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  1. I recently bought a chum pot for the boat that i want to get going. I plan on putting the chum in mesh bags and using a 3 oz sinker to get the pot you guys have any success with chum. My grandpa gave me a bait trap. I tied it to the back of my boat at the dock n used leftover bunker thinking i would get some killies but when I came back the next day there wasnt anything in there. Maybe cause i only had it down about a foot or two. Do they need to be laying on the bottom? Does this bubble box work to keep bait alive? I haven't tried it out n if it doesn't I'm gunna return it lol. 1000

  2. Wow this is some really great info. I really appricate you guys takibg the time to help me. I fish off of my boat around rocks and structure. Mostly in 20-40 feet of water. I'm probably going to stick with mono for awhile and then use braid on one of my other reels. I forgot to mention i only use bait such as bunker. What are other good baits to use? I also watched some video on YouTube where the guy said he didn't like using a fish finder rig( which the weight moves freely). He said he didn't like to leave his rod in the holder and that he liked to walk the bait out leaving a trail. Is walking a bait letting some line out and letting it drift or using a lighter wright to let it drift out?

  3. I recently bought a baitrunner reel and when I went to go buy some line for it there was tons of them. Mono, braid and flouro? I fish for stripers and blues. What are the differences between lines? And how do you know which pound test would be suitable for your reel? And one more thing, when i was looking at the reel i wanted they had 4 different sizes. What would be a good size reel for stripers/blues? The reel i have says 10/440 12/390 15/280. Would I be able to use 30 pound mono test on it? I have about 12 rolls of it from my grandpa. Thanks guys

  4. Hi all new to stripers online, just got back into fishing. I fish the Long Island sound on the NS. I usually use a fish finder with a 8/0 hook and a piece of bunker. I mostly just hook the bunker and let it sit in the bottom. But I read in some post that guy said he lets his bunker walk. I think he meant he lets some line out so it drags the bottom. Is this a texhnique some ppl use?