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    Long time surfcaster and plugbuilder.Ive been a plug builder for over 8 years I go by Surf Warrior Customs.
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    Watching the Jets lose on sundays

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  1. I can sold pm coming
  2. 25$ shipped
  3. Lot of two Jig Molds 6oz 8oz Egg Sinker mold 30$ shipped... Lil Midget Mac Banna Style 1 1/2oz bucktail mold 25$ shipped
  4. Lot of two old stock used SS 1 3/4oz 7 1/2" needlefish 30$ Shipped...paypal or other
  5. Ive had this for a while and was wondering what it is...Does any one recognize this thing?Is it used for putting hooks on lures or something diffrent entirely
  6. Yes its a Campo the one you bought it from on a diffrent site.And the Bottom is a BM
  7. Edit
  8. Didnt see a bunker pod anywhere and I drove east for miles from Moses Inlet .Wind picked up and started gusting to 20mph out of no where and i turned around and called it a day.Was surprised that i couldnt locate a single pod.Spent 4 hours trolling spoons ...waste of time.
  9. Bump 20$ shipped taking down tommorow
  10. Lot of two Penn Senator reels a 1/0 and a 2/0.The 2/0 Was never used and has a big handle on it and the 1/0 was used with some wear and oxidation.Asking 70$ shipped for the 2/0 and 50$ shipped for the 1/0.Paypal,check,MO.
  11. Ill be out there in the AM trolling bunker spoons and mojos....hope to have a pic like this one lol.
  12. To catch quality fish in the surf on Long Island now you need to fish 7 days a week and drive all over the Island at night.Becoming not worth it for me.
  13. And hes talking about getting a bike and riding there!!lol Last time i was there a random naked guy walked past me on my way back
  14. Doesnt look like its a South Bend but even if it is in that condition its not worth much
  15. Payment recived thread closed thanks sol