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  1. Hello Dan. I did not get any PM yet.
  2. Evening Dan, Would like to order. 4- 3/4 oz banana chartreuse 4- 3/4 oz banana pink 4- 1 oz banana white 4- 1 1/5 oz banana white Thanks...
  3. Moco. Fished the front with a buddy. No fish for an hour and I decided to move. Buddy decided to stay. So I left and went to another spot. Buddy caught 4 fish within the hour while I caught cold fingers. My mojo is nowhere to be found this year.
  4. Moco. Nada. If anyone found my fingers. Please let me know.
  5. This was about 2 years ago. But last year a few buddy's caught too. Your window on the rocks is short though. They only hang around 3 nightd at most.
  6. Never the target but always on the radar. Bring your squid jig.
  7. Barry Manilow is not bad. that is definitely an awesome shows and nothing to be ashamed of. Now, if you went and see Rick Ashley HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. yeah that's whats your gonna get.
  8. I guess propelled kayaks are in so much high demands.
  9. if anything, cops should start using hard rubber balls and snipe anyone breaking something, specially the masked one.
  10. Ok my buddy is interested... his asking $350 cash pickup this weekend.
  11. almost a good one.... my wife would just look at me, wait for her moment and pass a deadly one. she then wait for my reaction and she would have this facial look like saying. "how do you like them apples".
  12. hold that thought... i got to let a friend now about this..
  13. for some reason, i pictured. thick glasses, white polo shirts and a pocket protector full of pens.... these must be them all grown up... hehe
  14. i can watch them stretch all day............ haha
  15. ready for it. lock and loaded. now try stepping on my lawn...
  16. my report for the whole january is.......... im bored......
  17. I wouldn't think twice it i can pick up a d7000 at that price...
  18. this guy seem to be the only one reviewing the Pescador pilot12. Seems like his having a problem the the propeller.
  19. as long that the kayak has the 300lb to 400lb weight capacity and good stability.
  20. my brother inlaw has the sony. didn't they stop supporting their dslr line?