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  1. Well, doesnt that seem like Collusion?
  2. I didnt read the article. Is it possible that she provoked these dreamers?
  3. Ole Joe B could show Don a thing or two on the grab-around. Dons just not taking full advantage of the situation there. And bloodyhead kathy suuuuuure does look lie she is squeeezing in for a hopeful Pgrab. She certainly isnt shirking away. in fact, I think she was so pissed off at DJT because what he said to BBush was spot on, she knew it, and it hit home.
  4. ^ He is going to win. Unreal that they cant beat this old fool, huh? +1
  5. FIFY A more powerful piece of political art:
  6. Nah. That narrative has been put to bed. I'd say that this thread, many of the individuals posting history, and the topic in general is ample evidence to the contrary. Cute political cartoon though.
  7. Actually, its more about killing small little humans. At its core, thats the issue. Bad women asking to have small humans killed.
  8. Born, and left on a comfortable table, so a decision can be made. Ya know, they arent talking about deciding what to name the child. What decision might it be? So nuanced. So coy. So caring.
  9. "Why is it bad to remove Illegal Aliens from Public Housing to make room for American Citizens" Its not. There should be a bounty. Not kidding.
  10. You want to know the worlds smallest Venn diagram cross section? Guys who fish for stripers and whose kids go hungry. It may have happened, but its like... statistically not a thing.
  11. pompton, pequanack, ramapo, paassaic, whippany, rockaway, goffle, saddle... all up. Its getting annoying.
  12. Thats all. That right there is the truth and I bet it it stings like a bitch. Impeachment and removal are two separate topics, dealt with by 2 different houses of the leg branch. Its that way on purpose. Impeach you ****. no? becasue you CANT.
  13. More likely than not they are more informed, smarter, and less partisan than you are.