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  1. Did you read the thread?
  2. You cant be serious.
  3. I am guessing that Bloombergs media empire >>>> Trumps Real estate/branding. Nice donation too. That doesnt change the fact that Bloomberg is a enormous douche canoe.
  4. HUh. Curious. What could be driving that?
  5. damn, i remember that.
  6. Lowest # of accidents coincides with usage of the 6.5 creedmoor. Just saying, could be something to that.
  7. We'll support your endeavor. Hopefully you will grow to understand why so many people are incredibly hesitant to trust a word that any pol says wrt 2A. If not, while fishing, pretend that its not guns but fishing rods we are talking about. Pretend its boater access. I know its not the same, so dont try to make it the same. Just suspend disbeif, and pretend. How would you view it? "Ok, I'll only boat 1 day a week, itf you say that'll help" "OK, i'll pay an extra 50% on fuel costs above what others do, if thats goingto make things safer for some boat thief". Make up your own scenario. PLay it through. Walk a moment in the shoes of... Oh enough, you see what I am getting at.
  8. Bad shoot. (wait... what kind of dog?)
  9. I didnt read all of it because I dont have my glasses with me, but if it really is "shot at movement" or "shot at sound" then its big time bad shoot. Loss of hunting forever. Loss of freedom too. Is that manslaughter? You dont shoot at noise or movement. Ever. Thats like, Alabama swamp hunting. Not good. Incidentally, 'brown its down, flies it dies" was a colloquial up in central maine when I hung out there and hunted a bit. Surprised the hell out of me, being the guy from "joisey"
  10. YOu seem very interested in this. YOu really do seem to want CCW for people in schools. Break the law, get busted, and then work to get the case in front of the SC.
  11. DIdja punch him in the face? If not, why do you support racism? Racist.
  12. I wonder what we can give up in order t right this ship.