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  1. Do you (or anyone) know if this is the case in NJ? I know NJ has some painfully restrictive laws, but i hadnt heard of that one.
  2. I have a really hard time listening to / watching Dice. He is uber annoying imo.
  3. ...or maybe someone knows someone who knows something that isnt being leaked to the msm. either way, not OK to post her premature demise on air.
  4. I cant believe these kids had the audacity to question authority/counterprotestors. They should have joined in like any othr good minded teen. I also find it especially remarkable that they felt it OK to wear hats supportive of the POTUS to a Washington DC trip. They and the school leaders should have known better. A failure on their local community to raise them boys right.
  5. ^this right there.
  6. Nah... not TOO much.
  7. Boy did this one really open the door to a whole mess. The sting from that one will be felt for a long time.
  8. Ah dammit, beat me to it!
  9. The Pips got her back?
  10. I have a 3500, a 4500b and a 6500b that I would like to pickup spare spools for. It looks to be getting $ quickly. 2questions: 1) are the earlier a and later b series spools interchangeable within their respective sizes? 2) is the older Triton baitrunner the same spool? Thanks in advance
  11. I think that it is a very polarizing issue, and helps to ferret out the progressive-brain-washed-npc's from the the overwhelming majority of people who see a physical barrier as being common sense piece of an integrated border security plan.
  12. Yeah? You ever pull a scared cat out of a tall tree on an old ladder while people yell all sorts of mayhem below you? Brass.