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  1. AIMD was open yesterday(Sunday) and I purchased my OSV pass. I believe office is open at 9 AM.
  2. I’ll take it for asking pending on inspection. Would like to put it in my hands before sale. When are you available?
  3. Have you casted 8 and bait with it?
  4. Looking to buy 12’ conventional rod in decent condition. Will consider other rods in the 4-8 or 4-10 range.
  5. I grew up about a mile or so from the lake as well. Never really fished it much as a kid, we went to better ponds a bit closer.
  6. No real size to the perch. Caught on a small jig and rubber trailer.
  7. We have been fishing Blue Marsh with no luck so we decided to try Marsh Creek. We got out on the lake at 7:30, launched from Lyndell side. First spot we caught a few crappie and dropped a few. Then we fished up to first bridge and got into a bunch of perch. It was a fun morning catching with a bit of consistency, left around noon.
  8. I have a diawa exceler 4000H with box and paperwork. $45 PP
  9. I have a diawa exceler 4000 with box and paperwork $45 shipped PP
  10. I have a husqvarna snowblower I bought new about five years ago and have no complaints. I put a little sta bil in tank, shut off fuel and run til it stops. Starts up every year no issue. Paid about $1100 for it.
  11. Dropping to $125 local pick up
  12. I put up a thread about buying an $80 Tsunami reel, check it out

    1. pd07


      Sorry didnt see til just now. Other guy bought (as soon as PP goes through) 


      if anything changes ill reply to your thread

  13. Sorry, not looking for any plugs.
  14. Ok it will be up shortly