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  1. I was getting them from 6-8 ish, my buddy and his son got one just after sunset.
  2. Oh damn. I haven’t caught a big blue in years! I miss them
  3. Bites been good. I’ve caught 9 weakfish in 2 evening trips. Stripers up to 25lbs. Dying to get on a boat for some sea bass fluke and tog.
  4. Definitely did
  5. That’s awesome! They are a fun fish to fight. There was a 3lb fallfish caught recently in VA.It was huge. World record
  6. There’s a Sebastian inlet camera? Please tell me it’s under water!
  7. I miss catching gator blues. I haven’t caught a big blue in years!
  8. Awesome white perch!
  9. Wish I had friends that squid fish! Hahaha
  10. I don’t mind the wind if I’m not fishing! I hate it so much in the boat or kayak.
  11. I’ve seen em all winter in Marshfield
  12. End of May is Bluegill spawn, bass spawn first. Bass are prespawn right now
  13. Yes me to, saw a few flying around at dusk
  14. Dandelions
  15. I’ve seen them for a week or so