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  1. The need is the vote.
  2. Also, if you want a higher kill count you will have a better chance with an AR 15 than a wheel gun. See how that works.
  3. You are so far up his butt every thing works for you
  4. Trump will never, repeat NEVER upset his base. So no need to worry about what he says just what he does.
  5. FIFY This !!!!
  6. He is a global embarrassment, but the economy is good so we got that going for us.
  7. And your point?
  8. Adults, yeah right.
  9. Those Vagina hat women are going to vote this nov. you know and they are not fond of this guy. Would you be so "forgiving" of him if he grabbed your daughter or niece?
  10. It doesn't make Rump any less of a farktard though does it?
  11. Maybe it's how they are inspired by his leadership which is inspired by the Lord's teachings and how he strives for justice of his fellow man and the planet we live on? Remember, following the teachings of Jesus will always be for the good of man. In short, they have finally found someone who embodies their view on our nation and it's people. Good Bless America and all that.
  12. Voted for Reagan, HW Bush and GW the first time. You are speaking out your arse again. And no not these days as you guys are more farked than the left.
  13. Thought he might be hanging out with little.
  14. Which is why he cant keep anyone for more than a short time. Great leadership qualities though.