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  1. To me, it looks like it got caught in a trap or snare and escaped, causing damage that has since "healed". It also has mange, which may or may not be related. Thats a healthy coyote. lol... Clearly!
  2. Added the bold, as I think its an important distinction.
  3. That iconic picture of ozzie holding him up while RR was soloing highlighted RR's slight build. There's faster and more well known virtuoso's out there, but IMO RR was one of the "best" rock/metal guitarists ever. Blizzard of Oz is a Metal masterpiece. As a kid when i first heard Mr Crowley I was blown away.
  4. Firebird! My son has (had?) a shakespear firebird 5.5 or 6' medium freshwater rod that caught probably 20,000 fish with! He fell off the dock when he was 8 and let go of a rod. I think thats the one. Ole Blue. Gone but not forgotten.
  5. I think you are correct for reasons you mentioned in addition to economic reasons later this year.
  6. This x 1000. I'll add, get a Penn Z and pack it. (if you can wait there will be more staals listed on ebay and SOL this winter as heating bill come due)
  7. CONGRATS! its a blast, rewarding, and a diverse hobby! Of course you are. To the question, pay 5% below the best ask for the model and condition you seek. SOL > Ebay.
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