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  1. I'm gonna dig down and cut them out tomorrow and fill the block with hydraulic cement. As far as the cut, I cut into small pieces being it was just me carrying it out and had to get them through narrow door ways. Yes, I have heard of a basement being filled with oil. What a nightmare. We never had lol heat here. It was concerted to gas before I moved in. I just never got around to removing the tank until now.
  2. Cut out an old oil tank today. That's a smell that's hard to get rid of.
  3. I'm back to regular work Tuesday anyway. Likely won't have a day off til fall anyway. Ha ha. I don't know what that feels like. I'm always playing catch up.
  4. My wife is losing her chit. Talking like this will never end. She keeps adding more for me to do. I told her she can do some projects too and that'll keep the sanity. She didn't like that response. She just wants to GO! I've got soffit vent coming. Gotta do the entire exterior and then put baffles in the attic. Also have to order a few exterior doors and a whole list of other chit to do. Never gonna get everything done before 14+ hour work days resume.
  5. Any solution used will eventually rot the coil. As ted said, rinsed well, it won't matter. There are foggers for mold that are supposed to kill everything in short time. It won't remove the dead residue but it will kill it.
  6. I bought an Echo backpack blower last year and I have had an echo chainsaw for 10 years. I don't own anything Stihl, but have nothing against them. When I was shopping for the blower, I decided on the Echo based on a few things. The service from the dealer was far better than the Stihl dealer. The experience seemed better too. The dealer actually services all equipment (commercial equipment dealer/servicer) and told me to go with the Echo, hands down. That said, it's the 8010 2 stroke backpack blower. I don't have experience with any of their battery stuff. Not a single issue with blower or saw, so far. For my hedge trimmer, I bought Milwaukee. Being I already had a ton of Milwaukee tools in the M18 line, it was a no brainier. Most of the major tool brands make yard tools now. Just a thought.
  7. Apparently not. Lol. Close this one down.
  8. Last bump.
  9. +1 on the Salt. I have been thinking of getting one for my brother as a gift.
  10. Red told me you just get in her car and drive it away.
  11. Bump. I know these things are incredibly niche but I don't want to see them in the trash.
  12. If you break that saw, you suck. I'm not a good barometer for that, I take really good care of my tools. What storage...?
  13. I think I ran one up a tree two nights ago in the yard. Either that or a coon. Couldn't find it.
  14. I'm giving mine a bunch of cure time before put weight on it. Is that a 4x4? That's what I originally used and it bowed. I have to remove the oil tank from my basement. Gonna cut it up in place and carry out pieces. Unfortunately, still a few gallons of very old smelly oil in it.
  15. All good. You work/ed on appliances?