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  1. I have a Husqvarna that I bought 4 or 5 years ago. I use regular gas and put sta-bil in it. At the end of every season I drain as much gas as I can and start engine and run it til it stops, never had any issues with it. Always starts right up with electric start or pull start. I would also recommend buying from independent dealer as big box stores get a lower grade product. I do run the TruFuel in my chainsaws and weedwhackers and no issues with them either.
  2. ^^^This.^^^ I have the HDX with slx30sha, 20 lb mono. I was able to get comfortable casting fairly quickly. And it’s very affordable. Send Nick an email at Breakaway and see what he recommends. I would suggest spooling it with mono till you can cast with out blowing it up.
  3. At Blue Marsh you can fish the spillway as it has a variety of species and there is a parking lot right there. You could also try Marsh Creek, two boat ramps, I like the Lyndell side, rock piles, weed beds, and submerged timber all right there. French Creek SP is close as well, each lake has a ramp as well.
  4. Add another $50 you can look at the Shimano Tiralejo. They offer a 2-6 and 3-6 in 11’.
  5. You made the right decision and you should not feel guilty about it. Hopefully this will deter him from keeping short fish in the future.
  6. Nice Jim. I was down yesterday AM. Wish I knew you were down.
  7. I do this but I also get a rag and grab braid just in front of reel to put more tension on line. Works well for me.
  8. I have a St. Croix Avid Surf rated 2-5 oz. It is a one piece rod. $125.00
  9. OSV was open to state line yesterday.
  10. Fished Saturday into Sunday AM, five spot in daylight hours. No touches on the big rods, should have left WAY before I did. Ill be back down this weekend to repeat, I’ll put those spot to good use then. Last September was really good to me this year not so much.
  11. Bump $145 shipped
  12. Best I could do would be $120 shipped.
  13. My initial thought was dusky. Note the dorsal fin as stated previously.
  14. Can’t say, I am on the larger size and they fit well.