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  1. Won't protect from getting holes though.
  2. Aren't they the girls with the beards?
  3. I got a Statin Island girl. No real real accent until I got her drunk, then bam who the hell are you?
  4. you tube, All Thing BBQ
  5. What he said
  6. What area?
  7. Hey Hop Fishing? Its a little early though
  9. ArtisanCutlery
  10. Treated myself to a couple of bday gifts.
  11. Its one thing if you fall on hard times (**** happens) but if you can't afford yourself, DON'T HAVE KIDS. Yeah I F'ing said it. I'm tired of MY TAX money paying for YOUR INCOMPETENCE. I worked in a Hasidic community, NOBODY worked. They usually had between 8-15 kids and not one job. We pay for them. If you want that, have as many kids as you want, but don't take public funding for them. F'ing Starve. If they were starving you would not have kids and you would get a job. have 100 kids but if you don't feed them they die and we send your ass to jail.
  12. Thank you much better than the last
  13. I would have bet my last dollar you were going to say that.
  14. Good luck and be safe , very windy out
  15. Does Anybody know the specifics? dates/time etc