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  1. I have it working now with the deck side down on the crossbars. Was having trouble because the air conditioner is on roof of camper. I was really worried about the weight capacity of the j bar, more of it actually being able to cradle the high walls of the outback.
  2. I'll be strapping it down the same way I strap it to my car.. two tie down straps on each cross bar and the bow and stern line
  3. Tha ks for the links. I think I got it to where I can rest the kayak directly on the crossbars. I was able to move the cross bars in a way that made the kayak not too over hang..
  4. I have a 2017 hobie outback, Looking to transport it on top of my camper this year - but laying top side down leaves more overhang off the side than I am comfortable with. If I can get in on a set of j cradles it shoudl work - It just looks like some of them wont fit the sides of teh outback very well.. Just wondering if anyone uses a specific brand on the outback that may work. Thanks in advance!
  5. Awesome suburban. Has some rust on rockers and drivers side quarter panel. No frame rust. Mileage is around 158000 and going up since it is my daily driver. Upgrading our camper and need a bigger truck for towing - otherwise I would keep this truck. Lots of new items and service records from myself and previous owner. Located in Massapequa, NY -- Price $4500 All new brake lines - from master and throughout. New fuel pump new power steering pump new fuel cap 2.5" lift/leveling kit with new torsion bar keys and coil spacers. new AC belt and tensioner new power window switches 4 new Shocks 4 new rotors and pads done about a year ago. 2 calipers replaced and new bleeders installed on the other two. JVC bluetooth stereo and 4 kicker brand speakers. Tires have plenty of meat on them. Overall runs and drives great and has no current issues. Pulls a small camper from LI to PA several times a year and doesnt even notice it. Has 3rd row seat.
  6. If this post is not allowed and breaking any rules - Moderator please delete.
  7. Here are some pics. https://photos.app.goo.gl/swoYLDFSDKdyKMUb7 Everything is working and functional. Some stuff never even opened and still in box or has tags!
  8. I am selling 2015 hobie outback setup - Have to take a break from kayak fishing with a new baby in the family - Decided I am going to buy a boat so I can take my wife and kids out with me and can't justify keeping both. This setup includes everything from electronics to drysuit to car topping gear!! Here's what is included: 2015 Hobie outback with mirage drive Hobie seat Hobie paddle Upgraded Turbo fins Upgraded sailing rudder Hobie wheelz cart Hobie hatch liner bucket Yak attack flag pole with light Hobie battery kit and battery and charger Portable battery charger Lowrance mark 4 fishfinder with GPS Mount for fishfinder Standard horizon floating marine radio Stohlquist dry suit size large BRAND NEW - Never used!! Hobie pfd l/xl Dive clip stringer Bump measuring board Custom made gear crate with 4 rod holders 4 leashes Thule glide and set kayak cradle All ropes and tie downs Also including a fishing rod Penn battle 4000 reel A handful of trolling tubes And some other misc tackle!! I have over $4500 invested in this. Asking $3300 If you know anyone looking to get into the sport this is a great way to get started! For now I am try to sell as one big package and prefer not to separate. NO Trades please. Located in Massapequa, NY. Can deliver anywhere on long island or queens For a small fee (my suburban eats alot of gas)
  9. Hi All - I am looking for a charter this summer somewhere on east coast somehwere near Daytona or north or south of there, i guess within two hours of Orlando since that is where I am staying.. Looking for a boat for 4-5 guys. Open to species and would like to go ocean fishing if possible. Anyone have any suggestions?
  10. I use my Avet SX on my chunking rod - That reel has caught a ton of fish over teh past 4 years and never a single issue - still feels the same as the day I first got it.
  11. I like the Shimano Sahara. I use it for backpacking/ camping. It cheap enough that if it got banged up on a trip I wouldnt be too disappointed, but still doesnt feel like im using a piece of junk.
  12. No idea - but it looks like it is just a bed extender... Other option is to go with some one and hang hammocks between the to cars..
  13. I had a wrangler 4 door, most uncomfortable car I ever slept in... Check out the Eno roadie, you can drive your wheels on it and hang a hammock from it. Need to put boards under them fro sand - but it will work. Sleeping in a hammock on the beach is awesome.
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