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  1. The fish-finder including sonar and gps is one of the most important gadgets when you are fishing from a kayak. I feel like blind when fishing without one. If you buy an advanced transducer you may get down scan and side-scan feature. In order for side-scan to work transducer needs to protrude beyond the boat bottom to "see" sideways. It may reveal fish or structure to the left or right of your kayak within say 50ft. In some kayaks there is an opening on the bottom of the kayak for transducer ( Hobie and others). For larger transducer with side-scan which needs to stick out you need to protect it with bulging cap. Some newer Hobie kayaks have larger opening to fit larger transducers. You can also push transducer out when you need side-scan or retract it in when you need to land the kayak using a string. You can also attach transducer to the trolling motor or side arm which you deploy once in water but cables may clutter precious space in the kayak. Built in GPS with maps is a topic for another day...also extremely important for ocean fishing.
  2. There are just few kayaks that have trolling motor with spot lock...but any anchor will do the job when you need to stay in the spot to fish for say tog, sea bass or porgy. TM requires heavy battery and a lot of room on the kayak...and it is very costly. If your intention is to get a kayak to fish you should get a pedal kayak. There have been numerous discussion on this forum regarding benefits of having pedal kayak and whether is necessary or not. If you are serious about fishing having pedals is a MUST!. Once you get a kayak and use it for a while then you should start looking into getting a motor. There are several options available , some are cheaper the other are more expensive etc etc. Don't try to rig your kayak all at once. Start using it and then add things as you see a need for them. Good luck...
  3. Pedal kayak always wins against the paddle only one if your goal is efficient fishing....and if you want to paddle for upper body exercise you can...every Hobie comes with a paddle...and being heavier then some other sleek paddle kayaks you will get better workout
  4. zman plastic has been working for me...very resilient!
  5. Yes...but only in the summer months...late fall and early spring with 60F and less I even don't take a cooler bag
  6. Having at least basic maps if not Navionics on your FF has so many advantages for a fisherman... if you troll you can get back to location where you found fish following your tracks ...if you tog or porgy fishing you can memorize you fishing hole spots ...if in fog you can find your way back...I understand that you can have all that on your phone as I have it too but it is a nuisance to keep taking your phone out to see where you are etc etc while on the kayak
  7. You would not go wrong with either kayak...having said that which one to buy would also depend on the price, equipment and condition of either one. I have owned PA 12 and had it for almost 10 years...fished ocean, bay and lakes...probably 30 +/- trips a has always been carried on the roof is heavier but it is manageable... If I would buy a new kayak I would buy the same one. No regrets at all... love extra room and better stability of larger kayak and for me extra weight is not an issue (6'4" and 220# in early 60ies)
  8. Look at my photo...I have done it for last 9 years...ProAngler 12
  9. The issue is not the kayak offering resistance in the is your boots sinking in and everything else getting dirty...I hate spots like that bur sometimes you return in low tide and you have to do it
  10. great...did not realized that the cavity for FF is that big...seems like a perfect solution if you do not use FF.
  11. Since you motor is sticking out at the bottom of the kayak what happens when you need to drag the kayak on the beach to get to the water or landing the kayak...I would be very concern that I could damage it....has it ever happened to you?
  12. ...but it will make impossible to climb back in the kayak with all the water in your waders.
  13. Is it enough to have it as a photo on the phone or you have to have a paper one?
  14. I have been using it before, less now...there are certain situations when is very useful ...say, when drifting for fluke and the wind is pushing kayak too fast...remember though that it is good for wind only...a current cannot be slowed down with a sock!
  15. No doubt that the motor boat is a level up from a kayak...if you can afford it...I was just simply pointing out that fishing motivated kayak owners would benefit from having free hands and propelling a yak using legs...