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  1. You should cut thru the sign
  2. Surprisingly he is correct.
  3. I couldn't turn my head, it hurt to breath for a long weekend. A gym rat I know rec. acupuncture. He used the needles with a Tens machine (electric pulses) , I was able to do a push up off the table. Helped me, hope it helps you.
  4. what he said
  5. That's funny, I just bought 2 bottles yesterday as gifts.
  6. FTC. Free Traffic Coffee agency.
  7. On a fasting diet just basically drinking espresso, very small lunch , then dinner. Lost 30 LBs , but drink good espresso
  8. Nope, I want guns, and have had them my whole life, nobody was killed by my guns either.
  9. Yep, Fancy Boy. I thought you identified as a “They”.
  10. Nice I went a little deeper.
  11. What machine do you use?