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  1. Make sure you use bigger barrel swivels rated 300- 500lbs.A big tuna will probably break a smaller striper sized one.
  2. Airbrushing it through stencil works great...Problem is getting a stencil made that looks like a real sig.I have bad handwriting so i always used a stencil for my sig.Thats my excuse anyway
  3. Did BM ever epoxy over his tail wraps like Danny did?To me that answers the question of who made it.
  4. I dont know man....Ive had so many "early BMs" i was convinced were Pichneys..Ive always wondered did BM and Pichney build together at some point?Or did BM just copy everything he did?
  5. There not suppose to swim...only collected...
  6. If you have to put this much thought into buying a plug then maybe you shouldnt buy it lol.And as far as the price it seems fair based on the time that I can tell he spent on it.It def took him 2-4 hours on each one if not more then that.Alot of builders lie about how long each plug takes them to build.
  7. In the first pic like a half inch away from the M to the right of it..
  8. Theres also an A to...
  9. Yeah i agree with Woodbugger def a repainted SS bottle
  10. Found it on google images...probably is yours.
  11. Am i the only one that thinks its a Beachcomber/Driftwood?.The eyes look Beachcomber not Hahn
  12. Gibbs ,Hopefully you didnt pay to much because its worth 15$ in that condition.It is an early version
  13. I think this is a capesams,I cant find a real pic of a BM schoolie lol thought these were BMs
  14. Nevermind i thiink this is a Capesams to
  15. Thats the worst looked good to....