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  1. These cone with a lot of the common bluefish rigs sold at most tackle shops. It's a metal wire with a black rubberish cover(I think called surflon). They have a plastic crimp thats pretty thin. It's not like the crimps that people use for sharks or huge fish. Also where can I get some like this? Thamks1000

  2. Yamaha carbs aren't hard to rebuild or clean at all. And I only have had my endlgine for my 2nd year. It is really intimidating at first to take them apart but after you get a manual and it's fairly easy. Ifor the previous poster thats crazy to buy new carbs if all they needed was to be cleaned or rebuilt. How many carbs do you have? Aren't carbs like 100& each? Yikes. If you really don't want to take them apart just take them off and bring them to a reputable yamaha technician.

  3. Thanks for the responses guys. My neighbor caught a fluke and it too had shrimp in its belly. He said it was mantis shrimp but could be grass shrimp. So I can just take a 3 way swivel and use one leader with a sinker and on the other squid/ spearing combo and let it drift on the bottom in the rod holder while i jig with my other rod?

  4. I started to get back into fluking. I usually fish from my boat in the Long Island sound with bucktails and gulp. I was talking to my friend about what kind of bait we could use and he didn't know. What bait could I use and on what kind of rigs? Which rigs would be good for putting in a rod holder and which for holding the rod in your hand?thanks

  5. Thats pretty cool idea with using a camera, never thought of that. I wonder if it would be too dark and dirty to see. The problem nowadays wihen you buy a used car is most of the time they only give you one key and if you goto make a copy at say Home Depot, ace etc... They only unlock the door and won't start it.

  6. For the two guys saying they have a 5 number code and the other saying they bought one on eBay, you can go that route and buy it off eBay and then have to go thru Toyota to have it programmed at 175 and then 120 for something else( I forgot what it is called).or like red sox said he have them a 5 code and then it will cost you 175$ to have it programmed and then 120$ for some other charge. It wished it was that cheap. Unless you have a older styler car that doesn't have a special chip in it. Yes the key does work after being in salt water.