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  1. Scabellys spooks, and fishin magician skid stick. I really like the Scabellys low float spook!
  2. I tried early January, few whacks and a fat white perch. one of my buddies has been getting them but I haven't been able to get out there.
  3. I wish the quinpoxet river could be use for spawning salmon. But from a previous thread, there are to much contaminants behind the dam in the silt. It amazes me the difference between the NY fishery and the MA fishery. I caught a legitimate Atlantic Salmon last fall in a river up there. Seen a few more that day as well.
  4. man I really wish I had the chance to get some kings! I would love to catch one. They must be a blast! Hopefully for another good run this year
  5. I'll be there! looks like it will be a good show. I love swimbait fishing, so theres alot of that this year. My favorite jig trailer will be there, so I plan on stocking up for the year.
  6. 4-5 inches for me!! but solid black ice, that white soft ice is scary!
  7. I tried Saturday, few hits and fat white perch
  8. I wont be able to get out until the 2nd weekend of January. Lets hope theres still open water
  9. by all means KEEP THE COLD NORTH!!!!! MILD WINTER PLEASE!!!!!!
  10. I never got on to pollack like that, ive only caught harbor pollack!
  11. welcome bud! Its a fun show, I meet a lot of good people there, worked a booth there a few years ago. I'm big into the freshwater game so I enjoy it. I enjoy meeting facebook friends there. Putting a face to the name.
  12. ill venture down south to keep using the kayak
  13. I like it, but its more focused on freshwater. They have bassmaster pros there. Lot of seminars. If you are a freshwater fisheremen its worth checking out.
  14. my only stockie ive caught was a nice brownie on topwater at night. had a lot of hits. I cheat and go to NY for trout
  15. well I only fished the chu once this year. oh well