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  1. Bob Pronk is a great guy, he moved to Westport. I think he’s working or trying to work in Westport bait and tackle. When I was a kid I used to work there making sea worm boxes. Scotty’s a good guy, same as Jeff. I’m excited to see what elite tackle brings us this season. Love living next door
  2. I PM’d you
  3. Yea sounds good, PM your address,
  4. 40 for both. 20 each.
  5. I don’t get em until I need them. I hit the bait shop next to my house. 5-7 bucks
  6. Hi float, no bill, I lost it, price is negotiable
  7. 1st pic 4th down is a 10 inch slammer. $75 2nd pic 1st is a division rebel tackle klash 9 inch $175 2nd is a Matt’s meathead shallow diver bluegill, $80
  8. I gave up trying to get saltwater gear to trade. 70 for each 9 inch,75 for the 10 inch. The eel and 7 inch is sold.
  9. I love sabiki rigs for macks. But they are expensive
  10. I guess I forgot the rules been awhile since I’ve posted on the by sell trade!
  11. Mackerel. I don’t want cheap freshwater hooks that will rust out after one day, but small enough to catch macks
  12. I posted this on Facebook as well. Really looking for saltwater gear first.
  13. First up. These have Been posted elsewhere
  14. Looking to buy hooks to tie sabiki rigs. Any idea what kind of hooks to use?