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  1. I have a large plastic box from container store which is several inches deeper that wheels in the scuppers... so once I roll my kayak in the garage I lift it and push that box under it so this way kayak now rests on it and not on the wheel frame...the plastic box deforms around kayak hull which eliminate any stress point...a box can be moved back and fort several inches so the kayak is not supported on the same spot all the time. Once it is a time to roll a kayak out , you lift it , slide the box out and lower it down onto the wheels which were in the scupper holes all the time and you are ready to go.
  2. I do not know about you guys but this season has been above average for me as far as bass fishing from a kayak...we will always have windy days but this year there have been few. The season started kind of 2 weeks earlier compared to the last year due to warmer weather and fish showed up..In my 7 trips so far I had only one skunk and the rest has been a blast. A lot of keepers of decent size in mid 30"...It is tough for folks that can fish on weekends only since the wind does not follow the calendar...What is you opinion about this year season compared to say last 5 years?
  3. When in fog I am more concern about boats zipping by than getting lost...I have GPS on my fishfinder and I have an iphone...what are the odds that both will go bad on a day of heavy fog?...and I do not see a huge difference between fishing in a fog or at moonless night...I have set up my fishfinder to leave a trace behind me on the map I can could easily go back to the spot I started from
  4. I use Apple watch when fishing all the time...the key is to press that "drop icon" in it does not get confused when wet or rubbing against the is water and scratch resistant so I do not have any protective is typically under my sleeve anyway
  5. On Thursday I measured 61F and on Sunday 55F
  6. I was there in RB too on Sunday launching around was perfect in early morning...but I did stay too long..returned to the beach around 1pm with 20mph wind and 2-3ft was a lot work coming back against the wind and rain but I never felt endangered...when walking to the parking I saw a young fellow dragging a kayak to the beach with intention to launch...he was in t-shirt and light vest..I am glad I talked him out of going..advised him that if he really must launch to go to Keyport harbor which is very much shielded from east the end it was not the wind which bothered me but the first skunk of the season...all that time and work for nothing...
  7. Would give my vote to get a fish-finder with GPS built is not only very handy with a fog or night fishing ( ask r111 about last Sunday trip) but it is very convenient of marking spots where you found or caught fish so you can return to the same spot the same day or day after...when trolling you can follow your trail back to the location you got a hit...I would say that GPS is more useful than side imaging in my opinion
  8. I was measuring water temps when on the kayak in RB between 48 and 52F...52F was at outgoing tide
  9. I have Navionics on my phone and my fish finder for USA East it. If you travel to Caribbean islands or Greek islands you could get detailed charts there in a separate subscription. Very handy if you are planning a cruise or similar.
  10. I also use a milk crate with 6 rod holders ( 3 in front and 3 in the back) and a regular salt bucket inside. The a bucket has plastic cap with 2 compartments for most frequent used lures. That topper is also secured to the bucket. Whatever you put in that bucket will be dry and safe. I am very happy with it.
  11. Trolling the flats....wait another 2-3 weeks
  12. The battery for Mavic Pro Platinum lasts 20-25 minutes with one charge I would say you could do at least 5-10 drops depending how far you go and how strong the wind is....once you drop the plug you let a drone return home by itself while you are retrieving your plug...imagine fly their weightless flies can be taken out 100-200 yards ( if they have enough line in the reel) even against the wind in lieu of covering max 30 yards
  13. My bad...try again and let me know if it works....
  14. Let me try....Video is from Croatia coast of island Krk....drone follows the boat by itself
  15. Would a link from Dropbox work?