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  1. So, not really that bad. Meh. New normal.
  2. Yeah, enough excuses, right? I'll just wait for the smart Dems to lead the way. Waiting. Tap tap tap tap. Waiting.
  3. We used to visit 30 min away and go to a park in Trenton to fish. Swampy, shallow, snakeheads in there. forgot the name. Its in a fairly crappy area. Havent been there in a year or so. Last year maybe.
  4. Yeah, I moved out of the town to the more rural outskirts and still hear gunfire. Mostly at dusk. During April 23-May25.
  5. This. I got off topic. Sorry.
  6. If its your home and you're the only one in it, I'd ay the "secure" laws are BS. If you have kids and the kids have friends, I'd say not securing dangerous stuff like pills, booze, guns, etc comes with risks that you ought to have ot deal with if they go poorly. Same with car keys and the internet.
  7. Or your wrist when you grab them while trying to put them in your fishing buddies backpack...
  8. Both really beautiful snakes. Awesome!
  9. I dont really know... i hope so.
  10. Ah. Got it. I assumed it was municipal PD. They actually have a school force. Which failed miserably I'll add, but they had it.
  11. There was no SRO in the building. He wasnt there. There was no police fornce presence, school or otherwise. He (they) was off campus, hence not really on school security. There was no security. Calling something security doesnt make it so. LIke a door having a lock doesnt mean the door is locked.
  12. If it was 35 and above he wouldnt either. I am sure Joe has a plan. I'll defer to the him... locked doors and holding teachers accountable for failures seems just so mean.
  13. I know a guy who can get you some dewormer too. Goes well with the D and some E or lecithin to emulsify.