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  1. I haven't used mine to cut cardboard at all, yet. I have used it for cutting the packing tape and static free bags. Cut twine, tree wrappers, dugout splinters and all kinds of stuff but haven't cut a single piece of cardboard.
  2. I like the design a lot but the big one is just a little too big. I just want it for an EDC.
  3. Yeah but with the 20% off it was $150. Plus I have a perk account with work that pays $125 a quarter. I would have basically been paying $25 of my own money.
  4. The Hinderer knives are awesome but way too rich for my blood. I really like this Benchmade Crooked River Mini
  5. Sage advice, all. I still really like the Hogue designs and some of the Benchmades. There's just so many damn knives!
  6. Didn't notice that until I saw it on here, after you mentioned that. All the other ones I looked at said full flat. KTP says it's a hollow grind.
  7. 20% off at KTP... Thinking about getting this Manix 2. I was looking at some of the Benchmades but the prices and some questionable quality control issues have me looking at Spyderco. I don't like a lot of their designs but everyone seems to love Spyderco.
  8. Lol. I haven't had any foul language issues other than when my girls were both about 2. They both let "chit" fly ONCE. I explained that is not a word that children are a allowed to say and they are not to repeat when adults use bad words. So, whenever a friend or whatever would let something fly in front of them, my girls would tell them, "it's ok, we don't repeat". Friday morning, my 4 y/o was giving my wife a really hard time. My 8 y/o recognized this and as she got out of the car at school, she held my wife's hand, looked her in the eye and said, "I want you to know, I love you Mommy". My wife said, "I know, it's just someone is giving me a hard time today". The little one pipes up from the back seat and says, "it's me, right? I know it's me!"
  9. I never had WT but our new Subaru came with basically the same thing, plus the carpet mats. So far, I love the rubber mats, which we obviously chose to use over the carpet. My brother has the Husky mats and loves them.
  10. That's pretty awesome. Medical technology and advances are astounding.
  11. We threw eggs at cars from the same intersection, every Friday night for two years straight. I actually got my ass kicked by a guy we got with snowballs. Didn't stop me from doing it again though.
  12. Same for me. If there's one thing I know, the last people I wanted to listen to as a teen, were my parents.
  13. Agreed. Most of the time, all my mom had to do was say she was calling Dad. Here's a question though... I have a buddy who's got a kid with ADHD. The kid has thrown a fist and a foot dad's way a few times. My buddy says it's because the ADHD and the doc says not to hit him back. I'd have a real hard time not beating the snot out of my kids after that. I feel the ADD/ADHD thing is given out a lot more than when we were kids (almost non existent then). So what the hell do you do then?
  14. The outside help thing was not suggested by me but it was something Chunkah agreed might be an option. There was a point that I talked to a professional as a teen. Different circumstances but still parents just trying to do the right thing.
  15. I think it was handled the right way. Seek outside help, as you said and continue as you have. I'm the only one of my siblings who caught a beating and not sure it made any difference. We are all doing pretty well for our selves, if I do say so myself.