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    Been fishing long island and florida waters for 25 yrs. I have a lot of respect for our oceans!
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  1. Please lock. No longer for sale
  2. Please lock thread.
  3. Hello. Looking to trade my old school, never fished, PB966 8’. Very clean rod. Lots of action. Looking to trade for roll of seaguar 50,60,80,100 lb floro. Or some quality jig heads 1/4- 1oz. Or some soft baits. I can meet in person in Hampton Bays.
  4. Thank you, can’t wait to get it singing.
  5. Hello SOL, I'm looking for rod suggestions for a Seigler LGN. I plan on doing some trolling for Kings, Dorado, wahoo, sails and some jigging too. Thanks! Edit: I’ve been considering a centaur combat arms 50 or 51 m mh but want other suggestions.
  6. I’m going to have to wet dock my boat for the next year in St. Augustine FL. So I’m going to have to paint the bottom. Here are 3 color options. Which one do you like? Any other color you think will work?
  7. Wow, that’s some amazing work right there Thanks for the suggestion That’s more ornate than what I was originally thinking. But, you’ve given me some ideas now. Many thanks.
  8. Great. Question. Didn’t think about that option. Any drawbacks to the laser?
  9. Hi SOL, Can anyone recommend a company to engrave some of my reels? Would love some recommendations from anglers who’ve done this before. But open to all suggestions. Thanks! Teaser shot of a new Harlequin build
  10. May I ask where you’re located?
  11. My condolences. Sorry for your loss.
  12. I picked up a 6000 this morning. My birthday was last week, and I’ve been needing a bigger reel with a lot of drag. I had some nice gift cards from my bday, so this reel cost me nothing out of pocket...with power pro spooled up too! The reel comes in a nice travel case. My LBS told me If I have any problems at all, just bring it in and he will give me a new one on the spot. I have to say that is a really nice warrantee by Tsunami. That’s the same warranty that they have for their rods. One time I broke my Tsunami rod, and brought it in, they said no worries, and gave me a new rod on the spot, even though it was my fault! I had closed the door on the rod tip while trying to be a “one trip from the car” kind of guy. My initial impression, is that this is a well built reel. I own a lot of nice reels and this one feels like it’s going to be in the “nice reel category,” feels like its well made. I also like the dunkability so I don’t have to worry about spray, just like my VS reels. No Hassle, unless they fail to live up to their specs of course. I will be using it on the boat for wahoo, tuna, kings, sharks, stripers, sails etc. I’m also going to use it when I’m fishing structure for big fish. For now, I’m putting it on a G.Loomis Pbr963s, should be a beast of a setup. I’ll be taking it out on the boat off Montauk tomorrow morning. Hopefully I get the opportunity to put it through it’s paces. But more likely than not, I’ll have to wait till I get back down to Florida.
  13. I’ve found no shortage. Plenty around
  14. I have the NRX 843S MR and I’m comfortable dropping 2oz with it. I also have the pro blue pbr963s which can handle 6 oz no problem and has a lot more back bone, you would have a lot more confidence with a pro blue on a densely packed party boat.
  15. Funny you ask. I just bought a new boat, and I’ve used the NRX in 80ft of water with 2oz weight with no problems. Landed some nice fluke, porgy, and sea bass with it. I would feel comfortable putting 3 oz on it if needed. Now, on my boat it’s just me or my wife and a friend, so there’s plenty of room to fight the fish. Party boat is a little different. Factors such as how crowded the boat is, how competent the crew is, and how deep the water is, could have deleterious effects on your experience since you’ll need a lot of freedom to maneuver with this rod. If you want a good off shore G.Loomis rod that has a lot more backbone and can handle party boats or any other open water task, check out their Pro Blue line. Plus, it’s significantly cheaper than the NRX.