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  1. How quickly we forget 2016 & Russia Russia . Biden & the previous admin, with the DNC threw the first 3 punches in this.
  2. I'll be voting in philly during the next election cycle. Several times.
  3. Biden draws many parallels to Johnson. Its peculiar.
  4. Just cheat. If they ref isnt going to call it, do it. Be a better cheater.
  5. hmmmmm. Soon enough. Probably. 2008, HO wasnt a big deal. Not like Biden. He inspires.
  6. its been past practice, an old running joke for a decade now, for the workers at Eds Yamaha Boat Quicky Lube to make fun of Tranny Tom's hair, makeup, and nails. Tranny Tom never did a thing about it. He ignores it all. But now he's fed up. He's tired of this injustice. Too late? "Laches", you should have thought of complaining before?
  7. And teh SC refused to hear it. Meaning, as of 2020, the integrity of elections is no longer relevant to accepting the outcome of elections. This is an enormous problem. Its a colossal fafo in the making. Sad.
  8. Agree. Its the same reason why I predict some people are going to get hurt. I dont condone it. But I think I'll understand their frustrations.