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    Long time surfcaster and plugbuilder.Ive been a plug builder for over 8 years I go by Surf Warrior Customs.
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    Watching the Jets lose on sundays

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  1. Older version SS Bullet asking 25$ shipped paypal
  2. I have a 1oz black over silver semi translucent i can do 25$ shipped new older style bigger swivels
  3. I have Norris Squids,12" Jointed GTS,and others
  4. It has the bigger swivel
  5. Older version lightly used great condition 25$ shipped
  6. I have a bunch ...any in particular?
  7. I just epoxy mine in
  8. Yours pm coming.
  9. Never used bunker Trouble Maker Surfster 38$ shipped paypal
  10. No
  11. Yours pm coming,thread closed thanks sol
  12. It is Shultz i have one of these.
  13. I have two of these plugs and the builders name was Surfster...I have two pikies signed Surfster same date.
  14. Lot of 7 Bombers new in Packages...40$ Shipped paypal..Some of them are falling out of the packages
  15. I have this older store display rod rack for sale...Pretty cool ,its in good condition and is pickup only.Im on Long Island 75$ cash pickup or paypal.Its 2ft 5inches wide, 2ft 10 inches tall.