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  1. Morning Bob, should be a nicer day, get some sun, it’s good for you.
  2. Morning Bob, hope everyday you’re getting a little better.
  3. Morning Bob
  4. Morning Bob
  5. Morning Bob
  6. Bob ,we need you to post some photos in the blade thread, you have the coolest stuff.
  7. Hi Bob, nice to see you in here.
  8. Cop let him off without a ticket for speeding 20MPH over the limit. That’s a big fine and a lot of points, for that he gets to ride the desk. Kid should be beaten.
  9. Morning Bob. Hope today is better
  10. I second this.
  11. Good morning Bob, sorry you are not feeling better. I hope you turn the corner and get better. Look at the knife thread, that may make you feel better, or NOT. School them Bob. Feel better. Mike
  12. Morning Bob, hope you are doing better today.
  13. Sorry Bob, I forgot to say Good Morning, Bob we need you in the Blade threads to keep us honest. Can you post some photos, and school us. Thanks
  14. I did it once, store bought was better, cheaper, and less work. I will be giving Microgreens a try soon, ordered a light and waiting on delivery.
  15. Morning Bob