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  1. You are on sir. Send me your info
  2. Yes please if you don’t mind
  3. What are you asking?
  4. Looking for a nice condition Daiwa Sealine 600h or 900h. Prefer something that has been serviced with upgraded drag washers but will consider others.
  5. Good idea. Thanks
  6. Does the Squall VSW 2 speed have any advantage over the Fathom 2 speed besides spool size? The Fathom 60 2 speed is lighter, holds tons of line, makes more drag and has a metal frame. I’m about to buy 3 or 4 tuna reels and I’m trying to figure out why I shouldn’t just get the largest Fathom 2 speed?? Any guidance from the Penn gurus?
  7. Looking for something basic that I can fish this fall. 12 - 13 ft and in good condition with some rod holders, budget $3-400. If you have a back up that you aren’t using and would part with please let me know.
  8. Have two of these. One is loaded with 80 lb braid and has been fished but excellent condition. The other is NIB. $175 shipped for the used one with line, $185 shipped for the new one. I love these reels i am just switching to two speeds.
  9. Would do $65 shipped
  10. Yes that’s fine. Sending PM
  11. TTT still have two
  12. Sending PM