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  1. Wife went to a kids Bday party they had a pool and hired a 2 life guards, one did not show, pool wasn't that big so no biggie. Grandparent drops a kid off and leaves, awhile later wife notices kid struggling in the pool, jumps in with all her clothes on and grabs said kid. Life guard had her head up her ass, and grandpa comes back and they tell him what happened. He laughed and said yeah he really does not know how to swim. My wife almost committed elder abuse.
  2. Wanna be Phil Donahue
  3. No ,but I can't remember when we had a QB that threw two long balls like that before in one game.
  4. Great lets see the fish.
  5. So you packed it up Jay?
  6. We might finally have a Quarterback that can go win us a game instead of manage a game.
  7. Sorry brother, good luck with that. Make it like you would ribs.
  8. Make Pork Candy with it. Its the new thing in BBQ. Tastes great unless you don't like sweet meat.
  9. +1, that was a funny episode.
  10. I like the darters
  11. I have the Oster Classic 76, Its a great clipper. My buddy has had it, I think 18 years.
  12. I liked it for you Tim
  13. Stop messing around with dirty girls.