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  1. That should say Cooterville.
  2. Sorry, but you were warned.
  3. thought so
  4. Your girls can now join Boy Scouts (now called Scouts) so they can get their own.
  5. You want to see Tims' man boobs? You really are a degenerate
  6. So does that mean you're giving the kayak up?
  7. Damn A brother can hope. I fish Manhasset bay ill meet you there sometime (not sure how far away that is from you)
  8. Brad Where on LIS will you be docking?
  9. Sorry that sucks for everyone.
  10. Glad she's doing better Red, speedy recovery to her my brother.
  11. Let me know what you think.
  12. Sorry brother, I hope after this is all cleared up you don’t have to deal with SIL anymore.
  13. I’m just seeing this, Good Luck to you and the Mrs. Red, please keep us posted and get some rest if possible.
  14. Whats the You Tube name to Subscribe? Thanks
  15. A lot of BS on that Board. My Uncle and I went with a Captain and the next day on the big Board it said we caught 3 Sailfish and Raised 7 others. All that was BS, we raised 3 for about 5 seconds each, none were ever on the line.