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  1. I’ll take this with my other lot for 110 shipped? Thank you
  2. If he passes I can do 160 immediate paypal. Thank you
  3. Seconds if prior deal doesn’t work out. Great deal
  4. I’ll take for asking. PM me and illnpay tonight after work. Thank you
  5. Okay sounds good. Send me Pm and I’ll send payment. 6 to ship sounds good
  6. What’s the best price you can do for 3 of each color shipped?
  7. I’ll take this PayPal. Pm me
  8. If it’s mechanical sounds I’d offer 125 shipped? Thanks for considering
  9. Take 320 for it? Can meet up same place as last time. Thanks for considering
  10. I’d offer 625 shipped for the 2 shimano? Thanks for considering
  11. I’d take this pending inspection
  12. Okay I’d give the others first crack but but if they pass I’ll take both for 750 picked up. Thank you
  13. If you can’t make a deal I’d offer 300 cash picked up for combo. Thank you