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    Watching the Jets lose on sundays

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  1. Ill take it
  2. Never realized you made an offer just saw a picture of 4 darters
  3. Im gonna close this for now I cant make up my mind on what I want to do
  4. Top one doesnt look like a Gibbs the finish looks diffrent
  5. Offer retracted
  6. Yes its the only one so far that im really intrested in
  7. What kind of kicker are we talking...
  8. Was curious to see what you guys thought of this....Its not a Tatoo i was thinking either Mikes,BC or something else.
  9. Lot of 13 diffrent size tins ranging from 1/4 oz to 3oz...asking 38$ shipped paypal or other...
  10. Ill take it
  11. And a T shirt that says "Club Guy"
  12. Would have been intrested in the Donny but it looks rough..Hows the condition on the darter?used?Its a 2oz right...?
  13. All diffrent...Limted Runs,Show Specials,Facebook Specials,Rare Colors etc
  14. def intrested in the white mac a gags repaint?
  15. Ugly looking reel...thats why they stopped making it.It wasnt a big seller