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  1. I think I'm leaning towards the Stihl BR700. It's $30 cheaper and performs just about as well as the Redmax from the things I've read (sometimes better). It's also made in the USA and that goes a long way with me. Any kinda discounts offered on these things?
  2. At least but not on knife blades.
  3. I do most of the repairs myself so it's not as much of a concern but I have two power equip places down the road with good reps. I'll likely buy there if I go for one of the brands they carry.
  4. Day before my 2nd bday! Lol
  5. Nah man, I get it. I'm not crazy but... A few weeks ago, I was doing some electrical work in my house. I was trying to find a junction box that my dad and I put in the ceiling (no no, I know). I had eliminated a 3 way switches back then and he was like "just bury it, who cares!?".as he had gotten older, he lost that bit of him that was a perfectionist in my younger years. I was cursing and kinda having a conversation with him as I searched. "I found it ya dumb SOB!" Lol. He and I worked together professionally for a while and busted each other's balls quite a bit. My brother and I do that now and talk about how if dad were here...
  6. My dad was the same way and we found similar when he died last year too. My sister kept saying who the hell keeps all this stuff... It was her job to sort the papers
  7. Clearly. Still awesome.
  8. I know stihl saws are the way to go, even though I own an echo (gift, as was the Ryobi blower). My echo is fine for what I need it for. I was settled on the husky 350bt until I read some issues when not using their fuel. Not sure the commercial blowers are better but I'd hope so.
  9. Holy CHIT! Lol
  10. Looking at Husqvarna or Redmax, unless those who know say otherwise. Looking at the Husqvarna 580bts or the Redmax 7500/8500 I want power. My Ryobi is grossly underpowered from day one. It's served me well for 9 years but it's been giving me trouble and rather than fix it again, I think I'm gonna upgrade. Any experience with either of these or suggestions for anything else?
  11. Definitely not into knife throwing but my understanding is it's harder than it looks. With that haul, you should open a place... The hatchet thing really took off.
  12. The cartridge I have is 87%, I believe. I can hit it in the house with no odor. Three big hits and I'm feeling fine. I still prefer the bowl though.
  13. No but vinyl windows are pretty common in many scenarios. Why would it be an issue?
  14. I think you nailed it with baby herring. No expert but based on a Google search I'd say that's what it is. That is definitely a butterfly fish. I think it's a spotfin butterfly. I have come across tropical species in our waters a few times too. A while back, Sudsy told me they get caught in the Gulf Stream and follow the warm waters right on up. Seems like the most plausible scenario to me. I'd say most won't survive a winter here and almost definitely cannot make the journey back to their homes. Then again, I've seen fish frozen in suspended animation only to come back after a thaw. If you ever need a home for more delicate tropicals (like the butterfly), I'll be glad to help