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  1. I used to get the bf Goodrich but have since switched to Hankook dyna pro. Similar tire/tread design but get way more miles out of them.
  2. FYI, just spent a week on AI. 9/1 to 9/8 and 20 psi worked well. Fishing was good too. I think she is going to make a good buggy.
  3. Does this have screen cover built in to front half?
  4. This has worked well for me. 1 and 6 are absolutely necessary. You will find your own system........ 1 & 6. Wife just walked into room gotta go!
  5. Nice fish, Jim.
  6. I have the Ultegra 10K on Tiralejo 10’6” and love it, but it needs to be serviced seasonally if it get splashed a lot. I push a little grease into reel after splashing/rain and take end cap off to drain during season and send away over winter for Service. I also have used a 10K Spheros on my Tiralejo 11’ and that set up is a beast. I have not done any kind of service to Spheros, but it also does not see the use of the Ultegra.
  7. I had a Field & Stream back pack years ago that had a soft cooler built in and held a few 3700 plano boxes but no rod holders. I use the Shimano (Black moon?) back pack, has rod holders but no cooler. All in all I liked the F & S better.
  8. Thanks for the info. May start at 20.
  9. Thank you, good to know.
  10. I have a Silverado 2500 HD that I used for work the past 11 years for my HVAC business. I resently went to work for another company and plan to use this for my OSV as I have a company vehicle now. This truck has a heavy Leer utility cap and a heavy steel bed slide that are staying in the truck, all tools are now gone. E rated tires on Truck. My question is what do you guys Air down to on heavy vehicles. I’m thinking of 20/25 lbs to start to re adjust my deflators. I think 15 may be too low.
  11. PP sent. Thanks again.
  12. Would you do $40 shipped for this lot and the jointed bomber lot that you had open.
  13. This.
  14. I have the xsc 10K on 10’6” tiralejo, and have splashed it a few times with no issues. I do rise it down after every outing and sent it in to Shimano for cleaning and greasing after 1st season just for preventive maintenance. I guess I’ve had 3 or so years and really like it. Like the distance I get out of it.