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  1. Mild soapy water and a wash cloth. Pull line through a few times and spool back up. Simple...
  2. Looks like you're brewing up a spell...
  3. I hate ticks...
  4. very nice
  5. Smooth, I like your reports.
  6. where's dinner?
  7. nice!
  8. Genetic variation. There's a lot around Simsbury CT and then again in the Bronx along the parkway.
  9. I have a 4000. The drag SUCKS to the point I consider it unusable. I sent the reel back to Tsunami and they sent me the same reel back saying there was nothing wrong. Their customer service sucks!
  10. You can always reach out to Steve Godshall in the PNW and have him make you a line. Pricing is equal or less than name brand lines.
  11. If there for six months just buy new wading boots.
  12. If i got three years out of a pair of wading boots i'd be happy!
  13. My third pair were Gralites. I was a teenager and fishing nightly. That pair lasted me for 5 years.
  14. I liked the flex system Orvis had with tip, mid, and full. I don't think they do that anymore though...
  15. I use the inexpensive ones. I bought them on Am***n or E**y. They are aluminum with steel braid cutter. They even come with a nylon belt sheath. I think they're a knock-off. I tend to lose things like this so at $20 I don't get too upset. I haven't worn a pair out yet but did lose a few...