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  1. Agawam. Monsters in there! I was fishing a 10 inch swimbait for giant bass there last spring. I got smoked. Thinking I finally hooked into my 8lb bass I’ve been searching for! So pumped. It was a monster pickerel! I had a pickerel engulf a 7 inch soft plastic swimbait! There’s giants there
  2. I went to Ireland 2 years ago! I saw people catching mackerel off the bridge. I stopped and chatted. They love to eat Mack’s! Then I showed them what we do with Mack’s over here. Lol
  3. I was getting them In 50-60 feet of water off marshfield. It was towards sunset. Almost every drop I had one! Doubled up a few times.
  4. I need to try this. Been wanting to for awhile
  5. Incredible. I’d love to catch a trigger fish. I’ve caught a ton of cod in shallow while jiggin for mackerel. Double headers on sibiki rigs. Also caught a ton of whiting as well. All this year.
  6. Even then they still don’t want a snag pogy
  7. That’s been my plan of attack moving around finding The right schools. It’s aggravating when you see fish blowing up on schools but not grabbing your pogie had a few followers as well but it was late morning went back out later in the evening after the tide change! That’s when we got fish. I’ve been hearing a lot of followers.
  8. I need a big blue
  9. I refuse to fish there! Not worth it. People suck. People ruin the experience of fishing. Hopefully something will be done about the cluster F down there
  10. It’s been a grind on those schools! 1 fish so far! Been chasing them everyday for 2 weeks! I’ve seen whales and possibly tuna very close to shore. To bad the big Cows get slaughtered in the gauntlet down south aka the canal. Unless there’s to much bait that the bass are hard to catch
  11. Hope the footballs come in this year! Saw a whale today driving by brant rock
  12. I need some bluefish action! Been years since I’ve caught one! Hope the rumors are true on the south shore
  13. I thought a bull shark attacked people in the early 1900s in NJ and that’s what started the whole JAWS thing
  14. Yep! I was heard that! Hahaha!
  15. Thanks for the info. Sea run bows sounds pretty fun