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  1. ive been once all year, cant wait to get there in the fall, my favorite time of year to fish it.
  2. smaller boats that cant make the run
  3. if you look at the historic range of the redfish it goes up to MA to have an inshore redfish fishery, thats something i want to see in my life time. im dying for a redfish.
  4. is it worth targeting footballs from the boat at the east end?
  5. wednesday off marshfield they were brutal
  6. my buddy on tuesday lost one on the boat, his storm shad all chewed up. he was pissed, it would of been his first ever blue
  7. anyone see them on the south shore??
  8. damn its been years since ive caught a blue. hope they show up around marshfield
  9. so awesome, id love to catch one someday
  10. i got a heavier wet suit that i can use in the fall for surfing and summer diving, i havent worn it in years but its a great all around suit. i usually just go naked.
  11. is there a fly hatch chart for these 2 rivers or can someone tell me what hatches are on these rivers? headed up this weekend, trying to figure out what are some good flies to use. im thinking terrestrials because its august. ive searched the internet but can only find CT river fly hatch charts or for the north east. but nothing for the rivers or the region.
  12. i havent gotten on a good blue fish bite in years. i cant remember the last time i caught one
  13. man i want to see a great white so friggin bad. that must of been so cool watching a shark destroy a seal
  14. so how do you target them? would you see them blitzing like albies??
  15. my god thats so sick! i want a king so bad, never fished for em