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  1. Keeping Kenmore around is completely pointless. Kenmore/Sears has never produced an appliance. Kenmore is purely a name that gets placed on an appliance made by an actual manufacturer but without that manufacturer's warranty.
  2. They do or did. They sold off most of their high dollar real estate already though.
  3. I took last week off to get stuff done around the house. Started an outside project around 10am or so and by 11 I was drenched in sweat. Couldn't. E any happier about it cooling off. I hate the heat. Rain hasn't been too bad here.
  4. Also, by far the worst company I've ever worked for.
  5. I worked for them for a very short time due to a buy-out of my company. That was 12 years ago and I knew then there was no chance they would be around in 20 to years. In all honesty, I'm surprised it didn't happen sooner. Their way of staying afloat was to sell off assets to support other failing arease of their business. Eventually, they'd have to run out of assets.
  6. Based on the ones I've had, they look ripe to me as well. Never grew them but had a Rutgers co-op grower hand me a bunch looking just like that.
  7. Sorry about your brother. My dad and my uncle both died of pancreatic. Both heavy smokers and drinkers for many many years. Their dad died of throat cancer from cigarettes. I smoked through my teens and early 20s. Stopped before just before I got married at 24 and haven't smoked cigarettes since. Stick with it, Big! Just the immediate affects are enough to quit but the long term is eye opening.
  8. Lol that's crazy! I guess I get it though if you have a ton of 8 tracks and the car is super cheap.
  9. All your assessments are pretty spot on. I don't hate your LG washer. I hate everything else they make in appliances but not that one. The main reason to hate LG, even with that washer (which was well built IMO), is getting parts. LG and Samsung are both very difficult to get parts for. Most often, what comes is wrong. Not sure what the comminality is with those two but they are the only ones that have a consistent issue. Maybe because they're Korean? Who knows. The new LGs have the issue your old Frigidaire washer had. Law suits are pretty rare. These companies do everything in their power to cover stuff up, including keeping the information from their servicers and telling them to lie. Fortunately, I don't work for any of them anymore so I can say whatever I want.
  10. Yeah man. I tried but it didn't work out. I chit you not, damn dog died two days after what would have been my dad's 61st. My dad's birthday was the dogs last good day. I swear, we were in the yard throwing the ball around and chasing my girls. Next day, he couldn't get up.
  11. I just might just to see his reaction when you text him.
  12. So there's a little more to he story of my shepherd. He was my dog when I still lived at home. When I bought my house, we moved him with us. He had some anxiety before but it got worse when we took him. In the time I lived at home, he spent more time with my dad than me because of my work schedule. When my wife got pregnant, he went back to stay with my dad for a bit but wound up staying for years because it was just him and my dad in the house. It wasn't until my dad got sick two years ago that we took him back. He didn't do that stuff in my dad's house (his original home). He, like my dad never wanted to leave that house. My dad and him were best friends. I didn't see a choice in it. Take the dog or give him away/put him down!? **** that! Though the dog started out as mine he was truly my dad's dog.
  13. I wish I could recommend something. We used to say whirpool but as of late, they are crashing hard. The only thing I tell people now is stay away from LG and Samsung. Whatever you buy, keep it simple! If you're buying a ref, stay far away from any French door with an icemaker in the fresh food compartment. That's all brands. If I we're buying a washer, I'd buy a cheap whirlpool. If I were buying a ref, I'd buy a very specific Maytag/Whirlpool/Amanda model. I wouldn't buy a dishwasher right now. Ranges, take your pick. All the same. Buy the CHEAPEST microwave you possibly can. Throw it away when it breaks. I can tell you for sure, if things don't change drastically, my job will go the way of the TV/VCR repairman in the next 15 years. Thankfully, this business and my dad taught me a little bit of everything. Speedqueen was making a solid washer for a while but we knew it wasn't sustainable. They were both going to meet new energy regulations coming down the line. The good thing about speedqueen is that they still offer a great warranty but their units are not cheap.
  14. You didn't. I'm just a bot on the internets.
  15. Lol. Wow. Didn't know that. I thought it was further up the road. Very cool.