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  1. It has nothing to do with making every vote cont. It has everything to do with controlling the vote count.
  2. We are far too large to be a direct democracy. Far too large. We are a representative democracy, st forth by men who saw through the BS trolling of the HS debate team arguments. Municipalities and many states can be effective direct democracies. Some states should have abandoned it (CA)
  3. No better panfish bait/attractant.
  4. Bob, take care. Stop by some time. Be well. Irony. There's something to this. ^
  5. I dont know.
  6. Thats cold man. Didnt he pass away this winter?
  7. I am going to cross over and vote T this time. He has pissed my off in a few key areas, however weighing the balance, I am casting for him this time.
  8. A very good point. However, recall that our military is miniscule compared to our population.
  9. I am shocked. Racism, climate change, and white privilege are approx 75% of what millenials I work with chatter about.
  10. INteresting advice. I'll attempt to guide this thread into a more PG suitable direction. I'd like your and other's opinion on what constitutes a a pG troll? What are some of the 'tells' used by PGers who are trolling? Is a PG troll seeking attention? Are they seeking disruption of thread topics?
  11. You cant use them for anything illegal.
  12. potentially hybrid. potentially red eye bass. I dunno. not a rock bass. Regardless, cool.