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  1. Yours
  2. This isnt surfcastingonline...And they count to me more then surfcasting fish do.They cost more money to catch
  3. Had My first ever spanish mackrel caught by boat about 200 yards outside the inlet about 20 inches
  4. Lot of two vintage tins with Striper logo on them one is new one is used.The new one was in a sealed package not sure who made it.They look like pure tin. Biggest is 2ozs 3 1/4" the used one is 2 5/8" 1 1/2 ozs 15$ Shipped paypal
  5. Hard to tell its either an Amberjack or a Banded Rudderfish.The face looks more Amberjack then Rudderfish
  6. Yours pm coming
  7. Yours pm coming
  8. Very easy to find and there not just out east...You can find them at all hours of the day between Sunrise and Sunset.They can be difficult to catch at times but not if you have a wide variety of tins and florucarbon.Start with Deadly Dicks in Sizes 1-4,A few 007 diamond jigs,small hopkins etc.
  9. Bump 23$ shipped BM 35$ Shipped FJR 20$ Shipped SS
  10. I snagged and dropped with the hopes of catching a shark...I had a 10/0 snag and a steel leader but still got bit off above the leader.I couldnt find another one after that..
  11. Honestly who cares....Let them have there spearing...
  12. I wish i knew..
  13. I aquired alot of older knives awile back most of them were older WW2 era knives even a bayonet.Im not a knife guy and dont know anything about them i rely on google mostly.This is about 12 inches long and appears to be some kind of dagger with Ivory or Bone on the handle.I cant read the writing on it..I know this isnt the best place for this but maybe someone can help
  14. Ocean temps were 70 yesterday....And so ends that theory..
  15. I lost a monster on a snag and drop on my boat yesterday...Most likeley a shark..I also found a 2 mile long Bunker school inshore...Caught a bunch of big mackrel,fluke,sea bass..It was pretty fun out there that bunker school was the biggest ive ever seen.