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  1. I have young kids , I think you may want to wait I think they are coming out with a new console soon.
  2. Just saying Jones is a two time cheater and should be banned for all time.
  3. Not my first smoker, never said it was.
  4. Yeah not me
  5. I've had from stick burners and I can't say that you can taste a real difference. If the stick burner F's up and you get a lot of bitter smoke than yes you can taste the difference. If I made ribs from both a stick burner and a pellet smoker and didn't tell you which was which, I doubt you could tell the difference. I know blasphemy. Believe what you will, my life is a lot easier using a pellet smoker than a stick burner and tastes the same, certainly more consistent.
  6. Love mine, I'll put it up against any stick burner, very easy to use, not overpowering smoke, set it and forget it.
  7. Sorry brother, I had to put a golden down after she stroked at 16 years old. I cried like a baby.
  8. I don't believe you, I'll need extensive photos.
  9. Hi Reel Hows the new digs?
  10. I use it to troll Tube and Worm, works great.
  11. My wife had the news on NBC this AM, and they had the Gay Mens Choir on. Why does that need to be identified? Why can it not be The Choir, or the Mens Choir. I guess if we are going to identify all of them then The Straight Choir/ Heterosexual Choir, the Trans Choir, the I Don't Know What I AM Choir. We really need to differentiate what your sexuality is to be a Choir. Why?
  12. Never caught and cooked one but I did buy in the fish store and cook one. I ate it once in a high end Manhattan eatery and it was very good so I got a receipt for it and made it. Funny my wife wanted it about two weeks ago but I don't have an asian fish market near where we live now so I can't get it. It was with a caper butter.
  13. Can you post the link? I can't find it
  14. I thought you meant Liberals