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  1. I have the Rock hopper and I'm a fan.
  2. So I guess you will buy two then?
  3. Yes, made in china, I haven't had the opportunity to play with it yet, so I can't really vouch long term for it yet. Just got it last night.
  4. As long as I got Bobs approval I'm good. It's got to be a good one.
  5. It’s sold as a gentleman’s knife, I like it so far. It’s an ODE to BOSPA. He started me in this madness.
  6. Some of you expressed interest in this, so here it is, I got it last night.
  7. Where are you located?
  8. Try to hire Bill Weztel as your guide when you come to NY. If you don’t know Montauk he can get you on the fish.
  9. They sent me the wrong blade, I returned it and waiting again, I'll let you know
  10. Don't be so sure.
  11. $165
  12. Waiting for this to be delivered
  13. I fish to fish. I would still striper fish but now all C&R. It wouldn't really effect me.
  14. ty