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    Will travel For fish ( normally Atlantic and Cape May counties) but interested in PA freshwater (home waters). Would like to meet fishing partners
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    all kinds of fishing.
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  1. Missed it. But thanks.
  2. Thanks a lot.
  3. I catch it randomly would love to know what day and time. Comcast in Philly. Cool show.
  4. That’s typically a good knot . I haven’t lost many fish when using that with the appropriate leader 50 or 60 berkley big game leader. If it’s the color that’s good to know. Yeah check for a nick. That would normally cut without a fish though from my experience. That’s good intuition on the color being the problem.
  5. Have you yet tried 3oz lures with the ultegra 5500? I find the gears have to work hard! As for the tiralejo. I have that rod. I have broken the top half and tip. For 150$ I was able to purchase a new Rod after sending them the old one. Haven’t handled any of the others. I figured at 150$ plus the 15$ to ship old one I would save a few hundred on a new rod. For me a 50 50 split is nice as it can be placed in the cabin of my ride. The rod made good work on a cow nose ray that might have gone 20 lbs or so. I am the type of caster that like to bomb casts and with a Diawa sp minnow and ultegra it launches.
  6. I think Arra was mentioned on Penn’s website. Correction must have been on the Century website.
  7. Hey if it were me I’d send it to California headquarters. I sent to the Shimano warranty on Lombardo and they fixed my reel but took me mailing it twice to them. And they don’t call you. You call them.
  8. GT
  9. One notable tackle shop on LBI recommends a BG 3500, Saltist 3500 for improved corrosion and performance, and BG saltist is you like a compact reel. Notable reel guru says the saltist is not worth it , but has recently said it does provide better water sealing. The saltist. Reel holds a lot of line. Casts well. I used a BG3000 for two seasons and did hook into one unstoppable fish in a back bay. Thinking tuna or foul hooked cow nose ray. A 3000 is a very manageable size. Stradic has probably better cast ability. If you do go for Stradic I’d say get the newer one. They introduced newer technology inlcuding micro something or other that cuts down on noise. They will have carbon fiber drag down to the 3000. The older model only included carbon drag in their 5000. I have not used the Stradic Fl(disclaimer). I did use the Stradic 5000 with 15 LB braid and it really improved distance . It was a little noisy when reeling in. That’s why i suggested the newer Stradic. As I assume it’s quieter as that’s what they say in their literature. Tight lines.
  10. That’s awesome!
  11. Any idea on size of this fish ? My guess is 44lbs. My apologies if larger. And if you’re not sure it’s all good. Nice fish. Looks like a real well fed fish. Similar to one I came across although the one I caught wasn’t as large as yours. Mine was 24” when I measured using my hand and I assume it weighed like close to 15. lbs. I believe maybe like 14. It had a few adult bunker Cheers and thanks in advance. For a picture of a real nice fish we seldom see anymore of our beaches.
  12. My first and only bass that took a run on me! Dragggg was a Pencil popped one at night time. Walked a lot of beach that night And made a lot of casts. Do t give up if it’s what you want. Saw the take because there’s some moonlight or ambient light where I was. It helped me see the lure dance.
  13. I have Diawa Back Bay rod. The whole line up is 7’6” and 1 piece(which I like). I went with Heavy action and the long handle version. Very sensitive Tip and didn’t lose any fluke. They look nice to me too. I will say that the tip guide broke where it meets the blank so be mindful.
  14. I recall seeing him on a video of on the water from the picture . In the video they re-enacted the trophy catch on the anniversary of him catching the big fish, I believe they used the same fishing gear too. May he RIP.