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  1. Lumitec seablaze underwater led light blue/white. Brand new, never installed. $240 shipped via f&f. Or cover the fees for g&s. Will trade for offshore spinning rods or reels
  2. Located in the Mobile/Gulf shores Alabama area. Im looking to purchase either a hobie oasis or a compass duo. Willing to travel an hour or 2 for the right deal
  3. I'm looking for a deal on ocean born wideback minnow sld. Wanted to see if there were any used ones for sale before buying new. Other lures im looking for would be Canal bait and tackle Kaboom pencil Shimano baby orca Daiwa Zakana jigs Shimano colt sniper jigs Hogy epoxy jigs larger sizes Nomad dtx divers. 100-165mm sizes
  4. Check out berkley x9. Much thinner than super slick v2. Ive seen videos of braid testing with pp max and it didn't perform well at all
  5. Hey Guys. I'm looking for a van staal vr 75 spool in silver. Ive found them online for $85 shipped but wanted to check to see if anybody had one you dont need and wanted to sell for cheaper.
  6. Thats some good information and definitely helps. I throw salt pros quite a bit also. Here lately its been to windy for them. So im going to shop around and buy some casting jigs like daiwa zanaka or shimano colt snipers. I fished yesterday and seen a couple guys slinging some type of popper that was outcasting metal jigs. Kinda crazy, I just wish I asked them what they were
  7. Thats pretty much how I do it as well. This was intended to be a question for those days that the wind is blowing to hard to effectly cast dead cigs and right now in my area there isn't much live bait to be had, not for another month or so. The kings are just now starting to show up
  8. I've thought about jbars but worried I would have to unload everything out of the kayak like my hcrate. The outback shown in the picture is dead center on the trailer so I have room on both sides. I considered going the pvc route for the 2 on the outside, then on the inside find some way to put a raised section with crossbars. So id have 2 on the current bars, then one more on a raised section in the center
  9. I like throwing the xrap long cast version. My go to is daiwa salt pros.
  10. What are your go-to lures to throw for king mackerel from piers on windy days?
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