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  1. Nice work and congratulations!
  2. I'm not sure which is worse... I lost my Dad last January. He was only 60. The last 10 years of his life were particularly hard for all of us. He was very depressed and consumed with his and my mom's divorce. He was always bitching about paying her alimony and told me many times he was going to disappear to not have to pay her anymore. He was sick the last two years of his life and lost a ton of weight. The one good thing about it was the fact that he had a good attitude and we spent a lot of time together then. He laughed up until his last 3 days, when he actually couldn't anymore. I miss him and think about him every day. The man taught me everything I know.
  3. Jersey only does emissions now. I remember all my buddies with lifted trucks buying stickers to avoid tilt tests. All of that is gone. They just plug into the computer and fail you for any codes. Not vehicles built prior to 96 don't even get inspected. Only way to test emissions on them is tailpipe and it was too expensive to maintain that old equipment. I still buy a sticker for my 96 f150 because I have a leak at the header flange.
  4. I was listening to a guy tell a story on the radio years ago about how his camp counselor would come in the bathroom and tell all the boys to hurry up and shake it off for them. It was then that the other hosts pointed out he was molested. Start telling your story and we will make the determination.
  5. I pay for my inspection stickers. What a rube
  6. Sounds good. Thanks!
  7. I'll check it out. I have a book about Jersey's shipwrecks. I need to start reading that one again.
  8. I take it you like dark chit? I never read The Road but I heard plenty about it.
  9. I'll check them out. Isn't Cormac McCarthy The Road author? Heard that was a rough one.
  10. I like that stuff in movies and shows but not sure how I'd feel about it in a book?
  11. Not sure about sci-fi horror. I think I like fact based or as close to reality as possible. I'll check out the others you mentioned though.
  12. Jebus lol
  13. I read Of Mice and Men in HS. It was a pretty good read.
  14. Again, I'm a movie guy so I know Legends of the Fall.
  15. The Old Man and the Sea was a summer reading book when I was in HS. Graduated 03. I hated reading back then. Still think I do, until I start and them I get really into it. It helps to have something I have genuine interest in.