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  1. Erased.
  2. Wondering if it is okay to lube and use grease on vanford or certain areas you cannot?
  3. using north east anglers 3.5 " shrimp (white) 1/4 oz zman trout eye jig head. hook is a little small though got the fish in but hook came out easily once landed. look for the redfish eye by zman in 4/0 if fish aren't micros. best of luck i am not really a true snap jigger but working my way into that technique. hope this helps. best of luck this season.
  4. whoops, i derailed this thread, by inserting the comment about the wrong reel. How are people liking the ultegra inshrore?
  5. It only took two years. Way to go.
  6. Sardine and mint or toothpaste .
  7. Guy bought a gun at our local dicks, barricades himself in the bathroom and offs himself. 2013 . Sad. Probably best to buy guns local anyway.
  8. I pair my 9’ with a BG 3000 and a shimano vanford 4000. Cause that’s what I got, I have Spheros 5000 but don’t tend use the Spheros sw5000 reel with it Hope this helps. The vanford is very light and after one season still feels brand new.
  9. Nope , I sent to a now out of business shimano service authorized dealer who did me right but there was a hiccup. I hear shimano is very good about servicing and it’s what I should have done. I hope things go well.
  10. Well, I do have a 9’ DNA. So I guess that would work then.
  11. So , like i mentioned I have to 10’6 , I. Priced like others mentioned it’s a very soft (moderate rod), would this make it a good choice for chucking eels ? I bought this rod impulsively thinking it would allow me to cover bigger baits, but it’s a little soft for them I believe and I don’t think I enjoy the ten’6 length as much as I thought. I’m shorter person amd think it’s better off 11’6 rod. Which I own also.
  12. Removed a post.
  13. I have the 6000 and have mixed opinions. I bought it as an impulse purchase. One pro on this reel is that the reel felt very reliable with a fish in I. The surf. Easily handled a healthy striper this summer. (The fish was sub 26”. As far as casting this reel and overall enjoyment I would say casting it fun and braided line flys off the spool. Upon retrieving lures I noticed I didn’t like it for working lures at a moderate or fast pace as I feel like it possibly is too quick of a retrieve for my likes(totally personal). another thing is that the line doesn’t always go right to the line roller. ( I took this reel for some bottom fishing from a boat) amd it was cumbersome . Also I believe it’s manual bail so the bail won’t close automatically just by reeling and I can’t say I like it for this particular reel. mysbe check out quantum reliant if just starting out, sealed well , affordable, 5 year Rick solid warranty , quantum will fix and return or replace reel for you. Have made good with me in the past in a fairly timely manner .
  14. Various soft plastics , I chose some soft plastics that looked like grass shrimp and ordered them in all colors. Pulled more fish than previous seasons. I like throwing the em smith bay minnow , but lost it. Never caught a fish in it but had a few bumps . It’s a 21/5 oz lure amd think the reels I was using weren’t enough to bring get the fish hooked. Also look to my sluggo but still trying to get that right . Didn’t do well with the 4”. Picked up some huge bkd (no fish on them ) and gt eels. Small soft plastics seem to be best. Just need to get it out there.
  15. Haven’t caught anything. Saw someone catch some croaker , amd had a follow under the dock. While doing a figure 8 like a musky fisherman would do. Think it might have been a redfish but Not sure they are around docks . Fish was nothing too huge maybe a 18-25 “ fish.