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  1. That's a FAT perch!
  2. Check out the Danielsson reels too. Buy direct fro manufacturer. They have a drag pressure tested for seal down to 100 feet.
  3. Pretty cool to have flowers blooming in February! Not over here!
  4. That's exactly how I figure it...
  5. Nice, keep'em coming!
  6. Try the Cabelas Vector - Great rods and great warranty for the money. Budget friendly yet high quality....
  7. I LOVE the Rio Outbound Shorts in Intermediate.
  8. Love your posts, keep them coming...
  9. I use them trout fishing and very much like them.
  10. pretty much....
  11. They do work well some days....
  12. What SSPey said...
  13. I'm content with Danielssons for now. Used to use 3Tand.
  14. For jetties, get the larger spikes/studs. The larger ones cut through the seaweed better.
  15. Hodgman H3 waders - $99 - I get a new pair every year... Currently I really like the Hodgman Aesis boots too...