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  1. I think AJs In meridith NH! Not sure the name! But I know places in NH sell them
  2. Oh wow he must of caught the prized fish that was stocked! They said it was 7 plus
  3. Thanks bud! Yep there’s a golden trout out west I believe in the Rockies! Sunapee trout are a rare trout from lake Sunapee in NH. I believe they were called blue back trout! I also believe there’s a few places in Maine where they live! Rare New England species!
  4. Ri is the closest state and I think the only one in New England to stock them! It would be really cool if Ma could do the same! Im really happy to catch one!!
  5. I know some bait shops sell them.
  6. Last weekend got out after some new species! Went with my buddy for some white cats on Friday night! We got 6 each! We also caught a bullhead, eel and a perch! Saturday I went down to RI for opening day! We wanted to chase the elusive stocked trout as well as bass! Super pumped! Got my first golden rainbow! I forget the other name for it! My buddy and I both caught our firsts! We got some rainbows to! Great weekend! 2 new species crossed off the bucket list
  7. Incredible! Love native brookies
  8. wow thank you for the info!
  10. I love catching weird bottom fish but its always the usual, Pollack, flounder, skate, scalpun and cunner. occasional inshore rock cod
  11. Sea Raven?? Those things are crazy looking!!
  12. Oh wow! great to know Just keep casting small metals and reel them up top.
  13. I got a handful of 2-3lb bass in MA last week. Fishing shallow slow retrieve wake baits! the bigger wake bait got bigger fish with slow twitching
  14. why the hell are there so many small lakers! I don't even want to fish there anymore. I have no clue what areas to target salmon in.
  15. Ok, I need to get a boat to go offshore and chase these cool fish