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  1. I like the Omega. Don’t really care if the rod flops around a little.
  2. Have you demo’d either of them? I wouldn’t buy without trying them out first to see if you like them.
  3. ^ I would be content with that haul
  4. Revo sounds like it would meet your needs. If I were you I would test it and the outback back to back if possible. Revo is lighter (easier to car top) and imo a bit faster than the outback. I currently have both and will probably be rid of the outback soon enough. Don’t have any gripes about the manueverability of the revo but I wish it had built in forward rod holders. Nothing is going to be perfect!
  5. Was getting quite a few like that Saturday morning.. lol, lockjaw?
  6. Was out there for the first time last week and it switched to ENE.. Not very fun coming back in.
  7. Likely in the evening.
  8. Have been looking at the Sea Ox for a few months now.. Seems like a lot of bang for your buck for a new boat. Looks like yours is exactly how I would want one rigged as well. Any complaints about the boat?
  9. Shoot. I’ll take seconds if he changes his mind.
  10. Yeah that’s what I meant, works for me.
  11. As long as the swivels are still there, I have plenty of hooks. PM me your PayPal please.
  12. Is it the two belly hook Danny? If so I’ll take these
  13. What size hooks will this fit?
  14. I’d do 65 on the Hickey.
  15. I’ll take these. Could i I see a pic of the hook pointers?