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  2. So we are agreed, Mokes and Cape are both banned?
  3. ^ this, absolutely. I check in on a very right leaning sight and that is the word. Several former LEO and instructors. Anyway, thats what they are saying as of last night. They are, as are most people. Some people, though, can really have some bite to them if you push them too far. Maybe ANTIFA will bump into one or two fo them.
  4. ok, ok. Maybe you do get some sarcasm afterall!
  5. HOly crap that is so messed up.
  6. This is like the 4th time in as many weeks... you NEVER seem to pick up on my sarcasm!
  7. 27% chance there's not one republican in the bunch. Jsut a bunch of good guys.
  8. ... so you went with e.
  9. (Mokes made me do it)
  10. Apologies Tim. I was heartily encouraging a retreadtroll to eatabagodicks and whatnot. While I still agree with my sentiment, I'll swallow it next time. That came out wrong. You know what i mean.
  11. a) Van Jones (D) calling all whites metally unstable or diseased with a racist virus (paraphrasing) b) Matt Lauer (D) getting anally physical on interns and underlings at work c) Joe Biden (D) sniffing and nipple touching young kids d) Joe Biden (D) not being an equal opportunity pederast, in that he doesnt feel up young boys on stage. e) ________________
  12. Yeah, I didnt need to see that. 0% chance they vote R, and with that sort of conviction, 0% chance they dont vote.
  13. Everythig has been calm until those damned Republicans came into the city and tricked everyone into looting. Bastards!
  14. Crazy, when people put on that air of elitism, huh?