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  1. Korkers wading boots with studded sole. Also use wading neoprene socks. Better fit than regular socks. And if for some reason you need to go in the water not a big deal.
  2. Simms G3. I take very good care of them. Patched a few holes. Going on 8 years. Still work great.
  3. Port a rod .com. Plenty of options love mine and easy in and out of truck.
  4. 14 years is a lot of great memories. Let that get you through the grief. Never easy. Good luck over the next week or two. Hope the pain goes quick.
  5. Korkers with studs all the time now. Worth it. Buy some neoprene socks to help fill out the boots. Very secure on the wet slimy rocks.
  6. Daughter has done great job with him. Very well behaved and extremely bright! I’ll see how he likes to fish this summer. If he’s like most goldens I’m sure he do great.
  7. I’m in.
  8. “Murphy” almost 5 months had definitely made life a bit more enjoyable. No doubt on his way to being “one of the best”!
  9. Daughter bought a new Golden and we have been getting all we need with visits.
  10. Easy! Bill Withers - Lovely Day............... The “ you “ in the song is anywhere I fish. Ha Ha ! ....as in “ Just one look at you, and the world’s all right with me.......”
  11. Not sure. When you buy from Tackle Direct they identify fast sink or slow sink.
  12. Markings on the back ( top ) of magis swimmer will tell you. F= floating. S= sinking
  13. Been there a number of times. They’re very helpful. I normally do a guide but with COVID the Mrs wanted DIY. wasn’t going to win that one..,,,
  14. I’ve been researching this a lot on the web. I’m seeing many set-ups employed for spinning rod and reel include doubling up your braided line( spider hitch) connect that to a 5’ 50 lb. leader via a bristol knot and then add 60/80 lb 12” leader to the 5’ leader via a double uni knot. The goal is to keep the 12” of 60/80 outside the rod tip. Do many use this? Seems like you could accomplish the same thing with an FG knot connecting 60/lb leader to your braid. I’d be interested to get opinions one way or another.
  15. Headed to the keys. ( Islamorada ) I will have a boat for a few days. If the wind cooperates I will try for some tarpon if I see any. I only have a 9wt ( It’s all I have). My question is what leader / tippet should I plan on using to maximize my chances. I’m bringing an intermediate and a sinking line. Thanks in advance.