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  1. Bunker Boy has no stones for war, he is a gutless coward. These Patriots are doing what is necessary to protect the Union.
  2. When one truly believes the current administration is endangering the nation should one just sit back and wait even if there is urgent danger?
  3. Wrong, it could be both. Don’t you watch Law and Order?
  4. One more time. They are concerned for this country and have taken an oath to defend it and in commenting about the Buffoon they are doing just that! I for for one am glad they chose to serve this country
  5. But your guys discretions are A OK with you. Got it,
  6. Not at all when you all here say ho effed up Obama was his firing must have been a mistake too.
  7. When asked he said he would keep his opinions to himself but now BOZO has gone too far. So far in fact that he had to speak out. When a man like that changes his stance it is not for political reasons, he is genuinely concerned for the country that he has sworn to defend and is thus doing so. Put down your willy and wake up.
  8. I wonder what he would have to say about "The View" phffftttttttttttttttt
  9. I generally stick with mfg oil
  10. Holy sheep shite, what the hell are you smoking? He’s faith in god? Check please.
  11. You are farkin clueless
  12. He loves the country that he has served. Your interpretation is beyond wow. What your seeing is a leader. You’ve had your head so far up Trumps arse for so long you don’t know what one looks like or how he acts. Sad really.
  13. So now he is betraying Bonespur? He is speaking as a warrior defending his country. There is no hope for you if you can’t see that.