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  1. The JBLs are excellent, especially for the price. I have the Link 20 and use it all the time. Very impressed with it and I've had it for almost 5 years. Not sure about the 6 as far as power and sound but the 20 is very loud for it's size.
  2. Same man. He asked me to go to a show in NY last month and now I really wish I went. You never know.
  3. Gonna take the pup for a woods walk in a few. Got some things to fix at my sister's tomorrow cuz her husband is less of a man than her. Sunday is my daughter's 13th birthday. Wife's taking her and a friend to American Dream. Eff that!
  4. I think you're right. Lol that was funny as hell. I didn't drive in to the park so as a passenger, what could I say about ditching Mitchell lol.
  5. I totally get it. Trying to argue about my kid being different can only be seen. I don't want my kid distracted in school but they're my snowflakes.
  6. He showed up to my house to pickup a freezer from me. He needed something to store all those special Kane releases. Gave me some really good beer and a bunch of special plugs. One SS signed by Musso. I told him I was gonna fish all of them. He was cool with that. Still haven't thrown that one.
  7. That's probably what it was because he definitely told me it spread.
  8. Docs a NJ refugee, living in the free world. He's like a Cuban who made it to America.
  9. Depends on how far away it is, I think. I think some of the watches work independently of the phones though.
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