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  1. That's true.
  2. No. That is painting with too broad a brush. its like saying everyone who uses the highways and goes through a toll is responsible for toll cheats, or everyone who uses shopping carts is responsible for those who dont return them. The enemy isnt "us", unless that us is 100% comprised of loud, filthy, disrespectful people who disrupt the area with their demeanor and poor habits. The enemy are those who are poor custodians of the resource and who arent mindful of other's time and experience while fishing. I know we are trained to not point fingers anylonger, but its perfectly OK to call out who the enemy is and isnt. In fact, I think its a terrific idea to photogrpah and expose those who are the problem using the same technology/social media as they use to call in the hordes. I dont have any photos, or I'd post them.
  3. I get it. That said, if you are inclined to ship and local deals fall through, I offer $135 shipped for the 8' black hole to Northern NJ at your leisure.
  4. ... try as I may , I cant find interpret the tweet postsed earlier as racist. Can someone help out, without resorting to phrases like dog whistle? How is this racist? Hint- look up the definition of racist. its been abused for a long while now, so a refresher may be in order.
  5. It was overthrown by a liberal independent last election, and many are jumping on board to further the shake up.
  6. And yet somehow stuff got done. Shelves were stacked, lawns mowed, empanadas were fried, and breakfasts cooked. somehow, things got done without all of the hard working illegal aliens. Gosh. Was someone trying to make a point?
  7. Some by with a penis who wears eye shadow and paints his nails wants to join my nieces swim team. There's already a boys swim team and a girls team. Why should this XY chromosomer compete against girls?
  8. M G, you are a little too good at this. A touch too comfortable in your liberal role. You may not be permitted back into the club.
  9. He's probably 30 something now. Good point.
  10. Thats a bit naive, no?
  11. Why do you wear pink vagina costumes and hats?
  12. what in the ____ effin _____?
  13. off topic, but, you really think so?
  14. totally different topic but I got to know a 'kid' who spent substantial time at the NLR with MJ. Its crazy weird how the kids and parents all bought in to the MJ mystique. They LOVED him and were extremely defensive of him. Bizarre in that regard, so I ceased pushing that button.