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  1. Got lucky last week and got 7 keepers and these are 3 unfortunate ones which were kept.. 22" was the largest one...count of shorts exceeded 40...caught using my method of slow troll or control drift
  2. Not sure why are people afraid to kayak fish at SH bay side...95% of time is similar to anywhere else in Raritan long as you are aware of the forecast like anywhere else you are fine...yes, current can be strong and south wind can create some hardship but you are typically fishing several hundred yards from the beach and it is easy to bail out if in happened to me 6-7 years ago to be caught there with outgoing tide and south wind ripping at 25-30mph...was there together with r111...I am sure that he remembers that day took me a loooong time to get back but I did not ever feel in danger...the waves there are typically small...for me strong NE or E wind at Union Beach is more uncomfortable than any wind at SH...the Tip gets busy and in certain conditions may make you feel unsafe.
  3. Tuesday in RB worked well for me ..20 shorts with 4 keepers at 22,21,20 and 19...20" was released ...
  4. Let me join the discussion...I have used the same method as FnD...slow troll with a high /low rig making sure that the rig is at the bottom or close to at all time...I have motor so that helps...once at certain depth I try to follow the contour on my FF so I don't need to keep adjusting the rod...this method is very effective to locate fish when it is spread around...the speed varies depending if you are going up or down the to keep it around 1mph effective or so ( that would be speed of movement +/- speed of current)...the line inclination in the water should not be less than 45 degrees...if it is less you are going too fast...almost exclusively using gulp at 4" and 6" length ( not saying that live bait can not be used instead)...tried zman but it did not work so far ...will try again...the last outing I was going back and forth in 12-18ft of water and was catching shorts at very slow rate...the water temps had changed from 70F a week ago to 62F on Tuesday...decided to go deeper in the middle of the channel at 30-35ft...the action started and in half an hour I got 4 keepers with the largest at 22" and several shorts...even one double...I like to have my main line heavier than my leader...if I get snugged I will loose only that hook or maybe a sinker but not the whole rig...once I locate the area where the fish is I may change to casting single light jig head with a gulp. So far 6 fluke keepers with 3 keeper bass as a by-catch in 2 trips.
  5. I agree...the other thing that I do not like is that OB opens 7AM and you cannot launch earlier...and during the summer there is a parking fee $8-$10 per day.
  6. I don't see this as a serious fishing platform...not even sure how stable it is. It is more for people to move around, exercise while on the beach etc etc... I would call it a sophisticated surf board.
  7. Idler cable is easy to find and it is not that expensive...10 minute replacement is worth as long as you have the right parts.
  8. Boat launch right across from Glen Island?...there is a launch in back of Orchard beach parking lot but not for boats...and across from Glen are all exclusive yacht clubs which do not allow nonmembers to access their ramps. Which one are you talking about?
  9. Thanks, Roger!
  10. Come on...I am in low 60s and have had PA12 for 8 years is on heavier side but with good technique it is very doable...lugging it to the beach is easy if you have proper wheels...consider it as an early morning workout with 120lbs weights
  11. It is funny how the location makes all the difference in the world...I was fishing several miles from you ...pretty much the same time (6am to 1pm) and I had a blast catching bunch of bass with 9 keepers and 10 blues...go, figure...
  12. I agree with you that any extra straps/ties will add to the safety of transportation...but even with bow/stern ties in this case ( I believe that the person had a bow tie ...could not see the rear tie) having other straps connected to the roof rack only, the disaster was imminent if the failure was rack to roof connection. Longitudinal ties have small impact on lateral movement of the kayak which seems to occur here. They are more effective when vehicle with kayak is braking or accelerating thus the movement is longitudinal...
  13. Not sure what exactly happened here but I believe that the connection between the roof rack and car failed...nothing to do with straps in my opinion
  14. I have caught 4 blues today as by-catch targeting bass in Raritan was over 25"...they hit TnW without worm
  15. I have used single mojo up to max 6oz with no problem reaching need to adjust the speed of your kayak....and very often a mojo does not need to go all the way to the depends where is the fish.,,btw T&W can sometimes be used without a worm...try some scented artificial plastic...they have worked very well for me.