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  1. I was trying for years. Finally got them’
  2. I want to target new species or species I don’t get after often. So far so good. Got my first bowfin a few weeks ago. For 3 of them. Cross that off the list. Can’t wait for the water to warm up. Targeting squid for the first times Hopefully land my first tuna and sharks. More fluke tog and sea bass
  3. Yea I’ve been hearing good reports. Caught one jiggin macks for tuna fishing last year on the bank.
  4. I’d take a sea trout as well. Caught them in Florida
  5. Bucket list yes. Been meaning to put some effort in May. But it’s long shot. Lot of work but the reward is very high
  6. Yea me2
  7. Wow that’s awesome. A goal of mine is to catch a weakfish.
  8. Figured. Just checked the area. Looks like the security buoys aren’t near the out flow. is it safe to kayak fish it?
  9. Definitely try to get down there . Any shore fishing available close by?
  10. That’s awesome! Wish I got a chance to get on that bite last year.
  11. Wow! That’s awesome. I remember OTW reporting there was some around there during that time. seems like baby bones are showing up more and more. We got one mackerel fishin on the bank last summer.
  12. That would be so cool to see. I really should start fishin Buzzard bay and south cape more. That’s fascinating. I need to get back underwater. Recently bought a new Hawaiian sling, a mask and snorkel. would love to catch these someday
  13. I’ve done that but that yields short scup and sea bass
  14. Thanks for the info. I Hit you up when the time comes. Yea I’ve caught plenty of pollack sculpins and sea ravens. Don’t get a huge variety north of the cape.
  15. That’s awesome! I would love to catch all those species. Every year I say I’m going to give it a shot.