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  1. I took lessons last fall. Helped a lot. Practiced some after but not a lot. Now practicing a lot and making sure I’m doing it right.
  2. Thank You. I'll try that. I usually don't . For some reason I'm able to delay on the forward cast. I don't believe I'm drifting forward on the back cast. (I'll check next practice session )
  3. Been trying to practice double hauling and find way too often I’m hauling way to early on my back cast. Now I know the easy answer is wait longer before I haul but for some reason I can’t train myself to do that. Any suggestions on how to delay my haul on my back cast will be appreciated.
  4. Inshore you’re be fine . I put 12’ rods with 14000 reel size. Offshore handle bigger heavier conventional rod and reel.. they’ll also handle inshore but more expensive.
  5. Had my portarod now for 5 years. Perfect item. Unless your a DIY guy, go with Portarod you won’t be disappointed. Very versatile. Easy in/ out.
  6. I saw someone using these on SOL and subsequently bought a bunch from BPS, but for the life of me I can’t remember what their called and would like to get more of them. Any help would be much appreciated.
  7. Looking for help, not specific spots i have a adult son (30 ) who is getting into fly fishing, both fresh and salt, as well as some spinning. ( much to my delight as he’s a golfer not a fisherman and I only fish ). He’s in south Portland, are there bodies of waters ( fresh) that are better than others. My goal is to get him to be successful so that when Corona Virus problem breaks we can spend some quality time. I live in MA so don’t have a lot of local knowledge / Intel for his area. Again, not looking for specifics or shops who can point him in th3 right direction.
  8. +1 on 5 oz savage - white or Mack color magic swimmer White or Mack 1 oz jig with white plastic tail in small currents - catch schoolies all day long Shimano butterfly jig 4.5 oz when I need to get it in the middle ( purple / gold ).
  9. Agree with everyone, in my opinion , in order of effectiveness 1. Sonic Rooster Tail 2. KM. 3. Mepps 4. Yozuri pin minnow if it a placed that stocked get a small bobber and wet some Powerbait. good luck...
  10. Can’t wait to give these two a shot this season!
  11. Great pic and fish for the mid winter blues. Time to get the gear ready....... Congrats!!
  12. Something tells me when I’m down at the beach at sunrise and think I’m alone.....I won’t be. My guess is he’ll be there to offer advice when needed or inspiration when it matters the most. Miss his posts - especially in the winter.
  13. I’ve had both Costa and MJ’s. Always glass and always mirror. Both have been great. I have the Costa Blue Green mirror Permits and while they’re great offshore I found inshore I couldn’t see fish when sight fishing. ( wrong lens for application? ). I just bought a pair of Smith High Water Chroma pop brown lens for a trip down to the keys. Hopefully the polarization is what I’ll need down there. I’ll keep you posted.
  14. Winter blues here as well. Put the 38mm on a Conflict and Conflict II ( both 4000 ). They “feel” right. Will be putting them to the test in a couple weeks down in the Keys. ( can’t come soon enough ).
  15. Got one on Amazon for short money. Very pleased with it so far.