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  1. For any lure or jig I would say the most important thing is putting in your time with it, understand it’s tendencies and when and where to use it. #2 ? ........... probably luck.
  2. I’m in! Thanks !
  3. No experience with the Battle 3500. I have a 4000 battle and I know that would work welll. Can’t inagine there’s much difference between the 3500 and the battle 4000. A little lighter? Less Drag maybe. Line capacity. Depends what you’re using it for. A decent Albie run may cause problems on the 3500.
  4. I have the MH 8 FYI as well. Both have their applications. The MH I can use in the canal. Throw heavier lures. The MF is great for metals / epoxy jigs. Cast a mile with it with 20lb braid on a 4000.
  5.  I have St. Croix TIS80MF. Love it. Paired with Penn Conflict 4000 with 20lb Suffix 822. Perfect for Albies, stripers anything inshore. Plenty of backbone if things get larger. Cast all day with this set up.
  6. Brody ....... loves water / fishing.
  7. Check out Simms.com. They had put some jackets on clearance. Got one myself that was $379 for $149. Hopefully some left
  8. Go to Seasucker.com you’ll find fly rod holder. Very pleased with mind. holds while moving at big speeds. Great design.
  9. BFD STRONG! Speedy recovery - see you at the water’s edge soon!
  10. BFD Just seeing this. Hang in there! You’ll be back chasing them in no time! In the interim, to take your mind off “stuff”, I thought I would send you a pic of my very first wild brown caught this past Sunday on a float trip on the Deerfield. Not a lot of technique needed from yours truly, but still a pretty good day in March to break up the winter!
  11. Wife took this panoramic pic of me and a friend fishing on Long Island trip in October - Pretty cool ........ we had been in a 90 minute blitz of Albie’s and stripers the day before in the same spot. You couldnt see the sky because there were so many birds diving. Peanut bunker everywhere. When they washed up on the shore it made the sand look “alive” from all their movement.
  12. I call it my “mobile tackle box”. 2013 F150 . It gets 15k miles put on it from Spring through Fall ( back and forth to CCC and other fishing destinations” then rests for the winter. Love it.....
  13. I love Islamorada. Same stuff as Key West though. Rent a boat and go back country with live shrimp or live bait. Bahia Honda state park is another great spot to fish from shore or around Hawks Cay fishing incoming near bridges. Lots of fish.
  14. BFD a Penn SSV 4500 will be a great replacement , balance well with that rod and handle lots of fish for you......
  15. Best fishing technique is " Putting in your Time".............