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  1. Those motors are inherently very reliable with good oil and care. They sometimes need to be in the water to fine tune the carbs though.
  2. I'm not trying to be a dick but when you step out of line you loose your place that's all. I was told once by a mate that one of the crew will put a rod and towel in the proper spot "knowing" the sport is coming. Just rubs me wrong that's all. He needs to man his post that's all.
  3. "New" to me, can't wait till spring herring runs. One owner and garaged stored it's whole life !!!!
  4. But now there are bigger fish er..... hamberders to fry.
  5. Sorry Tim but that's BS in this situation. Just man your post and leave his rig alone. If he can't hold his "place" he takes his chances. He will undoubtedly be pissed but If I go through the effort to be there early to get a good spot then I get the spot. He could have too. He and his buddy could take turns.
  6. the thing about circle hooks is to use non offset hooks. Circles that ate offset negate the effectiveness of the purpose which is to slide out and catch in the jaw. You will still end up with offset hookups on the jaw but they will be less than regular.
  7. That’s why I used the word “around “. Regardless they are plucked out soon enough after words. Do you have a issue with say 32 or 36 minimum?
  8. The majority of those fish will not be here in 2-3 years to reproduce because as soon as they are 28 they are gone. They only START to breed around 28" so why oh why would we protect them until they are just ready to breed???? A 32" or 36" min size would allow all that survive by all other means to breed for a few years. The benefit of which when you allow for how many more there will be will help the population tremendously just with that change alone !!! I like and believe in slots but there are problems this solution while dependent on individual states is the quickest and in my opinion the most effective way to re start this thing.
  9. Just have to bight the bullet and get good ones. We sell tons of interstates and have very few problems. $140 for Group 24 MXHD. Everybody sells them.
  10. A group 27 battery weighs about 55 to 60 lbs so it's not much more weight.
  11. Perfect timing, thanks for the post.
  12. Just a thought....... anyone of us make the choice to not kill / harvest anything under 32" this will help to give the smaller ones a few seasons to reproduce. I'm in.