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    Rather have my feet in the sand than on concrete.
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    Fishing, Hunting, Shooting.
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    I sell the toughest trucks made. FORDS
  1. helped the low hitch height a little. went up in tire size. probably have to go up in lift too!!!
  2. Yeah I do seem to replace trucks every couple of years. That's the curse of selling them for a living I guess.
  3. got that now. still leaves your hitch pushing sand though.
  4. 2019. i had the same hitch on my 2012 and 2016. they didnt mount anywhere close to how low the 19 does.
  5. Any idea of a link to them. I can find all the hitches i want that mount under the bumper. I have one now a curt brand. I'm looking to go out the center of the bumper where the front plate would be. I know Ive seen one somewhere.
  6. Somebodies goggle foo is bound to be better than mine. I know I've seen a front receiver hitch that mounts out the center of the bumper not underneath on new model Ford F150s.
  7. Only Cape Lookout and Portsmouth Island or Carova if your a currituck county resident.
  8. just carried my new truck 2019 F150 6.5 bed down to the beach. First time I've had it out there with 20s. I used my deflaters I keep in the jeep. They apparently are set different for the 35s on my jeep lol. Never even thoght about that. They let my truck down to 12 lbs before i caught it. Went great on the beach though. next trip I stopped it at 18 lbs still went good. Not Jeep wrangler good but still good.
  9. My newest Buggy. A 2019 Honda Talon sxs. definitely have limited beaches I can use it on. It is great on our Core banks beaches down here in NC. Set it up with front and rear receiver hitches for my racks. Certainly goes anywhere I want with ease. Just don't get caught out in the weather. Makes a great combo with truck and camper. Allows you to keep the truck set up and follow the fish up and down the beach.
  10. Went to Cape Lookout a couple of months ago. 1st time ever on south core banks. Spent a week on Portsmouth back around 99. after all these years of doing Ocracoke or Hatteras decide I'd try something different. Just a day trip but the best 100.00 I've spent in a long time.Thanks to Cape lookout cabins & camps for squeezing me on and off on such short notice. I'll sure be back.
  11. any body found a front receiver hitch that comes out the gap in the center of the bumper like i've seen on super duties. I've always used the curt brand that comes out from underneath the bumper. they apparently have changed the design for the lower valances on the newer trucks mine have never been this low in the past. I know I've seen it online but I swear I can't find it again.
  12. Looking waders for a stout, stocky, fat man. Store bought ones I've tried on give me fits. I'm 6'2 and 350ish. With a 13 to 14 foot. Every thing I've seen local has a 36" inseam and no more than a 56" chest. Not happening. I have a 30" inseam and a whole lot bigger chest/belly than that. I give up just trying to get up over my thighs. I'm a site to behold in the aisle at academy sports. Only thing I've made work so far is light weight stocking foot waders and some wading boots. Help and please I'm not rich.
  13. From the album fishing pictures

  14. From the album fishing pictures