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  1. He sent his Storm troopers in with tear gas to clear the way for his photo opp with a bible in front of a church. Classy, a nun has reported that she was tear gassed and had to cross the road so Bunker Boy could stand there with the Bible. Held it backwards and upside down. True leadership was on display that day my friends. He is such a pig, what say you?
  2. Chumfish deleted my post partially because of memes but have no answer for the text. I would like an explanation why it too was deleted
  3. *edit one meme thread is plenty, post there.
  4. Like what specifically?
  5. You fool which is the eminent threat?
  6. True dat !!!!
  7. How did you get such a twisted viewpoint? First he’s a socialist now a fascist, can’t have it both ways bobo
  8. We won by a landslide Biggest inaugural crowd ever I am a law and order President
  9. Are you heading to the insurrection part two Patriot ?
  10. Just thank all the so called Patriots who have started to turn our beautiful nation into another third world sheet hole. Your efforts at insurrection are noted. Now go back into your fantasy hole in the ground please
  11. It will take nothing more than an Executive order.......... next
  12. If he does will it be the same as FDR’s
  13. Just fed what you wanted to hear tore enforce your preconceived thoughts. It’s what all talking heads do but in his case it was just vile and disparaging
  14. Eff him, fat instigating bastard
  15. What a loon. They are reminding the troops of the oath they took to protect and defend the constitution. Why would you mock their actions?
  16. Bottom line it will be the best move for the country and after all you’ve seen you’re still playing tit for tat. Wake up.
  17. And nothing to do with free speech
  18. He told them several times to walk down PA avenue. What do you think he thought they would do there, sign up for food stamps?
  19. Making a big deal of this while ignoring all that the POS has done in the past four years............. priceless
  20. BB had integrity unlike the current POS in office. By the way his buddy Putin stole that rent right in front of him. Such a poosey.
  21. Not at all but those 300 represent so many more with many here and across the nation. I’m right on this
  22. Filth libs, this coming from the group of monkeys that just proved that they would turn this country into a third world sheet hole if they got the chance.
  23. So when a Elected official acts like Rump has, your saying there should be no price to pay for his Acts of treason?
  24. After the antics of the sheethole Trumpers at the Capitol do you really have to ask that?