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  1. Thanks for the info, but got it covered.
  2. I like to buy the best equipment I can afford. I've seen too many cheap reels and rods fail miserable when put to the test. Buy the best, won't make you a better catcher, but gives you more time to fish!
  3. I'm there, trying to fight but .....
  4. Not sure, thought they were bronze.
  5. B4loran, Lithium grease had been a consideration as I use it on my pop-up camper cables but it seemed thick for this application. I was also considering moly-mineral oil combo I use on my air rifle triggers. Have to check compatibility first. I like the Kent's input on polishing . Combine polishing with the right lube , Zaa Zam, ultra smoooth ! Thanks for the input.
  6. Hey Kent, Good info link. Polishing to a mirror finish is always the best way. Years ago , friends of mine used Pearl Drops on the mechanical parts , bushings, gearing, etc. I personally polish the drag plate, spindle, and pinion gearing using jeweler rouge and my Dremel. Never thought about that bushing. Thanks again
  7. Unfortunately, the bushing is a non-replacable part due to the bushing is part of the PMR mag brake in a replacement side cover. Thanks for answering
  8. Hey Guys, I have a bronze bushing that supports the spindle on the a custom mag brake on a Record 60 reel. The spindle itself spins on two ABEC 7 ceramic bearings. Should I lube the bronze bushing? If so , what are your suggestions on which product I should use? Thanks , Mike
  9. I have gotten into the habit of removing 1 shield, pointing out away from the spool, the idea being to have the bearings throw out the water when it whines up.
  10. The problem wasn't with the bearing size. The problem was a high speed stainless steel pinion gear that was made for a 3.0mm spindle. Nope no problem in finding the right size bearing .
  11. It's not shown on the bearing sizing chart. Talk to Mike, he'll fix you up.
  12. Me too. Probably got to many warranty issues due to bending spindles.
  13. Yes, I believe I got it from Cabela's. Fish on!
  14. Actually, I'm not entirely sure why the difference between the different market size's of spindles. As I said all mine Abu's where bought in CA. starting back in 1980. All had the largest spindles except for the 5600 UltraCast which has an unusual spindle design. Doesn't make sense from and manufacturer point because of setting up time to run this smaller reels. My only thought that they were phasing out the smaller spindle due to problems with it bending under heavy strain and dump the remaining in Europe which is closer to their manufacturing for ease of mailing cost for warranty issues. Always could use a few more inches.☺