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  1. I like laces for the beach. I do have the Hodgman Aesis boots with BOA (which I love) but don't use them on a sandy beach surf type scenario. I did have problems in the past with eyelet corrosion over the winter from salt residue left in the laces and boot leather despite heavy freshwater rinsing.
  2. A good head lamp. And some knowledge of the lay of the sand.
  3. As always nice reprt. Where's the meal?
  4. He's back! BFD, really missed your reports! Glad you're jumping back in the game!
  5. Best thing to do is weigh it. You can get electronic digital grain scales on amazon for about 10 bucks. You will find useful. While Airflo lines are good since they're made of PU, I have found their quality control around grain weights to be all over the place.
  6. What JonC said/showed except braided superline might cut through the coating better.
  7. good news. PUR may be too thick for a needle anyway. I have used warmed epoxy w needle in the past. you have the best solution though - replacement!
  8. I have been a big fan of the Cabelas rods (LSi) and have tried their new Vectors and liked. You can get multiple rods if you get them on sale. If you ever break one (I never have) you won't cry. They cast superbly. Don't get caught up in the psychology of the name brand. It's 85% in the taper/mandrel design and the other 15% in the pre-peg and resin...
  9. Get well soon BFD - you have LOTS of fans here!
  10. nice looking browns!
  11. Isn't that the stuff in auto anti-freeze? Save it to put out for the neighborhood cats!
  12. Some of the stories on here?
  13. Well forget about cape cod these days - lottsa whites so wading and surfing might be a little unnerving...
  14. I was concerned about that, trout poking their noses up to rise and getting a face full of diesel.
  15. If the fly line is not a mono core, you can weld. I do a lot of welding as I'm always tinkering with making different heads for Spey casting. There's plenty of info on it if you check with Dr. Google. I use a heat gun and clear shrink tube but some use a woman's hair straightener. The other way I did it for YEARS was to whip a loop with the fly tying bobbin and coat with good old fashioned Pliobond. I never had one of those fail. Just a word from the wise, sometimes if the butt section of your mono leader is not thick enough it can cut into the fly line loop's coating. Let us know what you decide on.