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  1. Trolling the flats....wait another 2-3 weeks
  2. The battery for Mavic Pro Platinum lasts 20-25 minutes with one charge I would say you could do at least 5-10 drops depending how far you go and how strong the wind is....once you drop the plug you let a drone return home by itself while you are retrieving your plug...imagine fly their weightless flies can be taken out 100-200 yards ( if they have enough line in the reel) even against the wind in lieu of covering max 30 yards
  3. My bad...try again and let me know if it works....
  4. Let me try....Video is from Croatia coast of island Krk....drone follows the boat by itself
  5. Would a link from Dropbox work?
  6. I do not think that REI sells Hobie but I might be wrong?
  7. Beautiful...nice do you upload a movie like that in the forum post? there a limit in size like images?
  8. Probably close to a price of a good reel like Van Stall or Shimano Stella
  9. You would be surprise how stable and safe today's drones are compared to several years ago...they have sensors all around and even if you want to crush into somebody you couldn't ( unless you disable the sensors)...they can follow you without any input from the remote as you run, ski or while riding in the boat...they can "return home" to exact spot they were launched from within 1ft...the footage that you can get with them can be really impressive...and the noise in some models is so low that you can barely hear when they are in the air...I have had one for over a year now and love it...if there is an interest I could post a video or two
  10. I would say semi dry or dry suit would cover most of the situations...if you are in white water kayaking or similar than you may need a wet suit...or if you to get in spear fishing
  11. The first question would be what's the budget?...some dry or wet suits could cost as much as a kayak....
  12. I have one...Mavic Pro...mostly for aerial photography and/or video...yes, there are restrictions and they are built in the app that controls the drone. So if you try to fly one say near the airport you will not be able to take off...never tried to use it for fishing yet...however I did launch it once from the kayak in LI Sound last summer and got a great footage.
  13. Have been lifting ProAngler 12 on the top of my SUV for 5 years now...about 20-30 trips a year...will be soon 60 in decent shape ( 6'4" - 220) all comes down to the method of lifting a yak....I always lift half a weight ( about 40-50lbs)...first lean the kayak on the side of the car, lift the rear part and push forward and then rotate the yak on the shown on my avatar. For me it is much tougher to pull a fully equipped yak over a sandy beach then put it on the car.
  14. A lot of calories in that video ha,ha, the way, I figured that those two small shrimps were not going to be enough for you and Mark so you needed those two steaks at the has been a pleasure to fish with you this season, Roger...Happy New Year to everybody
  15. Only daredevils would go thru the surf like that on the kayak...not my cup of tea with several rods, fish-finder and outboard...this guy ended up fine but 10 others ( my assumption - no video though) landed upside-down all over the beach with their mouth full of sand...