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  1. cant wait to get back on the water..
  2. I use a lamiglass 9 wt from a skiff and it seems any sinking or inter. Sink line does the trick. I use full sink on the boat, but i fish in 20-30 ft of moving water. Clousers work well, half and halfs work much better. Green or red/white produce the best. As for leaders, i go with 3ft of 25,20,and 15 lb flouro tapered together, or i use a RIO toothy critter leader if the bluefish are out. I know the purists will scoff at this, but it doesnt hurt to use a gel scent on the fly. I use pro-cure inshore gel and it seems to in rease the hits.
  3. it also cant hurt to dip your flies in some sort of attractant like gulp juice. if the water clarity sucks i use Pro-Cure inshore gel and it seems to increase the catch rate.
  4. Its a lamiglas 9 wt mod fast 2 piece. fly fishing for fluke is not hard, it just requires a slightly different approach. The usual method is to find creek mouths that dump into channels and work the mouth at a falling tide. you can use intermediate sink or floating line for this since youll never really be deeper than your leader. The method i use now requires sinking fly line (type II - IV would be more versatile, but i fish in 20 - 30 ft of moving water, so i use type VII) I fish the canals from a boat and use the fly rod to deep drift flys on the move. I cast the line in ahead in the current and allow it to sink as the boat drifts away from it while feeding it line as it sinks. After ive dropped enough line to belly out on the bottom, i strip about 8 inches of line over and over allowing it to sink back each time feeling for strikes. the fly will move along with the boat and dart along the bottom just like a bucktail. The only time i have to recast is if i pick up seaweed. if the wind is pushing you faster than the tide, this method works better than jig fishing, since the weight of the line in the water keeps the fly right in the strike zone. it also helps if you pick up a couple of those RIO toothy critter leaders for when the bluefish show up. For fluke i usually make a three piece flouro leader (3 ft of 30lb, 3ft of 25lb, and 4ft of 20lb). as far as flies go, any chartreuse clouser or deceiver will work fine, but my favorites are the orvis mega clouser (the one in the picture) and the orvis chartreuse half and half. I hope this helps
  5. Drag can handle a double digit bluefish in current no problem. my only issue is that the knob that adjusts the drag is very sensitive and easy to accidentally adjust. That might just be sloppy form on my part though. All in all, my favorite fly reel hands down. Im hoping to test it on a 20+ striper or two in the near future.
  6. just got it in april. For the price, its a beastly saltwater sealed reel. Heres some of the fish I've caught this season so far.
  7. Ive been trying this new tactic when the wind pushes you a little faster than the tide. I use a type VII sinking line and cast about 20yds up current from the boat and let the sinking line drag behind the boat. Then i feed it about 15-20 yds of line so the line bellies and sinks to the bottom and i twitch the fly along in the current. I only have to recast if i pick up seaweed and the fly just pops along the bottom as i drift. Works great for fluke... even better for bluefish unfortunately.
  8. Spent the weekend fluking on the south shore. Got these four saturday (the two on the left were just under 3lbs ) working flies near the creek mouths Got these three on Sunday (5lbs 13oz and 3lbs 1 oz) working 3/4oz buck tails around the bridges. Every fluke was full of 1-1.5 inch calico crabs, mussels, or nothing at all. Theres literally no bait the area.
  9. My friend and I took out a rental boat on the south shore for some ultralight fluking in the back bays. I bought this ridiculous Okuma light action crappie bait caster (the lightest baitcasting rod i could find) and paired it with a pflueger asaro with some of that crazy thin japanese braid so i can keep half ounce buck tails down in the current. We ended up with six keepers, the largest two were 6.5lbs and 5.5lbs. both were in less than 7 ft of water holding on the high side of the drop-offs as the tide flushed in. I guess the boat traffic from the air show drove the fluke into the shallower water. The guy at scotties where we weighed the fish in couldn't believe that the bigger fluke was only a pound heavier..