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  1. Thanks all, i'll let you know how it turns out.:-)
  2. Hey Guys, I like to install a mag brake in my Ambassador 6600 Record reel. Any suggestions for a source for these kits? Thanks, Mike
  3. Hey Jimmy Z, First I like to thank you for your input during the duration of this thread. You have been very supportive of seeking the answer to this question. Unfortunately , if you sent a link it did not come through. I did sent an email to Abu asking the same question. It will be interesting to see what they have to say. Thanks again to all the folks who have stayed on track to the subject matter.
  4. Yes , I have that model, only with black brakes. Do you have a 5500 or 6500 Swedish made reel? If you do , open it up and measure the spindle size, let us know your findings. This conversation is about the 5500 and 6500 non ultra-cast and the difference in the the European standard spindle and what I bought in America ie difference between 3.0mm and 3.5 mm. The Ultra-cast is a completely different type of spindles and has no bearing( pardon the pun) in this conversation. Nice little reels though. As you can see in the picture, the one on the left is listed as an "up-graded" 3.5mm spindle. All of my reels came with that size spindle. All reels bought new in California. The picture is incorrect as far as the 3mm spindle is standard Abu size. BS.
  5. Just sent an email to them ! It will be interesting what they come up with for an explanation . Thanks, Mike
  6. Good idea! Think they might know the answer to the mystery?
  7. These all my Abu reels were made in Sweden, written on the box and the reel. The question is why European marketed Abu's had the 3mm spindles and all my Abu's ,with the exception of my Ultra Cast ,has the 3.5 mm spindles? Any thoughts?
  8. I agree. The FG knot takes a little practice but is a dynamite knot once the fisherman gets the hang of it. It takes me about around 2 minutes to tie in the field. No knot failures with this knot if tied correctly. I found keeping the first couple of weaves tight is the toughest part to achieve. Practice makes perfect!
  9. Thanks for the info, but got it covered.
  10. I like to buy the best equipment I can afford. I've seen too many cheap reels and rods fail miserable when put to the test. Buy the best, won't make you a better catcher, but gives you more time to fish!
  11. I'm there, trying to fight but .....
  12. Not sure, thought they were bronze.
  13. B4loran, Lithium grease had been a consideration as I use it on my pop-up camper cables but it seemed thick for this application. I was also considering moly-mineral oil combo I use on my air rifle triggers. Have to check compatibility first. I like the Kent's input on polishing . Combine polishing with the right lube , Zaa Zam, ultra smoooth ! Thanks for the input.
  14. Hey Kent, Good info link. Polishing to a mirror finish is always the best way. Years ago , friends of mine used Pearl Drops on the mechanical parts , bushings, gearing, etc. I personally polish the drag plate, spindle, and pinion gearing using jeweler rouge and my Dremel. Never thought about that bushing. Thanks again
  15. Unfortunately, the bushing is a non-replacable part due to the bushing is part of the PMR mag brake in a replacement side cover. Thanks for answering