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  1. Buy the spool and do it yourself next time...You can also buy a jig mold and never visit a tackle shop again.
  2. I had a few to 8lbs this morning...
  3. I was once walking along the Southside of Montauk by myself around 12am it was cloudy out so there was no moon light it was very dark...My mind started playing tricks on me i started hearing weird noises but then as i walked around this bend there was this boat that had beached itself with all its lights on...I thought wow thats odd....I turn around to walk the other way and theres this white duck literally staring at me.Where did it come from?it wasnt a swan it was a duck with orange feet and orange bill.It creeped me out and i left...
  4. I would say around 30-40$ based on ones ive sold in the past.
  5. Dropped one quality fish yesterday on a popper in the back bays...But other then that it was a slow day..Havent been out much only a few times.
  6. Found this plug to be very intresting...It looks familar but i cant place it...As odd as it looks it appears it caught alot of fish at one point.
  7. Top looks like a Musso bottom a Early BM
  8. They are for sale on 3 diffrent websites but either way
  9. These arent discontinued....
  10. Whats the point in a skunk report?
  11. Where did you hear about the surfcaster?I cant find any info about it anywhere
  12. I took a ride to a Hamptons beach yesterday and there was atleast 75 people there...atleast 30 surfers,People Running,Walking Dogs etc....You would never know theres a pandemic.
  13. Theres a major collectors market for the pre rapala wiggle warts...Ive had quite a few go that price range.
  14. Ive never seen it and honestly never knew one even existed.Dont fish it....its def worth over 50$ .
  15. So sad man....sorry to hear that.Ive been over doing it as far as cleaning everything as much as i possibly can.I hate going anywhere where theres more then 3 people now.I refuse to let my guard down.I have made not touching my face a mandatory thing...Even when my hands are clean.