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  1. Holy crap!! I didn't even know this account was still breathing!! No, we change out the roped single with a 4X treble. The guys I fish with swear that the Sierra will clip them off if we don't. So I change them out, just to make them happy. Keith
  2. Really? Fine, here is your answer, since you posted it to posts later your very own self: "reality check- only 13% see it as the most important issue. 87% don't." Now. That said. Since you don't seem to have much of a sense of humor about you reneging on you own post and "changing your mind", and you like to make personal attacks on members from a moderators position " If you don't have the balls" you can now feel free to take a great big lick of may ass. Have Tim delete this account. And ***** You Very Much. I'm out of your forum now candyass.
  3. Published 1964
  4. I seem to have changed my mind.
  5. Why does it even matter?
  6. Awe boo. What a cop out that one was.
  7. Desthpicable
  8. Did you read Dick Gregory's??
  9. "I think you are wrong - I don't think unemployment affects race perceptions, especially when it's across racial lines as has the last recession." With crime rising due to unemployment and spilling over from the black community into others, you don't make a connection here?
  10. I'm sorry that you have led a sheltered life.
  11. Black Like Me TV??
  12. Naw, I believe that it served its purpose.
  13. Young is, always has been (pun intended) and always will be, a whiny little poofter.