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  1. Sorry to hear. I've gone through it 3 times and it doesn't get easier.
  2. Good luck, brother.
  3. Stump broke.
  4. That scene rooned the show for me. It was definitely filmed somewhere in North Jersey. Not a scrubby pine to be seen. Newark is a chit hole.
  5. Not the fishing I was looking to do. You buy em or were ya crawling all over some rocks?
  6. Did the same. Yeah it stinks but so worth it.
  7. Some kinda gel stain?
  8. Vs 100k in NE states.
  9. Solder, not weld . It would be a hell of a lot cheaper. Most plumbers would probably do it too.
  10. Nice work finding it, drum! You can fix it with a Fernco coupling, like they did to the right. Just strap the pipe and attach to the wall. At least temporarily.
  11. Once the painter is done, I'll hang em and take some more pics.
  12. Yeah, that I know but I just don't know what our biggest is. I had friends that worked scallop boats after HS. I'm not that familiar with the commercial fishing industry. As close as I grew up to the water, I'm ignorant. I wish I had gotten a job on the water when I was younger.
  13. Hmm... Not sure what jerseys is but I gotta imagine lobster is pretty far down. Oysters are on the rise but all farm raised. I did find oyster seeds on some pebbles in the bay last week though. Good sign.