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  1. Well my guess is it wasn't Russia.
  2. I've decided to go with the new Raymarine Element 9 It has super kick ass power, with a quad core processor for real fast re writes and zooming. I think I'm going to love the 3 button screen presets that allow you to configure 3 screens and retrieve them at the touch of the button. Won't find any deals because it's new this year but I'm sold.
  3. Brought in 6 million overnight, who knows. Time will tell.
  4. The lund is twice the boat of the tracker with awesome resale too. Get the trolling motor later, the fishfinder sold with them is a PSO anyway.
  5. I am probably going to purchase a new Raymarine Element for this season. It is offered pre loaded in 3 chart versions. 1 Lighthouse 2 Navionics 3 C Map Do any of you have any preferences. I have used and like Navionics but have no first hand knowledge of the other 2. Also, I have a Navionics chip that came in a Lowrance bundle and thought it might be best to get my unit rigged with one of the other 2 and then have the option of inserting the Nav chip when I want to use it. Any feed back would be helpful.
  6. But great on the grill.
  7. Talk to the guy who needs to sell his 3 year old boat and listen to him complain about how low the prices are. It's gone on like this for years. (except for financial meltdowns like the one we just came back from) Prices go up every year and if you are not in the loop year after year you don't see it as a gradual rise. I've seen it for 18 or so years. Sorry.
  8. That's what Skinner preaches all the time.
  9. Depleted uranium has always worked for me.
  10. Chris Mathews Pfffftttttttttt..................
  11. For the record Pelosi pledged to not seek indictments against GW for manipulating info in the lead up to invading Iraq when she re took the House leadership. At the time it pissed me off and when I think back now I still get angry. So this is nothing new for her. I think many are reading too much into this.
  12. Sorry for the double quote. Pelosi is in charge like it (her) or not. I don't like her one bit but to think she can't handle this stuff is wishful thinking. The "leftist" candidates you speak of are just ripples in the pond right now. It's too early to read much into this, wait until the tide goes out. The times are changing but this isn't the time to panic. There are too many middle of the road Dems that have to be won over.
  13. I think you are mistaking a few "rising stars" as leadership. The party is defiantly trending left but don't buy into all the socialist and Marxist crap spewed here and on fox etc. about the left.
  14. OK 3 now I'm scared. They are the flavor of the month right now enjoy.