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  1. There's always a spring or a small part that can instantly vanish if your not careful.I make the mistake of not taking pictures now I have 20 Reels in zip lock bags
  2. Any ideas on who made these?
  3. It's not it's a Cordell I've had them in original package
  4. Good to know thanks...I will throw it in the junk pile.
  5. If it's not then it must have been rewired like 40 years ago because the through wire is consistent with older Plugs of that time period.And he did use glass/plastic eyes on some early Plugs that I have seen.But I don't have a clue
  6. This lure has been driving me crazy lately I can't figure it out.What do you think its suppose to be?A bug?A Sparrow?or something else...It looks very old and it has a pattern on the side of it it's not discolored.
  7. So I recently picked this up and my knowledge on very early Atom stuff isnt all that great.Is this a real Atom?
  8. The grommet is so when the wire gets tightened for the tail wrap it doesn't pull into the wood.With that being said if you use Maple and drill the plug right you should never have to use a grommet
  9. Brand New Shimano Stradic 4000xg CI14 asking 225$ shipped paypal
  10. Nice well made darter but I dont even have a maybe on this one
  11. Interesting I thought that might be the case
  12. Never new Gibbs made these anyone have any info?I found it in a bag with vintage Tins.When did he start and stop making them?
  13. Rough sided Redfins are also way more durable than the smooth ones.The Chrome finish doesn't last long but a rough sided can take a beating.
  14. I think I have a plug made by this guy I will post later
  15. I had a giant one the size of a small bunker...looked fragile never used it.