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  1. Thanks for all the comments. I’ve used bait mostly bunker my entire life and trying to get into artificials. I’m going to buy some tactical anglers clips and jigs to connect paddle tails, shads  etc.... next time to try them out. I know buck tails are good to swim on the bottom and I also like the hogys. What other type of lures are good to swim on the bottom? 

  2. I’m getting into throwing artificials and I use braided line>barrel swivel>18” mono leader>Cosstlock snap swivel> tsunami paddle shad. I realized the swim shad was swimming on one side and not straight.Should I not be using the coastlock snap swivel? When throwing lures in general, what should I use from leader to lure? I know of ta clips but have never used them. Is it okay to use the coastlock snap swivel for other type slides like poppers?also should the tsunami swim shads when casting be close to the bottom.semmed very difficult for me to get it to swim

    by the bottom. Thanks 

  3. ☝️Agreed. I’ll take a big blue any day.they are a great fight. This year for Long Island north shores has been horrible. Last 5 years I would have caught over 10 12-16 pounders. I can’t see how blue fish are on the decline when no one keeps them, I would think they would be plentiful. Guess not. Even the snapper bite is delayed

  4. hows it going guys, I want to know what you guys use for corrosion inhibitor on the outside of your reels? I keep my fishing equipment in my basement which has high humitidy. Noticed one of my reels started to corrode a bit. What you guys use for the outside of reel and inside? One of my friends told me that some of the products out they are super slimy and slippery. Would like something that wouldn't have that slimy feel to it.Thanks

  5. Without a doubt there are a ton of bunker in my area and even peanut bunker. I mean at hide tide at my Marina it is literally packed with them.. And I have been catching Hughes blues from 14# all the way to 17#. We have been crushing the blues on the beach and boats but all I been hearing about. I do see the schoolie striped baass here and there but not many at all. It's really a shame. I'm in western sound by manhasset harbor to Hempstead harbor

  6. Wow great info, I love this site. And of course I don't mind if anyone asks a question because it will help out others. So the single hooks used on lures such as poppers, darters metal lips and diamond jigs can all use the same single hook? Are they called inline hooks or siwash? Also for size can I use the same ones for all my lures so i don't have to buy multiple boxes or smaller lures will need smaller hooks? Thank you

  7. I have a few lures that need there hooks replaced and some need a single hook. I want to replace most lures that have multiple hooks with a single hook. What are the single hooks called that I can use for poppers, diamond jigs and other metal lures that I have and size? Also what treble hooks do you use and what size? Thank you

  8. I'm getting into casting lures and want to purchase a inshore rod or surf rod. As of now I'm looking into a st croix triumph, tsunami airwaves elite and the pen battle 2 combo. In thinking the combo is the best for the money. Which rod would you reccomend for fishing the Long Island sound fishing for strupers and blues. Planning on spending no more then 130$. Tha knou

  9. Hi there, I've always used bait when I go out fishing. A friend of mine brought me out fishing with lures and I had a lot of fun. I'm now addicted to it and want to purchase my own lures to use in certain conditions. I fish in the Long island sound and back bays/harbors. My question is, do you know of any pages on this site that will discuss what all of the lures in the market today are used for and the action it produces? When I go into the forum for buying plugs there are so many diff types and I want to know what they are all used for and what I could purchase that will help me catch fish.i will be fishing for stripers and blues. Any help on this matter would be great.

  10. I've never been into casting lures, only because I've never experienced fishing without using bait. I grew up only using bait. I recently boughtt a pole and reel to get out there and starting learning how to surf cast. I fish the western Long Island sound, what would be 3 good lures/sizes to pick up to start out for this time of the year for stripers/blues? Much appreciated

  11. I know this has probably been talked about a million times but I'm new to fishing with lures. I use braided line-leader(using Alberto knot/no name knot)-?-lure. My question is what type of swivel/TA clip should I use and what size? I've heard people have trouble connecting the TA clips when there's a small ring when attatching to lure. I want to use the snap swivel/ TA clip to make changing lures easy. Also when I tie my braid to leader I use the no name knot and where my knot is, seems like it would hit the guides as I cast. Should I be wrapping the braid over the mono leader or mono leader over the braid?tha is for the help