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  1. If ease of use is what you are looking for try a pellet smoker. I have a Yoder 640 but they make smaller ones. It’s a high quality smoker, they make more economical models like Trager,etc. it does not give a heavy smoke though (you can make it if you like that sort of thing) where are you located ?
  2. So how do they taste?
  3. Or you can just do it yourself.
  4. Say what you will, Still tastes better when I catch it.
  5. 35 miles 3.5 hours
  6. They have antifog for your glasses, that may help.
  7. Bob I'm sorry I don't do PayPal. I can write you a check and mail it to you, once it clears you can mail them to me, I'm in no rush. If not I understand, and put them back up for sale. I'm sorry, I didn't realize it was PayPal.
  8. Bob I'll take them but if you want them for xmas I understand. Let me know.
  9. Sorry, I've had to put down dogs, that stinks
  10. I'm a Glass half full but I married a Glass half empty, funny how the works. I have always been that way, I have 2 sons and I have one of each so far (7 and 9). Are you just born that way or can you change yourself.
  11. Thank you, I’ll be ok , it just sucks
  12. Happened to me in Fl., we even near the end of the trip resorted to bait, but still no luck. Water was muddy brown, I don't think they saw or cared for what we were throwing, we used everything from Fly, spinning, and bait. Nothing, good luck.
  13. I would assume OD's, no?