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  1. Yea Duxbury is a hardcore lock down. No entry whats so ever
  2. There’s definitely more then one. Plymouth still has sightings
  3. Heard it’s over by Sampson’s pond in carver. It went from spinnaker drive in the ponds of Plymouth, near Jakes pond and wall pond.
  4. That’s awesome! I haven’t caught bluefish in years
  5. That’s what I do the most. I don’t see my self catching giant fish unfortunately so I’m going to have fun with it
  6. Yea scup moved in over night. 24 hours, squid were here, no fish, same areas. Then fish no squid
  7. I went fishing on a squid charter with Black Rose. On Saturday they did well. We went back to the same areas on Sunday. The scup arrived in full force. Big scup to. We caught 3 limits and released just as many. my quest for a bucket of squid continues!
  8. How’s the bite been? Got an open boat charter with Black Rose for Sunday.
  9. Something new. And very tasty
  10. Not sure what make and model. My buddy gave this to me when he upgraded to a pedal system
  11. I caught a pickerel I broke off on a previous cast, had my t rig creature bait in its mouth
  12. I’ve been kayak fishing for years. Stripers and bass mostly. I now have a 13 foot open saltwater kayak. I used to have a 10 foot sit in kayak. It’s a paddle kayak. Wish I could afford a pedal system I want to rig the new kayak up for saltwater fishin. Fluke, tog, stripers blues you know the drill. What fish finders do you have.how do you rig it up. Any other advice or must haves? Yes I always wear my PFD.
  13. Checked agawam at the elks on Monday. Nothing yet
  14. Never been haddock fishing, would love to get out there. Maybe someday!
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