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  1. Ahh my neck of the woods. It gets really shallow and unproductive around blacks creek at dead low tide, especially in the past year or two. Seems like a couple of the recent big storms have have pushed the sand around changing the depth. They also occasionally close the drainage gate from blacks, which seems to kill the chance of catching anything over there as well. Best bet would be trying on either side of high tide. That being said, I haven't caught any shark around there, but I have also never targeted them. Maybe i will give it a try for science
  2. Thanks for the detailed info chris, cheers
  3. Those look great! Question, how you attach those tails to the wood?
  4. One of my buddies sent me this the other day. Those are some crazy SOBs.
  5. Thanks guys, much appreciated. I will definitively check out Larry's.
  6. Hey all, I am heading to MV soon for a much needed vacation. I have been to the island a few times previously, but have never tried fishing there before. I have been looking at the map and found some spots that look fishy to me and seem to have decent access, but any tips/tricks/recommendations you are willing to bestow upon my nooby ass I would much appreciate it. We will be staying in West Tisbury closer to the sound side, which is kind of in the middle of nowhere. Thanks!
  7. I guess it is all perspective. I work at a large company and we have unlimited paid sick time. If you are sick stay home (i think up to 5 days before a note is required). With that being said, hardly anyone takes sick time. There is too much to do. I have been working there for about 5 years and have taken about 10 days sick since starting. 8 of those 10 were used to recover from a knee surgery and a shoulder surgery (rugby incidents). So 2 sicks days in 5 years. Not bankrupting by any means.
  8. Does no one use Got strypers?
  9. From the album Sluggo or Hogy

  10. Quote: Originally Posted by wonkman I owned one back when they called it a Sit-n-Spin.
  11. From the album Ultraskiff

  12. I know this isn't technically a kayak, but i think it fits here better than in the boat forum. Its ugly, cumbersome and seems like a pig to transport, but i think fishing off of it would be sweet. Anybody have any experience with one?
  13. Good to know its a freak thing, thanks fellas. I do love them, they make swapping stuff so easy. Striper, you are right, that one is backwards not sure what happened. Maybe that could be one of the factors. I guess I should have used the headlamp a little more when tying that one on.
  14. This ever happen to anyone else? 30 lb braid to 25 lb mono to 50 lb TA clip. Fishing a bucktail, got stuck on some seaweed, gave it a yank to try and break free and the TA clip snapped. It wasn't that old and I had only changed lures 15-20 times on it. It might have just been a defective one since it hasn't happened before, but if it starts happening more regularly i will stop using them as it would be very difficult to tell if ones ready to snap.
  15. From the album TA Clip Failure