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  1. Dont bother with that area head to Jamica Bay instead..
  2. Thats a Green Bonito in pic ...mack isnt there
  3. More Albies today while out searching for Bonito i found them but they were 14 inches not the 10lbers i was looking for...Also intresting was the 2 mile long school of baby weakfish that covered the entire bottom .I jigged them upractilly everywhere i went.Also a few Mackrel with dark green backs and alot of sand eels out there.
  4. I've had good fluke on darters in November ....always odd when you catch a fluke at night on a plug
  5. The stocks are low but the effort is to....Fishing by boat isn't as easy as you might think.Peope see pics of charter and party boat reports and assume it's 123 but it's not the case at all.I get my boat out once a week if I'm lucky for maybe a 6 hour trip so in that time frame it can be difficult to find the fish if your not out there every single day watching what's going on and figuring out the spot.It drives me crazy sometimes my boat numbers are way down this year
  6. The guys who complain that theres no fish are the guys who go out once or twice a week usally to the same spot.Theres plenty of fish around if you put time in..."The Good Old Days" mentality is ruining the sport.Everyone always remembers there fishing pasts fondly but fail to realize that the younger crowd is still doing well because they pound the surf at night.Sundown blitzes are rare and typically only take place in November now,First light still had its place but nothing beats fishing at night no matter what time of year it is
  7. I post pics alot but I normally wait a few weeks or longer unless its by boat.I never hold up a fish and im never in a picture and its usally a plug I built most of the time....Lately alot of the fish i have been getting on my stuff have all been small so why bother.You will never see a background in any pic i post or a rock.I dont like being in fish pictures its bad luck to me
  8. Boat guys are destroying them...water temps still 70 alot of big fish still in deep water rips.
  9. This is why I fish on my boat more then the surf these days....Surf Fishing on Long Island is becoming a joke.Everyone thinks there Skinner or Wetzel after surfishing for a few years,everyones an expert on everything.I know people that think there fishing legends and no one even knows there names or who they are.Everyone gets all up in arms about the inlets being burned etc...But the inlet is a googan magnet no matter what,even when theres a red hot bite i wont go anymore its not worth dealing with some of the crowd.The inlet is the most obvious spot to fish early in the fall,there is gonna be crowds no matter what.Its amazing when Skinner posts a video catching 30lbers on the North Fork everyone praises him but when some random guy posts some nonsense everyone beats him down
  10. Best Albie outing ive ever had today on the boat lost count of how many i had,they were tight to the shore and very agressive.Water temp was 70 degrees in some spots...
  11. yes its def worth more then the suggested 60$ ...I would put it between 100$-150...depending on the weather
  12. Intrested in whole lot
  13. Yea it is...I dont mind posting this since its almost 2 weeks ago but i managed this 42 inch 34lber on a darter .I was doing pretty good all september with quality fish almost every night i went out
  14. Nice find 33$ good steal...I've seen those Musso swimmers new in package a few times
  15. I saw a pod the other day in the surf had 1 fish after it got dark and it was a good one...The dolphins were going crazy blitzing something