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  1. It’s been awful for me.
  2. .
  3. Lol ^ 1. Fresh BFT 2. Tog 3. Sea bass Would really like to try wahoo and hogfish.
  4. Ahhhh okay not so mad then I think there’s spots we could hit them from the yak but I’m not entirely familiar with them. About over fishing for big bass so time for fluke/sharks for me.
  5. Guess my invite got lost in the mail
  6. I don’t bother kayaking the baits out and get big ones still. It depends on the spot. If you’re finding you’re only getting small ones I would kayak the baits out.
  7. Exact opposite for me. Fewer fish, but almost all quality. About burnt out on chasing bass at this point lol. If the gnats weren’t so bad this year I’d be chasing flatties on my kayak every day after work.
  8. Barely made it back in on the kayak before it hit. Really should have checked radar lol.
  9. ^ what he said. Shallow water early, then move to channel edges when that dries up.
  10. October can’t come soon enough!
  11. Lol mine wants to go with me one time so bad. It really is a nice place even if you aren’t fishing. Love me a flagel sandwich from Goldbergs.
  12. Don’t think there are any size limits or anything, can’t recall though. Can cofirm that they taste pretty darn good beer battered and fried. Just a pain to clean. Killed one a couple years ago that was full of pups and felt so bad I haven’t done it since.
  13. Second the Vapor Trail 3-6. Go to rod for punching lures.
  14. That’s a pretty good deal.