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  1. I think that’s the first sail cat picture in the jersey thread. Anyone verify?
  2. Well the gear size is bigger and I’m thinking that is probably easier to engineer bigger than smaller technology. Just a theory. Correction I believe the gear size is same on 4000 ad. 4500 and 5000. As the gear ration is all the same. Sorry for misinformation.
  3. Please bring something that looks like a crawdad (crayfish). Might even get a big ole catfish. (can be worked in current). Rebel Pop'r all day. also the badonk a donk sounds good. Sounds like it should be a great time. Watchout for bears. Maybe bring a 357.
  4. How many ounces were using while togging? Curious to know. If you answer with 10 oz or even 5 on that reel I would have to think that could be an issue. Best regards on finding a solution. Jeff
  5. Saw some dolphin a few weeks back chasing stripers. Could be one of those. Also, caught a bass that looks like it survived attack from osprey. Cool stuff.
  6. So I’m getting a diawa back bay rod in Heavy with the longer handle. I made this purchase unseen. I was looking for a fluking rod that would cross over and allow me to throw some so minnows and metal too bass during summer when I wade out to the sand bar. I am not sure which reel I will pair this rod with. I have reels from 11 oz - 22 oz. I am going to take the rod to tackle direct next week to find which balances best. I’ll report back.
  7. I’ll add that I placed an old shower curtain (nylon) over the interior in the back and use a large plastic container to throw boots and waders. I place the plug bag on the curtain and the tackle box on it. I use ikea bags(for sore clothes). Lay down one back seat for rods to fit. Weather mats all around. Car is sloppy but only cause I let it get out of hand.
  8. I was under see the impression that the hardware couldn’t hold. But, I was generalizing. I think the lure is great and am glad to hear large can be taken on them. I do like bomber and will be trying the hydro soon.
  9. Good Morning,


    i am am writing this message to find out your opinion on the Diwa Backbay long handle rod. I just ordered one to fish from bay shores and down surf or jetty depending on how it performs. I was mostly looking for a sensitive flunking rod. Here lies my question that I thought you could help me with... I use a steelhead rod currently rated from 1/2-2 in bays but the handle is a little short. Do you think the diawa back bay was a good choice for bay shoreline, surf fishing? I have a diawa BG 3000, Spheros 5k, and Cabo 40 to pair with it. Wanted the saltist back bay but thought I may wait to make that purchase. Thanks for any insight. Just hoping to find out if I should have gone 3/8-1 rather. Than 1/2-2. Appreciate your time and look forward to hearing back. Also, what happened to the diawa expedition? What a cool ree they must be.

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      the rod is a Heavy Power Long Handle.

    3. jeffapeikin


      Should have gone 3/8-1 but didn’t. Maybe I can return for an exchange . Since I have a 9’3/4-3. But ill see

    4. jeffapeikin


      This purchase is rod unseen. Thanks for giving me a good feeling about it. I am not sure how this long handle will work out. 



  10. Yes. The split rings are not striper/blue/Albie worthy on most models. They seems to have already upgraded on the 7/8. Correct me if I’m wrong. The hooks can be bent easily. Just saw a pic of one literally chopped in half. First time seeing that.
  11. Check out the lure size you want to use and then buy a rod which can handle them. It’s up to you. Maybe spend more time freshwater fishing to develop more skills to make you more confident . I have used a penn 706z which is a 22 oz reel or so( slightly lighter than the the reel you have) and have been able to reach good distance with a 11’ rod rated 3-6 medium heavy action I think. Be mindful that some longer rods will require you to have less room to swing casts. I have also paired that penn 706 with a 9’ I think that’s the smallest you would want. If you get a at croci they have a trade up policy so if you want to get a better mode you will receive a price diff when you make a new purchase.
  12. Trial and error. See what you like.
  13. New knob came from shimano parts. Back in action. Thanks for the good laughs on this one.
  14. Dude you purchased the wrong reel to throw those light lures. There are tons of people that use the tfo with a Saragossa reel 8000 or 1000 just do your research. Trial and error my friend.
  15. Where can you get that size?