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  1. as always very enjoyable to see and read
  2. nice report!
  3. I use both. Big carbide spikes are about as good as aluminum. They do both beahve a little different though. I use the aluminum freshweater fishing and spkes in the salt.
  4. nick on guide or bluefish swimming through water and chopping. Line gets caught in their teeth. happens when fishing tightly schooled feeding fish.
  5. seems like you guys are ahead of us in the spring department. no leaves out here yet.
  6. dynaking barracuda
  7. I sometimes use the 6 wt with a Rio outbound short. It will throw a nice cast. I do go to the 7 sometimes pending fly size. Again, a Rio OBS is the line I use.
  8. I heard from several with first hand exerience that that Koelwyn guy has screwed eveybody he's been in business with. Based on that I'll stay away from these products.
  9. Avet MXJ with 65lb braid and 60# 25' topshot looped to jig with two dropper loops above on a 6'6" Shimano Tallus rod Seigler SG with 50lb braid and 25' 50# topshot with same dropper loops as above and another but lighter 6'6" Shimano Tallus. No cod because it's closed but I do use those setup for pollock and haddock in 200+ feet of water. Jigs up to 20oz even with the braid if the tide is running hard over the ledge. I also keep the line a little heavier because I do this on party boats and the thicker line is easier to handle - same with the short top shots.
  10. Travelling around fishing at this time is just plain stupid and irresponsible. Not sure what certain people don't get...
  11. No sealed fly reels; thy don't exist. Rinse with freshwater after use.
  12. Nice honor, I think we all miss him on this site.
  13. I'd like 3 each of the 3/4, 1, and 1 1/2 oz sizes in white, pink, and chartreuse. How do I send payment?
  14. So I have a question, and I'm not posing this to offend anybody, but what is all the hype about sealed reels? How many of you swim and skish with your reels? I grew up with the old Penn Spinfishers that seemed to last forever (other than bail springs). All I ever did was rinse them off and occasionally take the side plate off to rinse and regrease? Are we expecting too much from these reels?
  15. The Battle Il'S seem to be garbage. I have a 1000 that does the same thing after minimal use minimal fish fighting iin freshwater. I won't buy any more.