystik medium and a diawa BG 3k. Didn’t think I could swing it up.
  11. If you break the tip on a 10 you still have a 9’ rod.
  12. Yeah BG isn’t submersible, but My originally thought was a mag sealed saltist. I thought maybe a 3000 would shave off weight for you. But then I said why mess with mag seals, my BG has not seized up on me. I guess it’s asking too much from a 109$ diawa with no seals. I was thinking that maybe with routine maintenance the BG would work(depending on salinity). This one bay I’ve been fishing (an inlet ) seemingly doesn’t seem to have too much sand in it. Also, you wouldn’t have to pay for mag sea refill. Finally, the BG has been a great caster and although I suppose it’s Geary it will get the job done. Although, I did hook into something along a sea wall that requires me to break off before being spooled. Good luck with your pick. The Spheros has been good to me and I have the 5k on my 9’6.
  13. I suggest a 3000, 3500, or 4000 sized diawa BG if you don’t plan to go above 2 oz. 3000/3500. Possibly for the 4K yo to 2.5 . My BG held up to some splashes in the bay and have brought in a brown shark and ray (10-15) fish on a 3k. You’d will love the lightness. I have almost been spooled in the back with a 3k that was a little light on line. I was using 20 LB leader and 20 LB braid.
  14. Edited. Sorry