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  1. 3 1/2 oz 7 inch discontinued color neon green over white Gibbs Danny.Asking 30$ shipped paypal,check or mo
  2. You got it pm coming
  3. I can offer 45$
  4. I may have had his plugs at one point unknowingly .I think i have a popper or 2 thats his
  5. Its just what was used during that time...The reel looks like a utica or a trimline.It was economically freindly for that time
  6. Lot of 5 Lupos two dannys and 3 shovel heads.They gold over yellow is a hard color of his to find asking 70$ shipped pay pal,cash or check
  7. I was wondered what they do action wise.I have had dozens over the years but never fished them
  8. Those glittered Hahns look awesome...Pretty rare color creek chub pikie to
  9. That Gibbs isnt a repaint thats a color they make now
  10. Bump 55$ Shipped...Its gonna cost over 10 to ship this because of box.Cant go much cheaper
  11. Ill take lot 3
  12. From what i know it is...The reel seat has a harnell Logo on it..
  13. Looking to sell my Harnell 2pc its 11ft 2 inches long and a 50/50 split.This might be the best penciling rod ever made.11ft Harnells are extremley rare and this ones in great condition.Im asking 325$ shipped paypal,pickup,check or MO.It doesnt say the rating but ive used it a few times and i would say 2-4oz ..This rod is very bendy and bounces like crazy when penciling.It also has a genuine Harnell reel seat as well.
  14. Damn i should have went I was gonna go but hit the surf all weekend instead.Nice